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Caution: Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Downgraded. No More M.2 Slot?

Caution: Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Downgraded. No More M.2 Slot?

Thanks to Spemerchina for pointing this one out and the others that PM’ed me. It would seem the Lapbook 14.1 I reviewed from Chuwi has had a revision, not a minor one but a new PCB design and there are some positives like a new heatsink made from copper. The only one was only tin and not so effective requiring my copper heatsink mod. But the battery size seems a little smaller and changing to the touchpad. Also, the keyboard quality seems to have dropped.

But the biggest issues is the M.2 slot has all but disappeared on the latest revision. That great AUO anti-glare screen is still there which is good. But sad to see they have done this. All the more reason to go for something like the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4, check out my hands-on with that one here.

Further reading over at CNX software.

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  1. Good point to mention cause that is a really game changer replacing parts or even worser removing functions like that.
    I hate it cause it would be easy for chuwi to give that product a new name by adding at least a Version Number or Letters like here a “n” for “no M.2 slot”.
    But then they have to explain all differences to the previous modell cause in this case there seem to be many downsides, far too many.
    Happy to read about these “progress” (negative one) to always stay alerted if changes appear.
    The Jumper way had been a 2 step forward and 1 step back from V3 to V4 – far better to calculate (regarding the slower emmc).

    • Yes not good, you’re right they could have called it the Lapbook 14.1 C or V3 something so we know. The slow eMMC on the Jumper EZbook V4 depends as some users have eMMC 5.1 Samsung drivers. I wasn’t so lucky with mine as I have a FORSEE one.

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