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Chuwi Hi12 Gets An Atom X5 Z8350 Upgrade & Price Cut

Chuwi Hi12 Gets An Atom X5 Z8350 Upgrade & Price Cut

The Chuwi Hi12, which I regard as one of the best dual boot tablets for the price, has quietly been upgraded to the newer revised Atom X5 Z8350 processor, no doubt due to the fact Chuwi simply just ran out of the old Z8300 stock. The newer Z8350 isn’t worth upgrading to if you own the Z8300 model as it’s only a tiny bit faster. Why this Hi12 is one of the best dual OS models is due to the combination of the largest battery (11,000mAh) seen in a dual boot, the Surface Pro 3 screen it uses with a sharp 2160 x 1440 resolution & stylus support. Two full sized USB ports, which even Chuwi has done away with on the new Hi13 (everyone is switching to just type-c ports) And one of my favorites is its stock launcher and bloat-free Android ROM. Not to mention the newer keyboard dock is much better than the old one and give use two more USB ports and it works like a transformer stylus keyboard.

The price has also been dropped to $235, at least over on Banggood.

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  1. Hi Chris. You’re writing “bloat-free” Android.
    However, as the previous Hi12 contains the spyware from AdUps… I guess the new one contains that one as well?

    • I’m sure most Chinese droid tablets have AdUps or other spyware and I don’t even chance it with windows, I blow away everything and install from scratch

  2. How is the charger connected – through micro-USB?

  3. I saw a buyer commenting on Banggoods´s site that you cannot write to an SD card from the Android partition. Is this correct?

  4. This or wait for HI13?

    • Edit, just saw Chuwi saying that the hi13 will release this month on facebook, so I’ll wait 😀

      • Hi13 if the product reviews are good, the battery life stays well, and if you don’t mind not having full sized USB A ports on the main tablet.

    • Wait I would say if you need the power of the N3450 vs weaker Z8350.

  5. Why bother with dual boot devices when Android can be run on Bluestacks or other emulators?

    • Why bother with emulators if you can Install Remix OS to tour PC/laptop 😉

    • Bluestacks kind of sucks sometimes, lags and crashes/freezes. Even on a RIG with a stock FX-9590 CPU, H100i cooler, 8 gb’s RAM, quad SSD RAID 0, win10, 1,200watt PSU, HD6950 2gb tri-crossfire, etc etc…Most everything else runs fine on this rig.

      I haven’t tried dual boot devices as of yet but will in the future…

  6. I have a ChuWi HiBook Pro, but the animations in Windows and Android stutter a lot (Like swiping to scroll in app drawer, or clicking the Windows button to open the start menu). Did you experience this with the HiBook Pro? Is this something that exists on other tablets too? I didn’t have a problem with the Hi10. Maybe its the resolution? The supposed max resolution on the x5 z8300 is 1080p I think.

  7. Well… It still not fulfill my hope, I always hope that Chuwi will launch something like Hi12 pro with Atom X7 8700, 8Gb RAM, and 128 eMMC like Surface 3 intel atom version. Or.. Intel Core M3, 8Gb RAM, and SSD storage like Teclast X5 Pro or Cube Mix Plus. Is there any chance that Chuwi will launch a tablet with higher spec in the future?

  8. I still have my Hi12, going strong now for like 10 months. And the battery life is still awesome, I get like 8 hours or more 50% brightness. Looking at the Hi13 now as my Hi12 replacement as I want that Apollo N3450 performance boost. I just hope they make the Hi13 dual OS on launch and not just Windows 10 at first. And it better be Android 6.0 at least.

    • Looks like it will be Windows 10 Home, then later dual OS. Hopefully Remix OS 3.0 & Windows 10 Home.

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