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Jumper EZBook 2 – Atom X5, 4GB, 64GB Ultrabook

Jumper EZBook 2 – Atom X5, 4GB, 64GB Ultrabook

Edit #2: Here is my full Jumper EZbook 2 review, covering everything I could think off. Not a bad laptop, but far from perfect.

Edit: I’ve received my EZBook 2, here is the unboxing and first impressions: http://techtablets.com/2016/06/jumper-ezbook-2-laptop-unboxing-first-impressions/

I’ve had a few requests over the months to also review some of the new Atom ultrabook-style laptops. One such ultrabook is the Jumper EZBook 2 with its Macbook Air style, a 14.1″ 1080p screen and 4GB’s of RAM. It’s running Windows 10 on a 64GB eMMC and powered by the all-too-common Atom X5 Z8300. But considering most other macbook/ultrabook style Atom laptops have only 2GB of RAM and 720p screens this looks better.

It’s priced $219 USD at Banggood.com and despite having the Atom X5 Z8300 (Would love to see a Z8500 or Z8700 again) the design looks interesting as it comes with an aluminium build and also packs a 10,800 mAH battery that should power it for 4 to 8 hours according to Jumper. And being a 14.1 inch notebook there should be plenty of space on the keyboard for comfortable typing if it’s up to standard of course.

There is also a mini-HDMI port, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports as well as Wireless N and Bluetooth.

It’s due for release on the 20th, but if you preorder now the price is lower. Any interest in a review of this one?

And for those asking about the Onda oBook 12 Atom X7 Z8700 I ordered, still no word on when it will ship. It was recalled for a problem with high pitch noise coming from the screen according to Aliexpress seller OKQI . Since then it’s just been delay after delay, did Onda cancelled it?

Jumper EZBook 2 press images:


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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a Jumper EzBook 3 (three) USA adapter?
    It’s 12v @ 2a

    Is that the same as the EzBook 2 (two)?

    Is the connector the same size/shape/polarity?

  2. I bought this laptop just now and would like to know if there is a way to connect an ethernet cable to it!

  3. Plugged in not charging… Anyone experiencing this issue?

  4. Coupon still working try VPcoupons

  5. I haven’t been to impressed. Performance is pretty laggy just trying to use Chrome on sites like Facebook and Imgur.
    I’m not sure why the reviews say the lid is aluminum. It’s plastic painted to look like metal. I thought it was metal and try buffing out scratches and it’s white plastic under a very thin layer of paint. I ended up sanding off all the paint to make it look consistent.
    I also couldn’t get Windows 10 to apply updates, it would error out. This was stock out of box without anything new installed. I reinstalled the OS from a Microsoft iso and it now can install updates normally.
    The power supply is very short with a flimsy bent plug making me think it won’t last long. I hate that it’s a such a cheap adapter.

  6. Hi:
    I have a problem with this laptop
    Please help me

  7. I just got mine now. Unboxing of it, plus my fiirst impressions are here: http://techtablets.com/2016/06/jumper-ezbook-2-laptop-unboxing-first-impressions/

  8. Jumper EZBook 2 is again available at discount on http://goo.gl/9bEcaf with free dellivry.

    • coupon does not work right now ..

      Coupon code can only be used with one piece price, it can not be used with vip price, special offer, group deal at the same time.

  9. Hi, paste link mobile web on you browser. http://m.gearbest.com/ it can use coupon siripromo to discount.

  10. Just bought one for only 185$ from gearbest using coupon: siripromo . Enjoy! 🙂

    • NOTE: the coupon seems to work only on the mobile site.

      • I tried it on my mobile, http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_356746.html it just increased the price. Seems they stopped that coupon 🙁

        • Oddly enough, it is still working for me on my mobile.

          • Any trick to make it work? Just says it for one item once off, and the discount break downs, but it increases the price.

          • Found the problem, my Chrome browser on my Mi Max was set to desktop mode.

        • I just tried it on my Android with the Chrome browser. Lowered the price to $184.89. On the fence whether to get one or not to replace my wife’s tired and slow Acer Netbook.

          • Chris, add one unit to your cart (priced about 204$), click the check box next to that unit in your cart, and then try to apply the coupon. It should go down to 185$. The price jumps to 224$ if you try to apply the coupon before you click the check box.

        • Geekbuying is also selling this device, around 205$ if I remember correctly.

