Chuwi Vi10 Plus

First Remix OS 3:2 ratio tablet.
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Chuwi Vi10 Plus, A 2-in-1 3:2 Ratio Dual OS Tablet With Remix OS

Chuwi Vi10 Plus, A 2-in-1 3:2 Ratio Dual OS Tablet With Remix OS

Update 21st July:

The Vi10 Plus is set to be released on the 25th this month (next Monday) with a RRP of $169 for the 2GB/32 eMMC version with Remix only and $239 for the 4GB RAM/64GB Dual OS Windows 10 & Remix model. I’ll do my best to get hold of one for review.

Chuwi has a new release coming at end of the month, the Chuwi Vi10 Plus. It’s got a 3:2 ratio 10.8″  1920 x 1280 screen, same screen used in the Microsoft Surface 3, up to 450 nits of brightness. It’s powered by an Atom X5 (No mention on what model, but safe to say a Z8300) 2GB of RAM/32GB eMMC or 4GB of RAM & 64GB depending on the model. The 2GB model only runs Remix OS 2.0, the 64GB model will run both Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 (Based on Android 5.1)

It also has a USB 3.0 Type-C port with 5V 3A fast-charging support, cover/stand style keyboard, active stylus and front and back 2-megapixel cameras. The battery is an 8400mAh unit good for about 6 hours of use. It will weigh 685 grams and the dimensions are 276.4 x 184.8 x 8.8mm.

No word on pricing yet. I’m happy to see Remix OS instead of just plain Android 5.1, as long as it has Play Store of course.

Review interest?

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  1. Geekbuying has them for $159 now.

  2. Hi Chris! What do you mean when you say “same screen used in the Microsoft Surface 3”? It’s really the same screen, or the same resolution? How do you think, has it OGS,

  3. I was wondering that if it’s true than this tablet uses the surface 3 screen then it should work with the original surface 3 pen. If it’s true then im sold!

  4. Any pricing details on this thing come out in the past couple days? Waffling between waiting on this tablet or getting a Hi12.

    • “The first version of the Chuwi Vi10 Plus will be priced at $169 and will have the Android-based Remix OS 2.0 pre-installed, but owners can install Windows 10 later. It will come with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The second version of the tablet will be priced at $239 and will have both Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 pre-installed. along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.”

      • That is nice. Knowing there will be some sales the pice will be even more attractive. The only issue may be the quality. …

      • Dear BBaker, first of all and introductory specification. I am an MD and I bought the Chuwi Vi10 Plus 2/32 in order to easily draw algorithms and “write” with the stylus on adobe. Therefore I am almost like a gout with regard to PC, ICT, tablet and so on (and probably not only in this fiels). Stated that I have my Chuwi V110 Plus with Android preinstalled and Remix ancd the stylus (HiPen H2) does not work as is. Should I need to install Windows 10 in order to do it? In case of positive answer, how can I do it? Is is something like “install Windoìws 10 for dumies” or is it mandatory to get a PHD in informatics? I really do not know why Chuwi does not provide a fullfilling manual……

  5. Well, I installed Remix OS on my Teclast X3 Pro (More RAM, better Specs) and it also works great there.

    Everything is recognized: Pen, Keyboard, Audio, WLAN, Bluetooth.

    It would be very interesting if RemixOS integrated Widevine (DRM) into the Version for the Chuwi tablet.

  6. Chuwi should now use the revised cherry trail processors (z8350/z8550) to their tablets. The cost is same, so it will not make the price high. And it will b great if they use 1 full usb 3 port alongwith usb type C in the tablet.

    • My guess is they will, but first they are using up all their Z8X00 stock.

      • Yes, i think it too, but eagerly waiting for the tablets with z8350/8550 processors.

        • Eagerly awaiting why? Are they faster? From what I read they are very marginal improvement. Am I wrong?

          • Doesn’t look like anything to get excited about to me. Very slight increase in frequency. Was there other internal changes like increased buffer sizes?…

            x5-Z8300: 1.44 GHz chip with 1.84 GHz burst and Intel HD 400 graphics
            x5-Z8350: 1.44 GHz chip with 1.92 GHz burst and Intel HD 400 graphics
            x5-Z8500: 1.44 GHz chip with 2.24 GHz burst and Intel HD 400 graphics
            x5-Z8550: 1.44 GHz chip with 2.4 GHz burst and Intel HD 400 graphics
            x7-Z8700: 1.6 GHz chip with 2.4 GHz burst and Intel HD 405 graphics
            x7-Z8750: 1.6 GHz chip with 2.56 GHz burst and Intel HD 405 graphics


          • Yes, i know the performance improvements are very little. But intel have fixed some hardware bugs, so i think the overheating problem will be solved in these new versions.

      • Are we expecting refreshes imminently then?

      • All Atoms, X5’s and “Cherry Trail” processors are going away. Intel is cutting them moving to “Apollo Lake” Pentium and Celeron chips. So get them while you can, if you want them. Maybe maybe there will be sales because of this? For long term support, eg. for Linux and perhaps Remix OS, things might be slim as it currently is for Cherry Trail devices, so something to keep in mind. For phones Intel is working on new 5G chips…

        • Then again, this article says Intel will still continue to ship X5 and X7 chips…

        • The forthcoming low power Apollo-Lake Celeron and Pentium chips to keep an eye out for…

          Celeron N3350 – up to 2.4 GHz / 6W
          Celeron N3450 – up to 2.2 GHz / 6W
          Pentium N4200 – up to 2.5 GHz / 6W

          • Funny though. The current Pentium N3710 has a burst frequency also of 2.5 GHz same as the N4200, so I’m skeptical of Intel’s claim of a 30% speed boost for Apollo-Lake chips over the previous generation.

        • Is there an official statement from Intel that it is done with tablets? I guess the near future is covered by Atom X5s. Maybe they just skip one chip generation (Apollo Lake) for Tablets and come back with new Tablet-Atoms in a year or so? Impossible? Are Intel Tablets dead?

          • Well, yes and no. Consumer purchases seem to be going away from “pure” tablets to convertible or 2-in-1’s that is to say a dockable tablet+keyboard or notebooks who’s screen fold back 180 degrees into a tablet format. In that form no, Intel tablets are not dead. The main change as I see it is just the ultra low TDP power usage of Atoms is gone in the long run (unless they come out with some new low power chip), but you still have a relatively low 6watt TDP of the Apollo Lake Celerons and Pentiums. That’s fine for convertibles and tablets of 10″ or larger who have plenty of space for a larger battery. The Atoms were meant I think more for phones and small tablets of 8″ or less. Anyway, near term there will be X5 Atoms being sold.

  7. Looks fantastic – depending on the price point. I’m hoping Chuwi doesn’t price this ridiculously.

  8. 12-13 inch and I would be sold. Too small 🙁

    The iPad Pro has almost 13 inch. I hope the chinese manufacturers will follow.

  9. Great news!!! Wider Screen and a 2/32 GB = single boot tablet. This is great. Like Bradley… personally I don’t see the need to have Windows on the tablet. Can’t wait to see it.

  10. Remix makes sense for some people *IF* it works as advertised. Why pay for that MS license if you don’t care about that? I personally boot into Windows almost never. Been happy using the faster Linux Mint for a couple years now. I just have one Windows-only app I use (SmartDraw ) which I have to keep it around for.

    • I’m happy to see the more tab’s coming out with the Type-C USB port. Really helps to connect an external monitor and all your desktop peripherals with one cable. Have you reviewed your preferred Type-C hub? Which are good and which suck?

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