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Daily Deals: 20% Off Cube i7 Stylus $285 & Mi Pad 2 $164

Daily Deals: 20% Off Cube i7 Stylus $285 & Mi Pad 2 $164

Online retailer Banggood has a 20% off clearance sale now on, with some of the best deals on tablets. Not every model is listed, but some of the best ones are the Core M-powered Cube i7 Stylus, which ends up to be only $285 if you use the coupon tabcle in the checkout area. This must be Cube lowering prices and clearing stock of this model for the new Cube i9.

And the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Retina tablet for $163.99 (Android 16GB version) And the 8 inch Windows 10 Chuwi Vi8 Plus for $75.99.

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Thanks to Herben T for emailing me this info.


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  1. Was to be expected…such an onslaught of offers from GearBest could not go unanswered.

    Now that I purchased my Cube i7 Stylus, though, I realized some problems that had not occured to me before…

    1) Incompatibility of Powerbanks with 12V input specification of the Cube tablet….only Qualcomm QuickCharge powerbanks would support it, if it had a Qualcomm CPU…most others work only at 5V.

    …this could actually be a problem, because it means that if the (not so long) battery life is coming to a close, if you don’t have access to a wall-socket, you can’t charge your device…
    potentially highly problematic actually…

    2) Equally, the need to carry a second, separate charger for one’s devices. Formerly I had a great little pocket-sized Samsung one, but now would need to carry this brick of power adapter.

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