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Teclast X5 Pro Coming – Core M3-7Y30 (*Updated*)

Teclast X5 Pro Coming – Core M3-7Y30 (*Updated*)

Update 14th Dec. Wireless AC confirmed. 99% Sure it also states USB 3.1 Type-C Data and charging judging by these press images.

Updated 7th Dec. Teclast held their press event yesterday, price confirmed to be 2999 RMB in China, which is around $430 USD. International model pricing hasn’t been released, but it’s expected in January 2017 the international model. This just means a version in English, with support for language packs.

Some more specs confirmed, it definitely has dual-band wireless AC & 8GB of RAM.


*Updated 30th Nov* Gearbest has jumped the gun and posted the full specs of the new Teclast X5 Pro. Turns out my guess was mostly correct. It will have the following specs:

  • 12.2″ 1920 x 1200 screen (I think this is the Tbook 12 Pro screen, so should be fully laminated/OGS)
  • 8GB RAM DDR3 1866Mhz
  • 240GB SSD *Sata3 M2 2242
  • Wireless AC *100% confirmed 5Ghz Wireless AC 433mb/s max speed.
  • Surface Pro 4 like design (Kickstand, type cover)
  • Front facing stereo speakers (again like a Surface Pro 4)
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • 12v 2A DC input for charging (Type-c port should also charge the tablet)
  • Micro HDMI or micro USB 2.0 port (Looking at the images)
  • Type cover keyboard

There is always the possibility some of these specs are incorrect, no mention of stylus support which I find surprising. Could still be there, just no mention of it yet. Also, note that Teclast’s marketing department are famous for making bezels and the tablet look thinner than real life, I hope it’s very similar to the images. And looks like it could be the best tablet out of China yet? Price wise, this will definitely be more than the newly announced Cube Mix Plus also powered by an Intel Core M3-7Y30. Thanks to Alber in the comments for the tip.


Teclast has and up and coming press conference on the 6th of December in the Guangzhou Grand Hyatt Hotel, where they will announce their latest flagship 2-in-1 tablet. This new flagship will be powered by the new Intel Core M3-7Y30 (2.6Ghz max clock rate and Intel HD 615 GPU) and have a 240GB SSD, unfortunately, no further details released until the press event which will be presented Teclast’s CEO with Intel and Microsoft representatives.

I’ll make sure to check this out on the 6th and post all the release details, here’s hoping it’s something special. Fully laminated 3:2 display with stylus support would be a great start and at least 8GB of RAM like the X3 pro.

Here’s my guess at the rest of the specs:

  • Core M3-7Y30
  • 8GB RAM
  • 240GB M.2 Sata3 (PCIE SSD I think is unlikely at this price point but would be nice!)
  • 12″ or 12.2″ screen (non-laminated)
  • Kickstand design, with type cover style keyboard.
  • Intel 3165 Wireless AC
  • Standard size USB 3.0 port
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Metal unibody rear housing
  • Priced around $430-$450

What do you think the specs will be?


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Good night I would like to give me a force I bought the tablet teclast x5 imported and arrived yesterday, I do not know if I am not know to connect it. When power is pressed, a black screen appears: EFI shell version 2.50 [5.12]
    Current running mode 1.1.2
    map: can not find required map. name
    press ESC in 1 seconds to skip startup.nsh, any other key to continue.
    And not that, squint and not nothing, I do not know what else to do, did it come with defect, something missing?

  2. http://www.tabletpccomparison.net/teclast-x5-pro

    this review claims the x5 is dual booting android and windows. is this true?

  3. Chris, i want to ask you something.

    i’m actually planning to buy this one, the only one with stylus support, good performence.

    But. I found it just right now on gearbest preorder is active, BUT THE PRICE IS CRAZY. It’s 562 Euro..

    It’s too expencive.

    is it okay to buy Cube i9 this day? it doesn’t support stylus but it has core m3. there is no core m3 with 12 inch under 450 Euro.

    or should i wait until Chuwi produce a 13.5 inch Tablet?

    i saw so many issue on both Cube i9 and Chuwi hi12(dead issue). so i expected so much on this tablet. but it’s too expencive.

    and want to ask one more thing on Banggood Prioirty shipping.

    Did you pay custom duty on the Priorty shipping? i live in Germany, and want to buy without custom.

    Many Thanks!

    • with this promo code on gearbest : GBTPC
      you can have 13% ! 489€ (that’s more “normal” price for a new tablet)
      but i advice to take 10€ more for shipp insurrance so 499€. that’s the price i wan’t to put on it so i pre order.

      • So much thanks for you! That’s a reasonable Price that under 500. I will order it after watching Chris review anyway. But many thanks to you. I hope that coupon will be able when i buy this tablet.

