Teclast X3 Plus

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Teclast X3 Plus Unboxing & Preview

Teclast X3 Plus Unboxing & Preview

Hands-on with the first Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 with 6GB of RAM. This is also Teclast’s first Apollo Lake tablet, it’s build and design is very similar to the X5 Pro I reviewed. It’s got an 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS screen, full sized USB 3.0 port and D/C for charging. There’s an optional keyboard dock and “dumb” active stylus without any pressure sensitive levels both are featured in the unboxing video below:

Teclast X3 Plus first impressions:

  • Solid build quality, metal housing. Well put together.
  • Quality type cover, good to type on but the touchpad is very short.
  • 2 position kickstand made out of metal.
  • USB port power external hard drives.
  • The screen seems bright enough indoors. It’s not fully laminated.
  • Sandisk eMMC
  • Wireless N, sadly it’s not wireless AC.
  • Speakers sound loud enough but lacking quality
  • The stylus is only one set level, no pressure levels. Palm rejection only when it touches the screen.

So the build quality is good, 6GB is great to instead of the standard 4GB. But the larger bezels are looking a dated and the stylus is very basic, no good for any serious work with it other than a more precise pointer. I’ll have more this one in the review. It’s currently selling at BangGood for $310.

Teclast X3 Plus images:

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  1. Profile photo of Ivan

    I’m kinda wondering whats the point of these cheap chinese tablets that are still over $300. For $500 you can get a refurbished Acer switch alpha 12, thats i5 8gig laminated screen and actual support. $600 will get you a samsung tab s pro core M 8gig, with the best display of any tablet/laptop out there.

  2. Profile photo of Blackburn

    Can you tell us is it faster than the 4GB models? Such a shame no wifi AC, that’s the only real issue with it.

  3. Profile photo of Tony

    Great preview. Thanks. I look forward to all the details.
    I guess it has the same screen as the TBook 16 Power?

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Yes looks like the same screen, at least they have increased the brightness of it.

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