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Jumper EZBook 2 Benchmarks, Temps And Overall Impression So Far

Jumper EZBook 2 Benchmarks, Temps And Overall Impression So Far

Now I’ve had my Jumper EZBook 2, a Macbook clone running Windows 10 Home, with an Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of RAM for a few days now. Here are some benchmarks of the laptop. So far apart from the dodgy USB ports that will not power my external 2.5″ hard drives and the bouncy keyboard the Jumper EZBook 2 isn’t as bad I would have assumed for the price tag of only $189. Sure temps max out at 85 degrees and not even after I looped 3Dmark 3 times could I get it to go over this and cause thermal throttling (It was only 5 degrees off TJmax). So it does run hot and the bottom USB 3.0 side does get very hot to the touch.

But the thing that surprises me is it feels like one of the fastest and more fluid Atom X5 Z8300’s I have tested to date. Not 100% sure why that is, but I put it down to either RAM timings, no touch digitizer and the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. But it does seem like a Z8300 in general use and multitasking. For example (as shown in the video) going to the device manager normally takes a good 4-5 seconds or more to show up on the Atom Z8300 tablets I’ve reviewed. But here only a few seconds.

The touchpad and keyboard are average, the touchpad is far for the best I’ve used. But it’s useable and the keyboard has some crazy flex and bounce that’s a bit annoying, but I can still type this up on it at least. I also wonder if anything can be done, a small mod to improve it?

The Jumper EZBook 2’s 14-inch screen is an antiglare matte LED one, 1080p with good contrast and colors.  It looks washed out if not viewed straight on vertically. Horizontal view angles are good. Brightness is okay, only 215 lux. Not ahs high as I would like, but perfectly useable indoors. The build while plastic, apart from the alloy lid is okay. It does feel a little cheap, but the finish is nice and no rough edges or poor workmanship, the hinge is also firm and feels sturdy.  Battery life looks good ,around 6 1/2 hours web use or over 7 1/2 hours watching videos in flight mode. The front webcam looks okay, seems fluid and good in well lit areas.

The EZPad is currently on special over at GearBest at a limit price of $189. I wouldn’t get one without first checking out my videos so you know what to expect.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. The area behind the webcam gets warm to the touch even when the computer is on standby (this drains battery quickly) Anyone else has this issue? Is there a solution? Also Windows cant update properly, it errors out and reverses the changes.

  2. I will receive my Jumper later today. If your V3 M3 has the screen high pitch noise, search for a program called DimScreen 1.1. When mine arrived, I could hear a very weak noise coming from the screen right after factory reseting it. I had read somewhere that DimScreen would get rid of it. I opened the EXE file and suddenly the screen brightness went down to 0% and the noise wouldn’t happen again no matter what level of brightness was set. Working flawlessly eversince.
    I can’t wait to see if the speakers of the V3 M3 are better quality (would be a surprise), if the trackpad gestures can be disabled (would be a very pleasant surprise!) and if the charging time has been reduced. My V3 Z8300 can take up to 12h to charge from 0 to 100% :(:(

    • I just got it! Absolutely no charge, so had to plug it in. First impressions:

      – Build quality is OK for the price. The bottom side feels cheap (being plastic) but does the job.
      – Screen is also OK, but nowhere near the V3’s in bright and sharpness (perhaps because it’s matte??) LED vs. IPS.
      – BIG SURPRISE: Almost no flexibility or bouncing keboard frame!! Had to press down really hard to barely sink it. Not as firm as the V3’s, but very close. Makes me think it was just your unit/batch, Chris.
      – Trackpad feels better than the V3’s so far. Have to test further. The keyboard feels really good, larger than the V3’s. The key travel is also good and typing feels just fine.
      – It doesn’t power external drives, unfortunately.
      – It gets reaaaaally hot, way hotter than the V3. But maybe because it’s charging right now…

      Will get back with more impressions. Cheers!

  3. Ive considered for several days and ordered Ezbook instead of V3 skylake version.
    I will test powering external hdd when i get Ezbook in hand

  4. Hi Chris, great stuff as always!

    Can you tell me would it be possible to install some linux distro on this?