        • Hi Chris,Do not charge the external input of this product does not appear in the picture?

    • coupon does not work right now ..

      Coupon code can only be used with one piece price, it can not be used with vip price, special offer, group deal at the same time.

  11. Dear Guys,
    Be cafrefull with Banggood, they stolen my account and 115USD, now they doesn’t want to pay them back.
    No more Banggood

  12. Well due to the interested, I’ve ordered one to review.

  13. Yes, review Please.. I want to get one. what do you think the after pre-order price will be? under $400NZD? will it still be good value money?

    • My only concern would be rock solid wifi performance. this is definitely a pick up and go kinda device. And battery life. thats the only two things you need to review 🙂

    • Yes it should still be under $400 NZD, if it was in Noel Leeming or Harvey Norman I wonder what they would charge us for it? $599? I hope it has no major faults or USB port power bugs etc. Fingers crossed! I’ll see next month as it’s not due for release until the end of the month.

  14. I like to see a review of this too.

  15. I just bought a macbook air 1 month ago… After 2 year and half on debian/kde, i have to say that’s a breeze… I was first sceptical, bought it to code an ios app [android user never pay so i went for ios]. Sure, now, i know about THE apple experience… That’s AMAZING. Never a windows crap, whatever the price or the specs, will be able to provide such high standing perfection… And that’s just a 4gb/1.5ghz model.
    Now i see that, with windows 10 the Foul, 64 mmc, x5 8300… for 200€… I kind of thing can you expect ?

    There’re very fond of apple products in china, tablet, phone, Macbook. Android and windows are third class citizen for them. When Elephone made the promotion of their last flagshit phone. They invited american reviewers. They decided to make a photo with the phone at hand and the employees all extracted their elephone from their pocket to take a photo. But then the boss said : “no, we need a real camera for this” And he took his iPhone to give it to one of his employee to take the photo with the phone, the reviewers and the boss side by side…

    That’s everything you need to know about how they consider their android/windows products.

    • No, You can’t expect much for the price, but it should be just fine for light computing, store and older games. Maybe a good second PC for traveling without the huge price tag to risk losing. Personally, I own a Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB model as my main unit. But when I travel, all I really need is basic computing. Something like this might be good for that.

      Elephone, that’s normal cameras on the Chinese phones are quite poor. Even the Xiaomi Mi5 I reviewed saw miles away from my S7 Edge.

    • This is some grade A fanboy hate windows/Android ignorance. I’ve used Ubuntu and Windows majority of my experience bought a Mac mini because Apple forces you to use Mac hardware for iOS development.. The typical Apple way. iOS development is a clusterfcuk compared to Android Development. There are needlessly too many ways of creating and designing UI. Up until iOS9 you had to buy a dev license just so you can develop apps ON YOUR OWN PHONE. The Home and End keys brings you to top/bottom of doc/code. Explain that retarded logic. A keyboard key is something you frequently use. How often do you need to jump to top or bottom of code vs start or end of line? Then there are the alien language of keyboard shortcuts. I feel like im reading hieroglyphs just to learn keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl or Alt or Shift in Windows is so much more intuitive.

    • you are comparing apples, oranges and bannanas. This laptop shares only 1 thing with a MacBook… design.. nothing more. If the battery life isnt aroun 10h.+ (wont be) than this laptop is just a nice designed piece of zero

  16. One of the big advantages of the MacBook is 16:10…this is 16:9.

    • Yes, shame it wasn’t 1920 x 1200. I also prefer 16:10 it’s better, but Windows laptops are 16:9. And at least a Z8500 or Z8700, most would be willing to pay a bit more for the faster Atom’s. But can’t expect everything for $219

      • I agree, could have been very interesting if it was a Z8750 (~7% higher clock than Z8700) with a 1920×1200 16:10 if the eMMC was fast, battery life and keyboard/trackpad are good.

    • To be fair though, at 14 inches the ratio of 16:9 is less of a downside. Up to 10inches it is certainly not ideal, but at 14 inches the real estate is so much bigger and it makes less of a difference.
      Also, almost all laptops sport a 16:9 screen, which is not the norm in tablets.

      • You’re right there, 16:9 is the norm for laptops. Well, I might get one to review and check it out.

  17. I’d like to see a review of the Jumper.. looks very Macbook-esque…

  18. Yes. Review please. Thanks. 😀

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