Cube i16 – Core M3-6Y30 I7 Stylus Upgrade?

Cube i16 – Core M3-6Y30 I7 Stylus Upgrade?

So Cube, Cube’s official Aliexpress retailer has leaked the Cube i16. Which is basically the Cube i7 Stylus with the new Core M3-6Y30 Skylake and Type-C USB 3.1 support added. Judging from the specs and image it’s just like the i7 Stylus. The same keyboard dock, housing and Wacom Surface Pro 2 enabled screen (Not a bad thing)

Specs listed are: i16 Tablet PC 10.6inch SKYLAKE 6Y30 4GB Ram 64GB Rom IPS 1920*1080 Type C USB

The move doesn’t surprise me, I expected this until the Cube i9 was announced. Although, I thought Cube would have just released a stylus enabled Cube i9 and call it the i9 Stylus. There is nothing on the Cube Weibo, but an official Cube announcement can’t be far off.

Anyone happy with this move? A cheap and easy i7 Stylus upgrade for Cube. I was hoping for at least 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD to counter the X3 Pro. I hope it has Wireless AC and other configs.

Thanks to Wootever of XDA for pointing this out to me.

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  1. Type C + Skylake 6Y39 = 4k 60Hz . This is the holy grail of mobile computing:
    AFAIK only $900+ premium ultrabooks like Surface 4 Pro and 2016 macbook can do this. Please test this feature ASAP.

  2. This thing should now be called Cube i7 Book in China.

  3. 802.11ac and NOT Realtek and/or USB wireless chip alone would be good reason for me to upgrade. But doubt that this will happen and they can keep the junk.

  4. For me x3 pro is full better, why ?
    Easy to open and change the DD, it’s very important if it’s will become bad + 8 go de ram + new keyboard good + linux functional?(x2 yes) +stylus good + dd 128go.

    I hope a battery more strong for 8 hours like x2 pro, and screen more lighting.

    I think that Teclast understand the geek people, and others, i wish it’s continue in this way!

    have a lot of fun!!

    • 8 hours battery life?! I was never about to get that on my X2 Pro.

  5. No reason to upgrade.

  6. I hope a version whit 8GB, Wireless AC and a 128GB SSD but it is a disappointment

  7. All I can say is AHAHAHA..

  8. Aw, what an embarassment! $50 for pen enabling? Hell, this is not a drawing board. You can get yourself a 12″ drawing board for $50. The priority is storage, ram, cooling. Lol, I haven’t even bought a magnetic keyboard for my i7 stylus. I use a cheap $5 stand and a $20 bluetooth keyboard. Greediness kills companies..

  9. Truth be told…I expected this move after Cube annouced i9 model without stylus support.

    My i7 stylus work fine for painting but a bit small for typing so I just hope for Cube to release i9 model with Wacom support(AES pen and rechargeble) later,cuz some of chinese manufacture have their way with rechargeble stylus already.

    • OMG!!! $514….for this spec(change only chipset) is a bit too much for me.

      Are you serius CUBE!!!!!

      • Funny part being that all they did was upgrade the SOC ( CPU ) & add the USB C port. The “old” m3-5y10 is not that slow. On the cpu part there is only about 10% difference between the 5y & 6y. Its real advantage is mostly the increase speed on the GPU ( in other words, if you do not game, you are not going to notice the difference at all between the two core m3’s ).

        Only a 180$ price hike for a slightly faster cpu & usb-c port. Frankly, i find the Cube i9 also over expensive for what they offer ( compared to the x3 ). I get the feeling that Cube is not competing any more on price.

        The x3 has double the ram, has a basic stylus support, but lacks the usb-c port and is 60 euro cheaper.

        I get the feeling that the Cube i9 Stylus ( if every released ), is probably going to be another big price hike.

        • Maybe we have to wait for flash sell or 11/11 event.

          But this i16 sould at least come with 8gb ram & 128gb ssd …otherwise it seem Cube trying to dig a big hole for themself by hiking the price.

          PS. Still hope for i9 stylus(Wacom support) :3

          • Well you may be in luck as Cube are holding a flash sale shortly with the i9 costing $399 so they may extend it to all their tablets.

        • I don’t game, but I paint. The new 6y30 is capable of doing such amazing watercolor thanks to its GPU upgrade:

      • $514 is only the first listed price, which is way too expensive. I imagine it will drop.

  10. Damn, I was hoping for a stylus enabled i9- this screen size is just too small for me..

  11. Needs 8GB, Wireless AC and a 128GB SSD. Maybe this is the base 64GB spec and there will be a 8GB/128GB model?

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