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Chuwi Vi8 Plus Coming December

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Coming December

What’s this a new Vi8 with an Cherry Trail Atom? According to Chuwi’s Weibo, December will see the launch of the new Chuwi Vi8 Plus. It looks like the Hi8 Pro, but in black? My guess is essentially it is, but like the Vi8 it will have the lower 1280 x 800 IPS panel and that’s it.

I hope not, why not instead of the X5 Z8300 swap it out with a X5 Z8500 + 4GB of dual channel ram keeping the 1920 x 1200 Hi8 Pro panel. Anyway here’s the Weibo:

Chuwi vi8 plus is coming

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  1. Saludos desde España, he mirado casi todos tus videos de YouTube y me parecen geniales pero sigo con la duda de que tablet comprar, a ver si me puedes ayudar .
    Quiero una tablet (China) :
    – fluidez en Windows 10 ( si es DualOS mejor)
    – 8 pulgadas
    – la duracion de la bateria es mas importante que la resolucion de la pantalla (con 1280×800 me conformo)
    – que tenga microSD slot
    – el brillo de la pantalla que sea normalito
    – el Speaker que no sea pesimo
    – no me interesa HDMI
    – micro USB
    – 32 GB
    Espero que el español no sea un problema. Gracias

  2. have you test any chinese windows tablet with USB type-c port? is it going to be as powerful as the one thats on MACBOOK AIR ?

  3. Though I welcome the low resolution screen (I am a fan of lower resolution on such small displays, can get far better framerates with same graphic quality such as textures lighting etc) , I am getting wary of cherry trail chipsets and their heat issues.

    • That’s true, 1280 x 800 is still fine on an 8″ display. Just look at the Vi8 Ultimate Vs the Hi8. It’s much faster at gaming the Vi8 Ultimate.

      • Yeah if its not underclocked could be decent for games… and that resolution is ..okay, at that size. Not amazing, but good enough to use.

  4. Yes please, we need a 8 inch version of the x98 pro – 8500 and 4gb of ram from the chinese market.

    Still you are probably right, and this is a lower spec variant of the Hi8. Still the trend seems to be plus/pro versions of everything – so if this is a ‘plus’ version, does that mean there is a Vi8 pro coming?

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