Chuwi Vi10 Plus

First Remix OS 3:2 ratio tablet.
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Now Shipping: Chuwi Vi10 Plus Remix OS Only Version

Now Shipping: Chuwi Vi10 Plus Remix OS Only Version

Chuwi’s latest tablet the Vi10 Plus  with its 3:2 ratio Surface 3 screen is now shipping out. This first version is the Remix OS only tablet with 2GB of RAM,  a 32GB eMMC and GearBest have it listed for $139.99 for the first 75 units. Seems there is no listing for the keyboard as of yet, which is a bit crazy if you ask me as I know most would also want the keyboard at the same time so you can convert it into a 10.1″ notebook. I certainly hope the keyboard will be released soon and not months later like the Chuwi Hi12 keyboard. At least the stylus it supports is already available, the HiPen (Same stylus as the Hi12)

The more interesting version with  4GB of RAM, a 64GB eMMC Windows 10 and Remix dual OS is coming at a later date. But no sign of when exactly, I’ll post an update when that one is released and when the keyboard is available.

Edit: The keyboard has now been listed on Gearbest and it looks very similar to the old Vi10 keyboard, just the way it folds back into a stand is now different.

Key Chuwi Vi10 specs:

  • Atom X5 Z8300 (1.84Ghz Max)
  • 2GB or 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32GB or 64GB eMMC
  • 10.1″ 1920 x 1280 3:2 ratio IPS Screen (Same as the Surface 3)
  • Wireless N with BT 4.0
  • Stereo speakers
  • Active stylus (Chuwi HiPen)
  • Front and rear 2MP cameras.
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  1. If the Vi10 plus comes out with a 4gb/64gb Dual OS system how will it be any different to the Hi10 Plus? The only thing I could see is the Vi10 plus has 3.0 usb-c where as the Hi10 plus has only 2.0 usb-c. I doubt it will happen.

  2. I have noticed that there are some 4GB dual OS versions of the Vi10 Plus on Aliexpress. However, it is marketed as a Windows 10 + Android 5.1 (not Windows 10 + Remix OS). Any thoughts regarding these Aliexpress items?

  3. Hi guys. I’d like to buy a tablet for viewing magazines, pdf, ebook, doc and excel files and surfing the internet. Is the aspect ratio of 3:2 good for this in comparison to a 4:3 aspect ratio? I know It’s a pre-sale, but this one would be ok? Is Chuwi a good brand? I tried a Teclast X98 plus but It wasn’t worth the money. Thank you.

    • I’ll find out soon when mine arrives, hopefully, next week.

    • What did you not like about the Teclast X98 Plus?

      • I had the Teclast x98 plus 3g. The only thing I did was installing Mirek’s Rom, then, when the tablet was in stand-by, I extracted the sd-card. Since then the tablet never came back to life: I opened it and tried to disconnect the battery, but nothing. Maybe it was faulty since the beginning…I don’t know, but It’s a risk to buy Chinese tablets unless you choose well known brands (Huawei etc…).

        • I think it that was true in general there would be so many people complaining and then nobody would be buying these tablets. You may have been just unlucky. Why didn’t you return it for exchange?

          • Because:
            1) I modified it (root, custom rom);
            2) I opened it.

            From this experience I learned that if I ever buy another chinese tablet again, I will never flash it.
            I apologize for being off-topic.

  4. @chrisg

    Did you order the Remix OS only version of this? I saw in your signature your waiting for the tablet?

    Gearbest now have the keyboard listed:

    • Yes, this current model that’s Remix OS only I ordered and the keyboard just now thanks.

  5. FYI if you guys missed it, the sale price seems to still be there (for now)… after you add it to your shopping cart. Dunno if that price continues to be honored or how long that will last. Could be an error? They raised the advertised price to $159 and removed the “flash sale” banner, but the cart price remains the same for now. Get one while you can?

  6. On pre-sale for 119.99 now, might have to buy this after all…

    • That is cheap, I just got one. Hope its okay. Only 9 units left at that price!

      • Sometimes you need to buy a pig in a poke. Lets hope theres no majour flaws with the tablet when we get them.
        Its on sale again for $119,99, I guess Gearbest arent selling as many as they planned to.

  7. Was quite excited about this until I saw the keyboard won’t be a dock. Really hope they bring out an Hi10-Plus that is a docking version of this.

    Given it’s not a docking keyboard I really can’t see it taking long to be available; it seems they were struggling to find a decent solution to support the high weight of the Hi12, no such issue here.

    Do you know what the charging specs are? 12v 2a over type C? or 5v over micro b.. it looks like the micro port is still there(?) which doesn’t bode well. On that note why TF do they remove the usb-A ports, we want those, with C replacing the micro-B instead! Chuwi seem to always do this now.

    • What do you mean “the keyboard won’t be a dock”? You mean because the keyboard won’t have any active USB or HDMI ports in it? It looks to me like the keyboard and tablet clearly has male/female and magnetic connectors.

      • Sry, I mean an asus t100 style keyboard; one that you can use on your lap. These are usually called a docking keyboard, i’m not sure of a better description?

    • Its a type cover style, you want one like the Cube i7 Book with USB ports?

      • one like the i7 book because you can use it on your lap. usb ports on it are nice, but not the main thing.

        • Okay a transformer book stylus keyboard dock. Yep, much better for lap use.

  8. The Gearbest page spec’s says it’s Remix OS 2.0 but the picture on this page shows the desktop/wallpaper of Remix OS 3.0
    Do you know which one it has, and if it’s 2.0 is the upgrade simple? That’s probably important for people interested to buy this.

    • My guess is the first batch will be 2.0, later batches will have the Remix OS 3.0 update which only recently came out.

  9. Is there a problem with using generic bluetooth connected keyboards? What is the advantage of the physical connected ones over the BT ones?

    • doh! nevermind. I just realized one big benefit of the made-to-fit keyboards. They double as a screen protector when folded up. That’s a huge benefit. And easier to carry/move versus a non-connecting bluetooth keyboard that you have to carry around seperately.

      • Yes and it also runs faster as the BT keyboards can effect Wifi speeds on these single band Wireless chips. It also acts as a stand for the tablet.

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