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Cube i35 – Core M3-7Y30 13.5″ Laptop With Surface Book Screen

Cube i35 – Core M3-7Y30 13.5″ Laptop With Surface Book Screen

Cube just posted this on their YouTube account, the Cube i35 lapbtop. It’s a 13.5″ Core M3-7Y30 laptop based around the 13.5″ 3000 x 2000 Surface Book IPS touch screen. The laptop looks to have a thin metal build, will be fanless, has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. I can also see in the video render a type-C port (Hopefully USB 3.1 like the i7 Book & Mix Plus) DC port for charging, 3.5mm jack and 2 x USB 3.0 ports?

It also has a fingerprint reader as part of the large touchpad for added security. It will run Windows 10. My guess is it will also have wireless AC and a 10,000mAh or 40W+ battery size. The camera is listed as front 0.2MP camera, I think that’s a typo. It would be 2.0MP front facing camera.

This one looks really interesting if the price is good of course, no info on pricing or the release date. What do you think? Something to take on the Xiaomi Mi Notebook series, if you’ve seen the Surface Book it’s a great screen. But I don’t think it’s going to be fully laminated in the Cube i35.

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  1. Profile photo of Nader

    So there’s no preorder, no other news other than the teaser.

    Is this going to be released like much later than March ?

    I’m pretty much holding off from buying a laptop as I’m interested in this one!

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Sadly no further info, but it should be out soon I hope. Maybe there is some production delay? When I know any news it will be posted on the site.

      • Profile photo of Nader

        Thanks for the reply Chris.

        I was going to get the Xiaomi 13.5 but I really don’t need a video card for gaming.

        So do you think the Cube i35 is probably the better choice for the screen and performance over the Xiaomi 13.5?

        • Profile photo of Blackburn

          This Cube won’t be faster I think than the 940MX GPU and i5 6500 it has. But it comes close the Core M3-7Y30 to the Core i5, impressive since it’s fanless.

          • Profile photo of Nader

            Hey Blackburn thanks for stepping in.

            I mainly use my computer for the internet, I’ll sometimes have many tabs open on Chrome as well as office / Excel and maybe another program.

            I currently have a teclast x2 so I’d like to upgrade to something a bit more powerful and bigger.

            You think maybe specs like cube i35 would be perfect or is it better just to get the xiaomi 13.5? I’m digging that high-res screen!

        • Profile photo of Chris G

          Go for this, Core M3 is a step up and the 3000 x 2000 screen is very nice (Seen it in the Surface book) I just hope it will be released soon.

  2. Profile photo of mrobi

    Passive cooling = its running burning hot like the tablets? CPU & GPU feels bit underspec for such resolution and wonder if ram and ssd are changeable components…

    • Profile photo of Sam Parr

      If we was in 2014 yes, however, we are in 2017 with 14nm chips with 4.5W TDP’s.

  3. Profile photo of Benzal

    Contacted the manufacturer regarding the front camera resolution… Final specs for this device will only be confirmed by the middle of March !!!

  4. Profile photo of Smuger


    • Profile photo of Chris G

      $850?? No way more like $550 to $600 if it is $850 it wouldn’t sell well.

  5. Profile photo of scotty1968

    Any guess at the cost of this laptop

  6. Profile photo of Rino Adi Pratama

    Chris, which one will you choose from these, Celeron N3150 or Celeron N3350?

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      N3350, but if possible I would prefer the N3450 at least as it’s quad-core. The others are fine as dual cores, but you do notice they are a little slower at applications like Photoshop that can use the extra two cores.

      • Profile photo of Rino Adi Pratama

        If a brand officially sold it here (Indonesia) i’d prefer it. but since there’s still no oem sell it here, i’ll choose N3350 since i need my tablet replacement asap

  7. Profile photo of zarg

    Specs look good.

    If the screen is matte, it could be a win over the Xiaomis, if the screen is glossy but touch-capable, it would be a win as well.

    • Profile photo of George

      My thoughts exactly…a matte screen would upgrade the value and use of the device in an instant. No need to match the “big players” in every bit of spec, they just need to make the right choices.
      …which for some reason are very-very obvious to the users, and they don’t cost much, but manufacturers are doing their best to mess it up for us, most of the time.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      It’s a glossy touch screen so at least a step up over the Xiaomi’s Mi Notebooks which are glossy but non-touch.

      • Profile photo of ice

        the bigger step up is the aspect ratio

        • Profile photo of Chris G

          True, I do prefer the 3:2 ratio and will have this i35 and Chuwi’s Hi13 when released.

  8. Profile photo of alevan

    Wow. It looks great.

    But the screen opens just 180 degrees? So no Yoga feature?

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Looks like it goes back about 170 degrees only, not a Yoga style which is a shame.

  9. Profile photo of Alex

    Chris, It would be cool if you could test Linux on any of these Core M 7th gen devices. (Do it with 17.04 daily, if possible, as with Apollo Lake, you may need a recent kernel)

    Thanks to cnxsoftware we now know that Apollo Lake is linux friendly. I am willing to know about Core M too, mainly for the 8GB RAM too.

    • Profile photo of alevan

      I should work fine with modern distros using modern kernels (so no Linux Mint, which is always based on the last Ubuntu LTS kernel).

      • Profile photo of Paul M

        Having wasted money on a Baytrail device, I’m holding off on Apollo Lake until there’s lots of evidence that Linux runs perfectly, not just appears to run ok.

  10. Profile photo of BoORD_L

    simply wow

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