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Teclast X3 Plus Video Review Online

Teclast X3 Plus Video Review Online

In case you missed it the Teclast X3 Plus review is online. The first 6GB RAM Apollo Lake Celeron N3450. The tablet’s performance is aided by this extra RAM. While, it’s a decent tablet it’s far from perfect as I discovered. One key feature the stylus isn’t great at all as it has no pressure levels and then the wireless is only wireless N. It should have been Wireless AC really like the competition.

Besides this the build quality it solid, well put together, thermals are great some of the best ever seen which shows that Teclast must have used some copper in there and thermal pads to dissipate heat.

And just when I thought it didn’t have an M.2 SSD Sata slot like the others it does! You have to use an M.2 SATA3 2242 spec, only the small one will fit. 128GB to 512GB.

The rating and pros, cons will be posted soon.

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  1. Chris I am a field engineer & I cannot decide between Teclast X3 Plus & Teclast Tbook 16 Power (both are within my budget of ~400 USD). This post has literally changed my mind in favour of X3 Plus because of the availability to upgrade storage in future. Is this HIDDEN M.2 SATA3 2242 spec port also available in Teclast Tbook 16 Power. Also if you are to use modest AutoCAD related stuff isn’t Intel Apollo HD 9 graphics better perform relative to Z8750 (even if this one has more cores)?

  2. Does it have a working sim card slot?

  3. Chris,
    I am quite interested in this x3 plus, i am using for work and no gaming . Interested because ssd slot available as you have discovered. Can you show any link or you tube of transferring windows OS from emmc to ssd. more bothered the emmc storage size and ram available.
    However, i am still open to chuwi or cube more or less the same price as X3 Plus, i can stretch , though, as these 3 brands have been heavily featured in techtablets. I have read all, but these tablets clouded my mind on what to choose, perhaps you could possibly give some advice.
    Will it be significant in terms of performance between core M3 and Celeron N3450, some graphical work involve but not heavy, can photoshop be use on a N3450.

    My initial requirements
    1. ssd preferred but good emmc with 128G ( if any) acceptable
    2. Ram – min 6GB

  4. Thanks, Chris.

    What’s the diagonal size of the actual screen? I can’t believe it’s 11.6″..


  5. You have to use an M.2 SATA3 2242 spec, only the small one will fit. 128GB to 5125GB.

    there’s a 5TB m.2 drive?

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