        • Hmm in that price i can get the surface pro 4 with the same core m and much more support …
          and there also the lenovo one that also has good profemence

          • I only found the Surface pro 4 for around 850€. So I would not consider that the same prize… might have a better screen, but only 4GB of RAM.

            But if you really need the support then you might be better of the the surface that is true

          • I’m pretty sure there is no under 600 Euro (in Germany even more) core m tablet. Maybe in Usa..

      • Do you think the prize will drop during the Presale timeframe?
        Or is it better to wait until a few weeks after the first units are shipped and hope the prize drops a bit after the start??

        • Really…I don’t know…
          I think they will keep this Price, unless the demand is too high and too much people pré order, then the Price will go far too high like the xiaomi mi mix

    • Hi, First release the price is always high. I got my X5 Pro and it should ship in the next day or two. The Cube i9 is good, Similar to the Surface Pro 3/4 design.

      Not sure about Chuwi’s tablet. It’s going to have a N3450 which is much weaker than a Core M3. More like Atom X7 performance.

      The Banggood priory shipping for me in Spain comes tax free, but not sure about Germany.

      • Hi Chris,

        where did you get yours shipping now already? Banggood or Gearbest?
        Like I wrote in another comment further down I am really hoping for this to be a great tablet…

        Maybe you can have a look at my comment and my questions? some of them might be answered for now…

        How long do you think it will take till you get yours delivered for a quick first video?

        • The link is not working….
          Th comment was on December 12, 2016, 6:55 pm

      • Actually i saw on Gearbest prioirty shipping is Tax free but not sure about Banggood. thanks! Glad to hear you will be recieve very soon fast. I will not buy tablet before see your review anyway! Thanks!

  4. Chris the image clearly states USB 3.0, the usb 3.1 speeds look to be just for reference.

    • There is a lot of info on their site…
      So far I have seen confirmed Wireless AC and a lot of pictures where you can see a stylus….
      together with the mention of Windows Ink, it might just hint on the Stylus support.

      Here are the Product Details copied from their website translated from Google:

      Product Model X5 Pro
      Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition
      The screen size is 12.2 inches
      Screen type IPS
      Screen resolution 1920 * 1200 (16:10)
      Processor Intel seventh-generation Core Duo processor
      Memory 8GB
      Built-in memory 240GB SSD
      500W camera before the camera after 200W (WTF??)
      Network standard WIFI (IEEE 802.11ac / a / b / g / n) 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band
      Bluetooth 4.0 support
      HDMI support
      Built-in interface USB 3.0 interface, Type-C USB, TF interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro HDMI interface, 3.5mmDC charging interface
      TF card support
      OTG function support
      Speaker built-in two-channel speaker and microphone
      Physical keys 3
      Battery Built-in 7.6V / 5000mAh polymer lithium battery
      Dimensions: 305m (L) × 202mm (W) × 10.4mm (H)
      Weight 1191.5g

  5. i asked some questions about this tablet @ gearbest, here is their answer :

    Your original question is
    “Hi GB ! Teclast website show an active stylus on illustration, can you confirm x5 pro will be compatible with active stylus ? (not shipped with i know ^^)
    Also can you confirm wifi specification AC or not ? dualband 5Ghz ? Thank you in advance ! i’m in waiting of disponibility :)”

    Here is the answer from Our Customer service Team:

    Hello Kevin,

    It supports active stylus.

    The wifi is not dualband 5Ghz

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    you can see the Answer on the bottom of product page of GB :

    • I wouldn´t bother much about the information from GB Customer service. In my experience they rarely know what they are talking about when it comes to these kind of things. I am sure the X5 Pro will have 5 GHz wifi.

      • Yes me too, X3 Pro had Wireless AC. Would make sense for them to use the slower 2.4Ghz only Wireless N.

    • Teclast’s official website confirms Wireless AC. http://www.teclast.com/zt/Tbook/X5Pro/

  6. I am really hoping for this tablet to be great!!
    About 2 weeks ago I started making a spreadsheet about different tablets and I was trying to find the perfect one for me.. but so far no luck…
    Now I am hoping for the detailed specs and the review of this Teclast X5 Pro.
    What I am looking for is something around this:
    M3-7Y30 CPU (or M3-6Y30), 8 GB RAM, at least Full HD Display, preverably 12 inch, 128GB (or more) SSD, at least one full size USB 3.0, removable type cover style keyboard, kickstand. Stylus support would be nice but I might be able to live without it…
    I had a really close look at some other tablets already… but the Cube i7 Stylus only has 4GB RAM, and is only 10inch Display. The Cube i9 is also lacking the 8GB RAM, but apart from that it looks really solid!!
    The Teclast Tbook 16 Power got 8GB of RAM but I dont like the CPU (X7 – Z8750).
    And the new Cube Mix Plus again has only 4GB RAM and a smaller Screen (10 inch)

    The tablet I am looking for would be used at home for the living room and on the road as a tablet. But I also want to be able to do some work or gaming when I am at hotels working…
    I know that this is not cheap, but I am ok with roughly a 500€ prize tag….
    After seeing reviews of the Core M CPU I dont wanne go anything below that, especially because of the great gaming performance…

    So I would really hope that the X5 Pro delivers the best of both worlds from the Cube i9 and 8GB of RAM together with the Kaby Lake CPU (M3-7Y30)!!

