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Chuwi Hi12 2160 x 1440p Atom X5 Tablet Now in Stock At BG

Chuwi Hi12 2160 x 1440p Atom X5 Tablet Now in Stock At BG

The first non-Microsoft tablet to ship with the Surface Pro 3’s panel, the Chuwi Hi12 is now in stock at according to an email I just received. Normally BG is very good with stock levels and shipping times. So they claim it ships in 4-7 working days. Must be due to Chinese Spring Festival delays. It’s only the gold version for now and the price is a little more than I expected for an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of Ram…

I have one ordered for review, but I don’t expect it to ship until after the 14th.

Source: Banggood Chuwi Hi12 listing



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  1. Hi all, I’ve been looking for a big screen tablet for watching HD video and photos, surfing on the Web, and basic work on office.
    Do you think this Hi12 will fit my needs?

    By the way, I can’t find any case or screen protector yet 🙁

  2. Hey Chris, would you let us know if we would be able to use the Surface Pro 3 (or 4) cases and screen protectors on this Hi12 tablet when you do the review?

  3. I cancelled mine grey color hi12 order through gearbest as they lied about having stock and now they say it will dispatched after 29 feb!

    Now awaiting voyo vbook v3 ultimate core m3 release.

    • After the 29th whoa, they really mean March then. That’s a huge delay!

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