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Deals: Jumper EZBook 2 Ultrabook – $160

Jumper EZBook 2

The Jumper EZbook 2 is back up on sale again at GearBest. This time around there is a coupon, EZBOOK002 that will take the already good $169 price down to just $160.  For the price that’s quite the deal, it’s not a perfect machine. But it’s got 4GB of RAM, a 64GB eMMC Windows 10 and a 14.1″ 1080p anti-glare screen. All powered by an Atom X5 Z8300.

Like always, check out my EZBook 2 review so you know the full story before taking the plunge.

The Deal as of 11pm GMT+1 (3rd July)

The Deal as of 11pm GMT+1 (3rd July)

The deal is here:  http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_356746.html for a limited time 18 hours left or when stock runs out I guess.


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  1. now $164 “email only” price –> http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1494087248.png

  2. Hi, in Gearbest is in Presale again. Chris, do you think they will sell the Batch 2 of this Jumper Ezbook 2?
    The coupon doesnt work, but i think the price right now in Gearbest is a good deal.

  3. I wonder why right now almost all countries need to pay additional fee for shiping? 80$ to poland makes it useless.

    • $19 USD now to Spain, before it was free. They must have been losing money on the postage as it comes in a big box, double boxed in fact. Shame, now the deal isn’t so good.

  4. Price is low, but shipping cost is too high (for example 72 USD to Hungary) on Gerabest
    (Geekbubuying shipping cost is free)

  5. Before the price was shipping included. Now its excluded. So in the end, it is a bit more expensive than before.

    • Really, I got another two for $160 each and shipping to Spain was included. Did I luck out? Might depend on the country, but it was a great deal.

  6. It’s a good price, but for send it to my country it cots $40 more.

  7. Wonder if Gearbest brought up all the EZBook’s with faulty USB ports for cheap? Not sure how they sell it so cheap for $160, when the rest of the sellers, Banggood, Aliexpress etc sell it for $40-$60 more!

    • Hi Chris.
      I’ve also buy this Ezbook right after I see your detailed review.
      about the ‘faulty USB ports’. did you try to solve this problem? or made any contact to manufacture company?
      My Ezbook usb ports.
      – not able to power up external drive.
      – right side usb 3.0 port gets really hot when I plug in the power code.

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