    • Forgot one thing….

      Do you think that the Teclast X5 Pro will look similar inside to the Cube i9. I watched some videos of people installing the LTE Module inside of it in the second M2 slot. That is something I would really like to do as well with the Teclast X5 Pro

  7. Found this Teclast x5 Pro video, listing specs and features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgGMAKnIQY8
    – mentions “active stylus”, but the presentation looks to be misleading, probably just like the Cube i9 “stylus”
    – USB-C is listed as USB3.0 spec
    – Full USB 3.0 port
    – NO mention of OGS screen, my guess is they dropped it to keep costs down and maintain a selling point for Tbook T12 Pro

    I will be getting this Teclast unit…NO CUBE TABLETS for me anymore…I got 4 faulty Cube i9s in a row, preceded by a faulty Cube i7 Stylus!! Another friend of mine just received his Cube i9 and it was faulty too.
    Cube has been exercising in diving regarding quality control…

    • which are the faulty you found it?

      • I guess you mean what was the fault with the Cube i9 tablets that I got?
        1) Faulty screen (Bright spots)
        2) This was actually used and abused, a “recycled” item they sent me, with scratches and stuff
        3) Buzzing/damaged speaker, faulty MicroSD Reader, really low USB 3.0 speeds
        4) Faulty battery, around 10% wear after a single charge, faulty MicroSD Reader
        …and all of them had REALLY serious coil-whine problems, but especially the last one…electrical noise was just as loud as a spinning fan.
        and the Cube i7 Stylus I had before that also had early battery wear, within 2-3 charges.

        While the (outer) materials that Cube uses are generally good, quality control at the factory seems non-existent…issues with the i9 seem to be multiplying instead of being resolvedin new manufacturing cycles.

        So I will never buy Cube again, especially not an expensive model over 250$.

        5 faulty CUBE tablets is too much of a concentrated statistical example for a single user.

        • “I will be getting this Teclast unit…NO CUBE TABLETS for me anymore” After getting a X3 Pro with a buggy battery, MicroSD Reader and accelerometer I thought the same, just the companies switched. I guess this means I’ll have to wait for a few months after a new model is out to see if it is worth getting it. Seems like you can’t trust their brands.
          I wonder if the problem is the price of 2999 RMB. Maybe they don’t want to break this wall and reduce the costs instead to be profitable.

          • I can’t see how getting ONE faulty unit can lead you to question the lot of them, Teclast or the particular model…
            …I got FOUR FAULTY TABLETS IN A ROW…4 Cube i9s.

            So in contrast to yourself, my stance is well grounded.

    • 4 in a row?! That’s crazy. I’ll be getting one of these to review.

  8. Chris, are you going to review this tablet?? Want to buy after watching your review. I recieve answer from Teclast that oversea version come Jan 2017

  9. Any news from the press conference?

  10. I’m looking forward to see it! I’m waiting this one and Chuwi 13.5 . it will be great when both come in this year.
    But i think 500Euro is a just little bit expensive.

    • Later that price will drop, but if you don’t mind the smaller size and 4GB the Cube Mix Plus I think will be the best value Core M3 7Y30.

      • Actually i want to buy at least 12 inch. i think when the chuwi 13.5 is also expencive, i will buy a cube i9. I saw to many issue on chuwi hi12 dead. By the way, thank you for every specific tablet review. It’s really helpful

        • 13.5″ is certainly going to be too large for some. It’s the Surface Book screen, so the main use is more a laptop than a tablet with that size. And I imagine it will be over $330 with that screen.

  11. I like that it’s got a pretty decent screen. Core M3 is great. 8GB is also great (and better than for example Surface Pro 4 M3 can provide).

    But the big let down for me is that subpar 5000Mah battery. I guess we’re spoilt by the ChuWi Hi12.

    Also, really would want USB Type-A slots. It does look like it has one actually, but surely that would have been listed.

    • USB 3.1 type-A would be great, but I have a feeling it’s only USB 3.0.

