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Daily Deals: Chuwi Hi12 $229 & Cube iwork10 Ultimate $160

Daily Deals: Chuwi Hi12 $229 & Cube iwork10 Ultimate $160

Update: Banggood has slashed the price again to just $229 with coupon 01d22c Thanks to Mahadi for pointing this out.

Banggood has a coupon just added for the Chuwi Hi12, bringing the price down to $229 from $279. For some reason prices went up on this one just after it released. But good to see they have now dropped again. If you’re new to the Chuwi Hi12, it’s a large 12″ tablet with two full USB ports and the Samsung PLS 3:2 screen that was used in the Surface Pro 3. My Chuwi Hi12 Review is here and I recommend you read up on the pros and cons before taking the plunge. But overall it’s a great large screen tablet….

The coupon is in the product listing or here:ย 01d22c And the deal link:

And Cube’s iwork10 Ultimate (New Cherry Trail model, not the Bay Trail) Cube’s take on the Transformer Book 2 in 1. I recently unboxed my Cube iwork10 Ultimate and I’m impressed with the build quality.

Cube iwork10 ultimate

And the keyboard dock is a great piece of kit similar to the ASUS Transformer Book T100HA keyboard dock, maybe even better as it has metal and one more USB port. More info on this tablet coming so here on TT.

Gearbest has it listed for $160ย with is the best price I’ve seen so far. Just don’t flash it to dual boot yet!

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  1. HI all,
    I want to order from is there any way to ask the seller some questions about delivery before ordering.
    Please advise.

  2. HI all,
    I want to order from is there any way to ask the seller some questions about delivery.
    Please advise.

  3. OOPS! Sorry for double posting I have some issues with the website error 522 messages poping up from cloud something when I try to go on your website…

  4. Hey I would like to thank you for your work Chris and I have a question will it be possible to manually install android on the windows version of the chuwi hi 12 whith some files that might be released by chuwi in the future or something like you did on another device thank you for answering please and keep it like that ciao.

  5. Hey I would like to thank you for your work Chris and I have a question will it be possible to manually install android on the windows version of the chuwi hi 12 whith some files that might be released by chuwi in the future or something like you did on another device thank you for answering please and keep it like that ciao

  6. Gearbest has dropped their sale price to 239.99$

    • Seems like they have used Chris’ review video in the listing too

      • Very early on

      • Yep, Banggood, Geekbuying and GB sometimes grab my review vids and other peoples too. I wish more would do it.

        • Hopefully more people will read your reviews before taking part in the ‘tablet lottery’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. today you can buy huwi hi10 for US$ 159.99 at bangood with coupon f8d2ca (22$ bonus)

  8. I’m still waiting for z8550 version with dual boot feature.
    z8300 is weak and z8500/8700 are too hot.

  9. I did sum checking about. Okay its $279 at Tinydeal, $249 at Gearbest, $249 at Geekbuying, Panda will $300!!, everybuying $258 and the cheapest is $267 on Aliexpress. So how do they get it so cheap at $229? Is it because it doesn’t come in the retail box and is repacked? They must get them in bulk like that or something.

  10. @ Banggood – the Grey version is Out of Stock till 13March

    • Damn grey sold out already! Wtf, I don’t want the white version. Guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

  11. Chuwi has been advertising on Facebook a March 16-17 Sale for the Hi12 tablet at aliexpress.
    Unfortunately, the “sale price” is 249.99 and the Seller charger 27$ for EMS shipping, which should guarantee customs fees for us in Europe.
    Here is the Facebook link

    And here is the aliexpress store link

    • So it’s more $249.99 + $27 EMS is no sale price. And yes, that also means customs taxes on top as everything I’ve had go via EMS to me here in Spain gets 21% IVA on top!

      • I think though that the chances of getting into customs depend on the affiliate in charge of EMS-labelled shipments in each country.
        In my country it is the courier service of the State-Postal services, which have lower chances of charging customs fees than say DHL (which are guaranteed to do so, because they get money out of it), but still for a tablet I would say the chances are not in one’s favor.
        Some do get through though…

        Point to be made though is that this is NOT a genuine sale, even if there were no shipping costs.

