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Teclast X3 Pro Internals. Sim Reader And Spare M.2 Slot

Teclast X3 Pro Internals. Sim Reader And Spare M.2 Slot

Got around to looking at the internals of the X3 Pro, as I suspected there is a SIM reader on the motherboard and a spare M.2 slot for a 4G modem. The build quality is good, nicely laid out. Good to see Teclast used some copper in there on the heatsink and not aluminium. I would have thought they would have used a thermal pad on top of the heatsink to transfer heat to the rear alloy casing like Cube. The written review will be online soon!


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  1. Teclast updates 11.6″ devices. X3 Pro phased out. It appears X3 Plus.
    New versions with X7-Z8750. Saw it at http://www.teclast.es/teclast-renueva-todos-sus-modelos-de-11-6/

    • Thanks for the info. I posted it to the news section. Looking forward to some X7 Z8750 devices and the new Apollo Lake.

  2. Someone know which is the correct thickness of copper shim to buy?
    15 mm x 15 mm x 1mm or
    15 mm x 15 mm x 2 mm?

  3. I did a heatsink mod. I used T-Grizzly Kryonaut thermal grease (the best there is), 15 mm copper shim and Arctic Thermal Pad 50×50 mm. Without the mod the CPU went to 73 celsius on load and with the mod it didn’t exceed 53 celsius. A drop of 20 celsius! I didn’t notice any cpu throttling.

    • Can you tell me which is the thickness of copper shim and thermal pad did you use?

  4. Hi. Is the SIM card slot active? I.e. if I insert a SIM card (with a data plan) into the tablet I can surf the net anywhere?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Clark,

      the Sim Card Slot is active. Works great with a ME906E modem from Huawei.

      I also changed the SSD to a bigger one.

      Additional Remix OS and Linux work also great on this device – Touch, Wlan, Bluetooth, Audio and so on …

      Except the fact that Remix OS does not like this LTE modem, but maybe the have a patch in some of ther updates…

      • Hi Claus,

        the Sim Card Slot is not active self ? Only with inserted modem ME906E ?

        • Hi Petr,

          that is right. You need to install a m2 modem, like me906e.

          Without a modem your sim-card slot is useless.

      • Sorry to ask what has already been stated, but i would like to double check.

        Have you tried Linux and everything works ok? Which Linux distro? Everything even the screen digitizer works?

        Could you test battery life on Linux?

        What is the size and brand and model of the SSD you have installed, I am curious.

        Thanks in advance.

  5. Can spare M.2 be used for additional SSD slot as well? such as additional 256GB?

  6. this change lan card??

    I want to see that the copper plate inside
    I would like to know whether a replacement Card,

    • The wireless a/c card is soldered to the motherboard. Non-replaceable.

  7. Hi Chris, I plan to set the tablet in turbo mod an i will need the best thermal materials ….pads, thermal pasta etc….can you please guide me where and which materials i have to buy ?. Thanks for all the help you give me. And forgive me if i annoying you.

    • Oh not much help, because I just sourced parts from local stores and ebay. 15 x 15 x 1mm copper shims can be found search ebay. As for the thermal pads search, Xbox 360 thermal pad. If you want the best thermal pads look for arctic branded ones.

  8. Any chance to add a thermal pad yourself for heat transfer onto the external case?

    • Yes, it would be very easy to add a large thermal pad there. As for thickness I’m not 100% sure, but around 1.5mm or even 2mm in thickness. I would make it as wide as the copper heat sink.

  9. Thanks Chris… nice layout and good components for heat dissipation.

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