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Chuwi’s Aerobook Core M3 Laptop Now Live On Indiegogo

Chuwi’s Aerobook Core M3 Laptop Now Live On Indiegogo

Chuwi’s latest 13.3″ laptop powered by a Core M3-6Y30, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is now live on Indiegogo. The Aerobook starts from $379 (The first 200 units) for the 128GB model all the way up to an expensive $699 for the 1TB model. The screen is a fully laminated 13.3″ 1080p IPS, it has an edge to edge keyboard design with a large touchpad.

It has two USB 3 ports, MicroSD reader and D/C 12v charging. It looks almost identical to the Lapbook SE a 4GB Gemini Lake which is one of my favorite Gemini Lake laptops I’ve reviewed. The battery capacity hasn’t changed, still, 37Wh hours which Chuwi claims will last up to 8 hours. But that would be straight 1080p video playback no doubt and not mixed wifi use. The weight seems around the same as the Lapbook SE, about 1.3 kilos.

The only expandability this laptop has is the M.2 SATA3 slot. The build of the Aerobook is a metal lid and underside, the palm rest is plastic and it has a very decent backlit keyboard if it’s anything like the Lapbook SE’s. I’ll be sure to review this laptop once released.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Just wondering if you will be getting your hands on one of these for a review.. Interested to see what you think and if copper heat mod will help Temps if it starts to heat like crazy?

    Since like 2 days ago they’ve added Type c which supports charging, not clear if thunderbolt but doubt it..

    I’ve backed it and decided on this over f7 plus and lapbook se.. Hope I’ve made the right choice…


  2. I tell you what is the point to me about such a device
    If you try a chinese manufacturer with almost no warranty at all trying to sell a laptop…..and you feature it with a 2-3 years old chipset and price it at 400$…….
    whell I don’t know in China, but here in Italy… are seriously out of the market, cause with such a price you can almost buy a 2-3 years old subnotebook from a premium brand
    Notebook that doesn’t feature the APPLE LOGO get depreciated very quick

  3. According to the promotional post on facebook, it seems now the AeroBook is equipped with full-function Type-C port which including PD2.0 fast charging, USB3.1 Gen1 and DisplayPort video output.

  4. I’ve just recently found Trekstor notebooks. Their U13B model seems to have the same body.
    It is a bit more pricey but has a N5000, touchscreen and fingerprint sensor.
    Which one would you choose out of these two?

  5. It would be nove if Xiaomi releases an usb4 laptop next year. No more royalty fees paid to intel for thunderbolt 3 type C ports.

  6. You will get a FREE leather liner package bag ($30 worth), you just need to follow the link and make an order:

  7. Same price as a Teclast F6 pro, with a slower processor, no touchscreen, and no USB-C. Only advantage is the fully laminated screen. Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me…

    • the 1st pictures (and datasheets) of the AeroBook were showing USB-C
      mots likely those websites are still publishing the old pics

  8. For me, the 8GB/1TB version of this LAptop at $699 will be what I am aiming for. I do a lot of course work and need the storage more than i need the processing power. but that’s specific to me, so don’t bite my head off. Reading the earlier comments about the Cube i35 Thinker, with shipping, the cheapest i got was around $750, So I’ll just get this with the increased storage instead. Unless someone knows an alternative?

    • You could always get the 128GB version and then install your own M.2 SATA3 spec SSD 22 x 80 in size might work out somewhat cheaper.

      • You are right, that’s actually a great idea. Thanks a lot. I will do just that.

  9. Well,
    can’t see any advantage over the cube i35 thinker I had bought last summer following your advice.

    ★ this one is more expensive – paid 334€ incl. bag + mouse
    ★ less space 128 to 256 GB
    ★ not full metal built
    ★ no surface display

    I’ll stay on the thinker side and hope they will build anothet i5 machine around that surface display I like a lot. But I couldn’t find any news.
    Product line evolution and development is not the chinese strength … EZBook 3 Pro successor isn’t also performing so well even it would have been easy to get a step further. They mostly seem to start with a step backwards … like no vattery improvrments. All seem to stuck on the old sizes while most systems need more energy. Phones get battery upgrades each year but laptops battery range or life is getting shorter and shorter.

    • Our Thicker i35 is faster and has a better screen, I hope they have a new 8100Y Thinker i35 with improved keyboard this year. Or someone else uses that great 3000 x 2000 screen.

    • Did a side-by-side comparison between the processor and Storage between the two devices and you do make a valid point. The intel Kabylake 7Y30 found in the Cube i35 Thinker is about 20% faster than the M3-6Y30 found in the Chuwi Aerobook. There is an offering of a 256GB Storage option on the Aerobook which is still about $40 cheaper than the i35 thinker at its current pricing. But here are a few things that let me take a second look at this laptop.
      * Its currently on IndieGoGo and shipping is included unlike if i am to buy the i35 on retail
      * You can get this system at $379 as an early bird
      The i35 is sound out on Banggood at $469 which had the cheapest price. It’s going for $588.99 on Aliexpress and $674.26 on Gearbest. That price point is the only thing that makes getting the Aerobook over the i35 thinker a feasible alternative. No way I’m going to spend an extra $200 not including shipping.
      You have to remember that for most buying a system like this is mostly driven by cost, else might as well by the new Dell XPS 13 for $849.

  10. to be honest from the 1st datashets I remerber it would have featured an usb-C
    I definitely want to turn to usb-C PD for my next traveling laptop
    Cause you can buy dual mode (QC + PD) charger for 5E from Aliexpress
    and essentially it’s becoming the standard, so you can easily find a spare power supply from a mate
    I guess I need to wait

    • PD type-c would be great not sure why it’s not there!

      • Maybe since its an IndieGoGo campaign we can influence the addition of a USB type C port like was one on the Ubook Kickstarter campaign

        • I don’t think we can in this case as Chuwi’s made no mention of it and if it is using the same housing as the lapbook SE that would require some changes to the design, reworking etc which would push the cost up.

          • For me, in 2019, anything without USB-C with both PD and Display Port function is an immediate no buy. Inclusive of monitors.

  11. I would like to know as well what’s the difference. I always reinstall windows after the purchase of any laptop. Preferably on faster drive. But with latest release and latest updates. so no need to install all those updates again. Anyway it takes max 15 mins.

  12. Is this processor Core M3-6Y30 is better than Intel N4100 ?

    Also it seems that Windows is installed into eMMC which is not good.

    • Yes, it’s faster single core at least. And the eMMC will be slower than SSD. eMMC 5.1 spec so around 250Mb/s about half of SATA3. But the spare M.2 drive.

      • Hey Chris, I need your help finding a laptop that is around $400 that’s is small, light and is good with Photoshop

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