      • And here is the post in the Spanish page of Chuwi in Facebook, which also mentions the sale price of 249.99$

  12. The facebook account of Chuwi France announced the Hi12 Android 5 version for this current month, march. If you want to pull the trigger, it may worth wait the android version. Hope there will be coupons on this one. I can’t wait and start to try to install debian in parallel.

    • i wouldn’t hold my breath for that… back in january they announced android for the hi8 pro to be realeased on 15th january… it’s been almost 2 months and still no android for the hi8 pro

  13. sry its almost 230$ amazingly

    • Thanks, I’ll update the post. It’s now $229. Ouch I paid about $280 for mine on first release and with DHL shipping and import taxes over $340! ๐Ÿ™

      • Chris, next time if You in hurry, try to choose different transport company like Fedex, UPS, eventually TNT its easier to avoid extra duties with DHL not but some Chinese seller sending packages from UK but it always says at description i can wait so i`m choosing always normal post it no so long from 7-10 days and no extra taxes at all ๐Ÿ˜‰ Goodluck next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Thanks for a link with discount code from bangood ๐Ÿ˜‰ Chris ๐Ÿ˜‰ i just bought Chuwi HI12 do You know if any stylus will work ? Did You tested ? Thanks

    • No stylus works on it. It’s definitely not supporting them yet.

  15. Has anybody tried the stylus yet? Is it a wacom?

    • On the Cube iwork10? No it looks to Synaptics, as my Dell Active stylus almost works on it. But I think my Dell stylus is broken.

  16. Chris, is the keyboard widely available? I can’t find it on gearbest. I may be very interested in Win 10/Android 5.1 version (also on sale).

    • It’s sold out everywhere. They can’t keep up the demand it seems. New stock is due on the 10th.

  17. Looking forward to your thoughts on the iWork 10. Mine arrived last week and overall i’m fairly happy with it, I just wish it charged a bit faster.

    • iwork10, great tablet so far, I really like it. The keyboard and overall build is top notch. I’ve got a few videos on it on youtube. Only fault is the USB 3 port for me runs at USB 2 speeds. Is yours running at USB 3.0 spec? They will be posted here soon once the iwork10 ultimate section is up.

      • I’ve not had a chance to test the USB 3 yet, as I need to pick up an OTG adapter (the one that came with mine was a micro USB 2 OTG adapter, unfortunately).
        I will need to have a look and report back.
        I also really like the keyboard, it feels very solid. I was worried before it arrived that it would be similar to the asus t100ha, which felt very flimsy. I would say that this is similar in feel to the acer aspire switch 10 V, which was what I was going to buy, before stumbling across this website and the information about these china brand tablets (thanks a million).

        will post back when I know my USB 3 speeds

        • Okay please let me know when you test it. Make sure you @Chris my name so I get a notification. I think the keyboard is better than the T100HA I had, it’s better built.

  18. I ordered on Saturday from GearBest i10 ultimate but got message after paying the next day:
    “The item you ordered is a hot sale and there have been significant supply issues with the manufacturer.
    We expect to receive the goods in 7 to 15 days.”

    Asked for a refund.


    • Its purely commercial way, to make you spend money on their website, they now that you will ask for refund, they give you your money, on your GB wallet to spend it on GB, always pay with paypal and ask refund from paypal, not on your GB wallet.

    • Same for me at first.

      Today i received another message:
      Thank you for your recent order at
      We are sorry to let you know that we cannot ship it at this time
      remain items
      sku*quantity:168199001 * 1 , Chuwi Hi12 12 inch Tablet PC
      PB0110101 * 1 , EU Standard 2-foot Plug Mini Power Adapter
      In order to resolve this issue : we would like to suggest replace another item.The Chuwi Hi12 in dual system is in stock right now.Would you like to replace with this item?

      Please reply us within 5 business days .
      We look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.
      Best Regards
      gearbest Customer Service

      They’re joking, aren’t they?

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