    • Actually a 5000mah battery is fairly big. Also the cube i9 have nearly the same capacity and the surface pro 3 have a 4500amh battery. The chuwi hi12 seems to have a bigger battery than the x5 pro but they are nearly the same size because the former have a 5v battery (as any other Atom and ARM device) and the latter have a 12v battery (Core CPUs). To know how big a battery really is you to know his Watts-per-hour (Wh) which you can calculate multiplying Volts (V) with Ampere-per-hour (mah). For example the chuwi hi 12 have a 11.000mah battery which multiplied by 5 is 55.000wah and x5 pro have a 5000amh battery which multiplied by 12 is 60.000.

  12. Gearbest says the following:

    Teclast X5 Pro 2 in 1 Tablet PC
    €495.21Discount:60% OFF

    I kinda hate this 60% thing they place on products which obviously isnt any discount at all…

    • I hate that too, 99% of people see past that crap. Do they really think we are that stupid. (Oh wow it’s 60% !!!!!!!! MUST BUY IT NOWWWWW)

  13. 1920/1200 pixels is 16/10, not 3/2, unfortunately.

    Also, no wireless AC according to the GearBest listing.

    • Got to be wrong, the X3 Pro has Intel dual band AC 3165 chip in it.

    • Also I think he was saying it would be nice if it was 3:2 ratio.

  14. Ok after all the reveal that the cube i9 8go that i want.
    is there (mini?) hdmi out ?
    Need the price now 😉
    Did you think they will let install custom OS on it ? like remix OS or linux or android x86 ?

  15. Well.. if it comes as 500 euros or more theres always a better option for cheaper price… You can buy a second hand with warranty surface 3 4GB ram i5 for around that price… Which, i think… its better option…

    Or even the Xiaomi 12 Air Laptop…

    No point aquiring one of these if they really do come at those prices..

    • It will come out I think around $500, but the price should drop. Looks like the Cube Mix Plus will be the better option price wise.

      • indeed my friend. too bad its only around 10 inches :/ way 2 small for me at least

        • I also prefer the larger screens. Mi Notebook Air 12 is a good option, still using mine, love it. Great keyboard and touchpad. Core M3 is great for everything apart from serious gaming or video editing, so the 7Y30 should be even better.

    • -Mi notebook isn’t a tablet not the same usage.
      -Surface 3 is not fanless…and 4go :/

      • Mi notebook needs a touch screen and 360 yoga hinge then it would work for me.

  16. hmm anyone knows if it is stylus support ?

    • Nothing yet, hope it does have stylus support. Be a bit silly if it didn’t, after all it has to compete against the Cube Mix Plus with Wacom stylus support.

    • I would say no at this point. Otherwise it would be in the press images.

  17. It is listed in Gearbest with all the specs and some pictures:

    • Thanks, they jumped the gun! My guess was almost spot on (It really was a guess too) I think that panel could also be fully laminated if it’s the same 12.2″ Tbook 12 Pro screen, which I guess it is.

      • Yes, your guesses were right… the only thing is that with that specs I think the price will be higher, definitely +500$

        • No doubt after the exporters add their cut to it. Would be around $430 in China, making it about $500 or $480 for us. Which means the Cube Mix Plus might be a better option if you don’t need 8GB of RAM.

          • Looks like it will be USD 550 at Gearbest (its in the Gearbest page title when you look up the x5 Pro at Google)

  18. I hope it still has a separate HDMI output and that the keyboard trackpad is usable = no gestures!

    • Yes that would be great too. I wonder if they will use the OGS screen from the Tbook 16 Pro? That’s 12.2″

  19. Let’s hope they get rid of the X2/X3 chassis, small bezels and use a the 13″ 3:2 ratio 3000 x 2000 Surface Book screen in it like that new Chuwi tablet! Or the Surface Pro 3 screen, that would be awesome.

    • Has there been any new info on that new Chuwi tablet?

      • Nothing yet. It’s meant to be coming very soon an Apollo Lake N3450 3000 x 2000 13″ tablet. I’m checking all the time Chuwi’s Weibo for more info.

    • Good to see it’s gone. All new design, that looks like a SP4!

      • Why do you want all the tablets to be on the same formfactor.

        Dont see why the Teclast need to be an SP4 and have an rounded bezells, (in the end’ you aint gotta make love to your tablet).
        there is so manye normal tablets in the traditionel soft non edgy look in 3:2 with rounded corners so you can feed pigs with them, and in my view with an design that looks identical amongst so many different models.

        got the X2 and partically like the long formfactor and that there is an distinctive difference between landscape and horisontal, and on 3:2 there aint..
        the deep canvas or just long canvas in landscape is ideel to have stockqoutes on, when your speculating in the stockmarket and running realtimetrading programs. (it got it pro’s and its not all cons, ewen thow it doesnt feed your needs)

        let there be alternatve, no reason to blame brands for taking chances and multiple designformfactors for the masses.(I get it you dont like the edgy look, it hurt your palms like you express it, but still its an plus there is alternatives for different needs)

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