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Chuwi CoreBook – Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

Chuwi CoreBook – Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

The name says it all, CoreBook. Yes finally, Chuwi will be releasing a Core M3 tablet. It’s a fully laminated 13.3″ tablet, so a large one at that. The screen resolution is  1920 x 1080 and it has 2.5D glass. It runs Windows 10 Home, has 6GB of RAM and a 128GB eMMC 5.1 drive (8GB and 128GB SSD would have been better) I can see from the images of the tablet it has two top firing speakers, type-c port, and MicroSD slot. It will support a stylus with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

There is a fingerprint scanner on the front and the tablet support a type-cover style keyboard. Its kickstand can recline all the way back to 165 degrees. Like the Surbook the CoreBook will launch via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campain.

So excited? I think it looks okay, the 2.5D glass and the thin build. But 6GB of RAM and an eMMC for storage is disappointing. It should have 8GB and at least an SSD. And then the battery, 37Wh. I’m not sure that’s going to be enough for a full day use?

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  1. Two videos of the Corebook mentioned here:

    The first one is in Italian and the next in the U tube list is in English.

  2. Hey Chris, what about the Surbook mini. I don’t see a post on it. You going to review it?

  3. I’m quite interested in this device. It all comes down to price. What preorder price point would be worth it, assuming that it won’t show up on our doorsteps for six months?

    Do we look at the Xiaomi laptops? Or the US$339/AU$454 Onda Obook 11 Pro, which seems to be somewhat similar. It has the same M3-7Y30 CPU with a smaller 11.6 inch screen, smaller 64 GB eMMC, only 4 GB RAM.

    • Realistically, considering the Indiegogo Surbook campaign, Chuwi will keep the pre-orders going until January.

      They are still busy getting Surbooks to the re-sellers as well as making their other lap-books & tablets.
      The Corebook is a great looking machine, although it does need an SSD slot on the back, & it won’t see an independent review until February, IMHO.

      I did read somewhere that manufacturers release tech without certain hardware on purpose to make people wait for the next great device. Looks like an obvious explanation for the missing components & features on many phones & portable computers.

  4. They took the powerfull low power Intel processor just to pair it with a low resolution display:
    I really don’t get the way marketing & engineers deal to each others in chinese firms
    but I guess it was something like:
    the Core cpu pushed the price too high….we have to cut something…Ok let’s cut the display and the battery

    • Looks like it, a lot of compromises I would say due to the cost of the 7Y30. The build looks good however from the images. I’ll see if I can get one and review it out of interest. I do like the fact it’s a full laminated display at least.

      • it’s like they’re trying to mix the components just looking to a target price
        Without realising they are wasting time and money on garbage

    • Hmmm… Just got a Surbook today and I don’t know how to feel about this new tablet. Yeah, sure, it will definitely take at least half a year to be delivered (seeing how slowly it went for the surbook) and it will most likely be far more expensive seeing the specs but still.
      Regarding the tablet itself, I think the specs moving up to Core M series is a step forward for Chuwi. I also believe the reason for lower resolution than the usual retina displays is for two main reasons (other than price): 1) battery life. 2) better stylus responsiveness.
      The surbook fails to deliver proper stylus response. It’s not terribly awful but it’s got enough lag to make it annoying the least. The Core M procesor should be more than able to deal with that at 1080p resolution.

      • Did you update the touch drivers on your Surbook? THat seems to improve the stylus. But you can only expect so much from the N3450. 1080p screen on the Core Book will help make the device faster too.

      • the stylus is responsive on the MS Surface featuring a retina disaply 3:2 + coreM cpu
        So I really doubt this to be the reason

  5. AMD have just released a line of notebook chips, wonder if they’ll find their way into the cheaper china brand ultrabook style laptops? Could give intel some decent competition and bring down prices hopefully…

    • I hope it really does compete well with Intel’s offering, but we have yet to see the Core M3 Kaby Lake R’s or i5’s. I really hope there is a 4 core Core M3 8Yxx version like the new Kaby Lake R notebook i5/i7 line up.

  6. Back when Chuwi first announced Surbook, they also showed a Surbook Mini, 2560 x 1600 10.5″, same hardware as Surbook. I would’ve leapt at it. There’s probably more margin in larger screens, but I did spring for a Galaxy book 10.6, which came in at a similar price to Surbook. Smaller battery (Samsung/Qualcomm QC, though), less RAM, non-IPS nor AMOLED, but portable and Wacom passive EMR stylus.

    • The Surbook mini is coming next month, fully laminated Surface 3 screen, but 4GB of RAM, not 6GB like the Surbook.

      • The 450cd brightness bonded screen sounds great, but that H2 stylus is rubbish. “Sad!” as Trump concludes about all sorts of things.

  7. According to previous Chuwi croudfunding campaign, people will receive their devices closer to summer 2018. DDR3 and slow emmc memory but with whopping resolution screen – looks like disharmonic device. Hope I’am wrong.

  8. This is terrible, 6GB of RAM and eMMC! What the hell Chuwi. And the Kaby Lake R Core M3 8Y30 will be out soon, so this chip is almost outdated.

    • Yeah it’s odd they went 6GB and eMMC 5.1 Cost cutting measure hopefully, it means it will be a cheaper Core M3 tablet.

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