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Chuwi Hi12 – Benchmarks, Screen And Thoughts So Far

Chuwi Hi12 – Benchmarks, Screen And Thoughts So Far

After my unboxing and first hands on with the Chuwi Hi12 I felt the screen brightness just wasn’t enough on the 2160 x 1440 Samsung PLS panel, nothing like how I remembered it to be on my Surface Pro 3. Luckily the brightness being dimmed a little was due to Intel’s graphics power saving settings. Disabling it pushes the max brightness now to just over 302 cd/m2 which is better.

I also ran the usual 3Dmark, PCMark and Geekbench 3 benchmarks on the Hi12 and scores were low at first, but due to the extended battery life gaming power saving Intel Graphics setting. Normally these are disabled but were for some reason enabled. You’ll be pleased to know the Chuwi scores well for an Atom X5 Z8300 as seen in the hands-on video below if you missed it yesterday on the Tech Tablets YouTube channel.

Speeds on the eMMC are good, nothing amazing. But decent enough 4k random reads and writes. Battery life also looks decent I feel for the size and resolution of the screen it has we are looking around 5-6 hours even more as this is with the Intel GFX battery savings off and the screen at 50%.

Thermals are some of the best seen on a Cherry Trail tablet, so far 70 degrees max running demanding benchmarks where other tablets would hit 85 degrees this hasn’t (yet). I’ll test some games soon and see if I can get it any hotter.

So far in my testing and use of the unit I’ve only found one minor issue  and that’s a little interference over the 3.5mm headphone jack. A common problem with this Atom tablets.

The full review should be up within a few days. But so far, it’s looking good for a 12 inch $250 dollar tablet with a nice 3:2 ratio screen. Now we just need a Core M version with a Wacom stylus!

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. I just realized that Hi12 doesn’t have android and the problem is I ordered 203$ from fasttech before 10 days.

    • yeah i keep seeing this listed as a ‘dual boot’ and a ‘2-in-1’ device which is pretty misleading since no dual OS version exists yet.

      Anyone have any feedback on how bluestacks runs under windows on the H12?

      • Very slow Android emulators on Atom’s. I don’t recommend it, you want to run it natively. Hopefully Chuwi release dual-OS version and files soon.

  2. The Hi12 Review is now online: Video review might follow if I have time that is. But for now a full write up because I enjoyed this one, not like my recent oBook and vBook review units…

  3. Too bad all retailers like HITECH, Bangood, Geekbuying and Gearbest have already increased its price to $290

    • Yeah what’s with that! Did Chuwi increase the price or something? OR they thought oh wait it’s going to be popular lets increase the price of it!

    • Try FastTech. The price there is 255$. From my experience they are good seller. I still haven’t bought from them anything big like a tablet, but I have bought a lot of e-cig equipment (mods, atomizers etc.) and was always satisfied with the quality of products and the delivery.

      • I just checked now and I don’t know if it is just for me as a regular customer or it will be for everyone, but they are giving me 38.21$ off. So the end price is 216.51 USD.

        • There’s a 15% coupon code – KUNGHEI. Which equates to exactly 38.21. It was 20% before Feb 7. But doesn’t sound like you needed a coupon code. They must have just given you the 15%.

  4. Why are all these Chuwi tablets being released with the Z8300? Was hyped about the Hi10, and this one sounds great, but no Z8500. The X98 Pro proves the cost is negligible. The Core M i9 is nice but too expensive. Are there any 16:9/10 Z8500 dual OS tablets coming? Still got my xmas money sitting there waiting.

    • Teclast X16 PRO/POWER. PR0 is Z8500 and 4Gb of Ram and Power is Z8700 and 8Gb of Ram. It has been reviewed here and did not pass well, but on xda there are guys who seems that have found solutions for most of the problems. It seems that USB3.0 port only works as USB2.0 with higher capacity disks and I don’t know about the brightness. I know that somewhere it was stated that the screen is not very bright (maybe it was here in the techtablets review).

      • Yes that was my review, didn’t find the screen very bright at all. And the USB 3.0 issues and the heat (Heat can be fixed with a copper heat sink mod) But I review the tablets as is from the factory. The heat was the reason I never got the X16 Power Atom X7 model and because it’s priced so close to the Cube i7 Stylus it’s just better to get that increase and have Core M power and full SSD speeds.

        • Just makes no sense putting a Z8300 in a tablet with a 1440p screen. I mean other than desktop and web browsing, is there anything than actually utilize that screen? Not that a Z8500 is powerful enough to run games at 1440p either, but.. you know.

          • I agree, but you can still play store games at least at 2160 x 1440. Which is why I have said that this screen better suits a Core M3.

  5. Do we know what is the reason that all X5 8300 tablets have issues with Chrome? For everyday basic tasks CPU seems ok, it is ok with Edge, for reading mails, watching videos, listening to music etc. So I guess it is more due to optimization of Google Chrome than to the CPU?

    • I think it’s just that, poor optimization of Chrome and Google hasn’t got around to improving it yet.

  6. I will be waiting for a more powerful tablet…

  7. ok you convinced me.
    After this review 3D marks scores are close enough to x98 pro to take this decision.
    I manly use the tablet for office automation, web browsing and soft gaming.
    i think it fits my needs.

    Thanks a lot Chris.

    A late thought: any news about android?

    • forgot to say 196€ on FASTTECH.
      really attractive price

    • I guess the dual OS version will come later on. But I think that res will be pointless for gaming in Android.

  8. Looks nice but any thoughts about sound quality?

    • Sound is better than the Hi10 and overall not bad for a Chinese tablet. Still not as good as the Mi Pad 2. If you see the video I test out the speakers compared to my Surface Pro 4.

  9. Now that they worked out on the heat issue, Chuwi can certainly work with 8700 or core m or m3 .. that would be a killer tablet!

  10. Hi Chris,
    sorry for double post but i am very undecided to go for this chuwi or teclast x98 pro.
    I’m a little afraid of the high temperatures reached by the teclast.
    which one would you recommend me?
    Thanks a lot

    • Don’t mind about this question… i’ve found your replay in the other post.
      thank you so much chris

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