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Teclast Tbook16, Tbook10, Tbook11, TBook12 Series Announced

Teclast Tbook16

It seemsĀ the leak from OKQI Aliexpress seller didn’t reveal all the new Teclast tablets. There is more coming, much more! Teclast is now focusing its development on the 2 in 1 sector. Their latest models reflect this as they are all 2 in 1’s (Well apart from the budget Teclast X10 3G). No 4:3 retina tablets.

First up is the Tbook16. It’s an 11.6″Surface 3 look-a-like with a type cover style keyboard. Power by an Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of RAM and a 64GB eMMC. The screen is a 16:9 1080p job, nothing special there. It’s also dual boot, supports an active stylus and it has a kickstand. Pricing and other specs aren’t confirmed, but it will be the usual deal, Wireless N, Bt 4.0 and MicroSD as well as Micro HDMI out.

It will come in 3 models, the Tbook16 (Flip case cover) The Tbook16s (Kickstand & Type Cover) and finally the Tbook16 Pro (Transformer Book Style dock)

I would have liked this with a 3:2 screen and wireless AC, but at least, we have a kick stand…

There are 3 Tbook16's each with different keyboard stylus. Fixed, tranformer style or type cover.

There are 3 Tbook16’s each with a different keyboard style. Fixed, tranformer style or type cover.

Teclast Tbook16 2 in 1 pictures.

But wait there’s more! Three more models of the Tbook Book series.

The Tbook10, Tbook11 and Tbook12. The Tbook10 has a 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 screen, the Tbook11 has a 10.6″ screen and the Tbook12 a 12.2 inch 1920 x 1200 screen. The specs sadly all seem the same, an Atom X5 Z8300. Where’s the X5 Z8500 or X7 Z8700 models Teclast??

Teclast Tbook10 Tbook11 Tbook12


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  1. Hi guys!

    Teclast Tbook series has been officially announced by Teclast on their website, you guys can check it on the following link:



  2. Saw the picture of the kickstand and got super excited! Theeeen I saw its specs…come on Z8300, want a new tablet laptop hybrid this year looks like I’m going to have to wait alittle longer.

    • I know, lets hope they release an Atom X7 version of it or at least a X5 Z8550 one.

  3. Seriously bored of the x5 z8300 now,
    Good that kickstand tablets are starting to come from Chinese manufacturers though

    • Kickstand yes, at least we get something positive out of all these new models. Some real progression this year. Kickstands, Wireless AC (Xiaomi Mi Pad 2) and plenty of models with stylus support.

      Now all we need is more 3:2 ratio screens, Wireless AC, full sized USB ports and fully laminated displays as standard.

  4. z8300??? No, thanks!!!

    • Yeah I’ve seen too many Z8300 units I’m going insane. It’s not a bad chipset, but it leaves you wanting just a bit more power like the Z8500 at least. I’m sure one of these units will have an X5 Z8550 once out or even X7.

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