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Teclast X98 Plus II Review Online

Teclast X98 Plus II Review Online

The X98 Plus II video review is up as well as the pros and cons with a final rating from me. The X98 Plus II loses points due to the poor wifi reception and speeds unless I was almost sitting on my wifi router. The build quality too, I found to be not as good as the X98 Plus or X98 Air III. But this a cheaper X98 Plus and there are some good aspects like the new D/C charging option, correct 1600Mhz RAM speed, full MicroSD speeds are possible without any disconnection issues and that great LG 9.7″ 4:3 IGZO panel gives us bright, sharp and vivid looking images. It’s still a class leading screen.

If Teclast can address the wifi issues, it’s not a bad tablet at all for the price.

The Teclast X98 Plus II Review is here. I don’t imagine I’ll see many more 9.7″ 4:3 tablets, as manufacturers follow the trend for 2-in-1 tablets and the apparent cost increase sourcing these LG 9.7″ iPad Air screens.

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  1. Help…………….. Received the Teclast X98 PLus II today and guess what ………………… it doesn’t charge . How on earth does product leave the factory like this this, Anyone got any ideas

  2. Disable AV, in my case was mcfee. This worked for me.

  3. This could have been a really good tablet for work and media consumption, travel…etc. The WiFi is really a problem. It drops from 23 mbps to 2 or 1 mbps as soon as I enter a room on the same floor as the router. I tried the fixes suggested in the forum (editing the registry) but that did not work. I am starting to suspect that this is a hardware and not a software problem. can someone please confirm ??! Thanks

  4. Build quality is the same than Plus I, same components.
    Design is the only change.

  5. Hi Chris!
    It is little confusing, that tablet with bad wifi reception gets still quite high rating (7.7)

    Is there any tool or software to find out why this tablets wifi is so bad? and any rumors is there coming a new batch of this with a better wifi.

    Btw. Thanks for reviews, i like them much!

    Ps. any benchmark test for wifi’s? (other than speedtest.net) it would be nice extra, to your already good reviews.

  6. What do you mean when you say we won’t see many more 9.7″ Windows tablets? I was waiting for a 4g version…..

  7. I hope there will be a software solution for the wifi.. this is really weird and annoying..

  8. Hi I have an x98 plus II and I have the same problem, wifi has a poor range and if I download a file I can’t navigate I think is for the bad quality of the WiFi module, is there any mod or setting to solve the problem?

  9. And also, can it run HDD’s? Didn’t found this information in full review video.

  10. Hi, Chris, first time my question left unnoticed, so let me copy it once more here.
    Does it still have PWM flickering issue like the Teclast x98 Plus has (was discussed in that topic http://techtablets.com/forum/topic/screen-flickering/
    and a video of this flickering i’ve found in that topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1uvrAzlUXg)
    or the LCD panel is different now in Teclast x98 Plus II?
    For the moment I notice no flicker on different videos of Teclast x98 Plus II, so did they eliminate screen pwm flickering problem? (For example I can see new cube iwork8 is struggling with this flickering now).
    Lots of thanks.

    • Hi, I cannot see any PWM flickering on my unit, but it could vary unit to unit. As for example, my X80 Power has flicker, but others claim theirs doesn’t. Might just be down to luck.

      • Everybody has different eyes too, there’s variations in what different people perceive. One screen may be perceived differently by different people.

    • mine doesn’t have flickering issue either. it’s good

  11. I had a problem exactly like you describe with my first Teclast X98 Pro. The wi-fi antenna was not connected because a SMD capacitor was not installed or was incorrectly installed fell off in shipment. I tried fixing it without SMD tools and had it working for a while but somehow ended up permanently disabling the wi-fi/Bluetooth chip when I tried to make the fix more permanent. I posted a photo in X98 Pro forum showing the missing connection. My second X98 Pro had great wi-fi out of the box.

    • So maybe I have a bad unit? Or the SMA connector came off. I might have to take a look.

    • I have the same problem with the wifi , I have changed the antenna and have gained quality but not enough .You can explain how to put capacitor. Thanks

  12. I have a different shitty chinese tablet from Onda but I found the Wifi much better if I changed the type of WPA encryption in my router. Maybe you should experiment which is best for you 😉

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