  5. I’m sure I asked something similar before, but would a machine of this build run inDesign for small type tweaks and image updates? I’m looking for burner machine to have in a bag when I’m out and about and have to do some changes on the fly.


    • Never used inDesign, if it’s demanding I would say no. It could be painfully slow to edit and make small tweaks.

      • Yeah the start up speed is usually slow on InDesign but the memory usage I’m not so sure, think I’ll wait until core M machines start to drop in price.

        Thanks again, appreciate the reply.

  6. Thanks for your reviews. This looks like a pretty impressive PC for the price. I’m amazed at how far “netbook” style hardware has advanced.

  7. Hi, Chris. Firstly, thanks for your reviews and thoughts. They are really appreciated 🙂

    I purchased this laptop a few days ago but the seller hasn’t shipped it yet, so perhaps you can help me out with some doubts…
    I own a Voyo Vbook V3 X8300 ultrabook and I’m generally happy with it. Screen and build quality are very good for the price tag, and performance is more than enough for multimedia, web surfing and office tasks…
    I use the trackpad a lot, and at first it was a pain due to the windows gestures, especially the pinch to zoom one. I use Chrome, and each time I tried to scroll with 2 fingers, the trackpad would zoom in so I had to reset the zoom to 100% by touching the magifying glass icon… very annoying until I found a solution with a Chrome extention.

    Before that, I tried to disable the trackpad gestures in the Windows settings to no avail, because there is no dedicated driver for it. So my first and foremost request is: Is the trackpad on the Ezbook 2 way too sensitive to gestures? If so, can they be disabled through the Windows settings?

    And also, having tested the Voyo V3 and this one, which one would you keep? I like the fact the Jumper has a 14.1 led screen, althogh the viewing angles don’t seem as good as the Voyo’s. I also like how snappy and fast it looks…

    By the way, my Vbook V3 can power up my external hdd on battery power, but only through the 3.0 usb port (the one on the right handside).

    I look forward to your answer. Thanks again 🙂

    • So your Voyo V3 will power external drives, good to see it was fixed none of the ports worked for me. The trackpad, has full settings and a proper driver it seems. I can disable pinch to zoom and I find the gestures aren’t annoying unlike the Hi12, HiBook, Voyo Vbook etc. And disable the trackpad when I insert a mouse (Very handy) Full settings like my Surface Pro 4. Great to see this on such a cheap laptop.

      • Wow! Then I think it’s a keeper 🙂

        I received my V3 two months ago and just did a factory reset and download the files to change the system language to Spanish. Everything working like a charm from day 1. I didn’t even face that high pitch noise issue I was so worried about…

        I really was considering to cancel my order of the Ezbook 2, but the fact it is snappy and the trackpad works well makes me continue with it. It’ll be hard to choose which one to keep…

        I look forward to your full review. Cheers!

    • Hi inhalt.

      I am considering the same products as you.

      Still looking for thr review for Voyo vbook v3 and this Ezbook.

      Did you get the Ezbook in your hand?

      Which one will you keep. ??

      sine those two product spec is almost the same. Ezbook look better with screen size and design.

      Please share me some information.


      • Easybook is better, more fluid than the Cherry Trail Vbook V3. I am waiting for the Voyo Vbook V3 Ultimate (Core M3 version) Got that for $369 on sale here$399 minus some GB points I had to make it $369 + $16 for delivery to Spain.

        • Hi Chris.
          I was also looking at the Voyo V3 ultimate with core m cpu. But the price was more expensive than 399 so i gave up but thanks for the sale information. May he I would also but the Voyo V3 core m version
          If i compare with v3 ultimate. and Jumper ezbook than I should definitely go for V3 ultimate right??

        • Great news!!! That is a review I am eager to watch. I know the skylake V3 will blow up the cherry trail performance-wise, but I hope that the skylake CPU offers better charging times, the weakest point of my V3’s for me…
          BTW, managed to improve the volume and sound quality considerably with DFX 🙂 Still not great, but much better than stock.
          I still haven’t received my Ezbook 2. Will get back with my impressions when I do. Cheers!

          • Please check if your EZbook 2 will power an external HDD. I hope the Voyo V3 Core M3 doesn’t have that screen high pitch whine noise, I can’t bear to hear that again. Gave me a headache.

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