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Xiaomi Mi 6 Giveaway, Last Call!

Xiaomi Mi 6 Giveaway, Last Call!

There are just 85 minutes left to enter in the draw to win a new black 64GB Xiaomi Mi 6. So make sure you get in before it’s too late! The winner will be picked tomorrow live on the TechTablets YouTube channel and also results posted here on the site and on Twitter.

I can’t give an exact time when the live draw will be, but between 2PM and 5PM GMT+1 whenever I get into the studio after work. Best of luck!

Xiaomi Mi 6 Giveaway (International)


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  1. Not trying to be nosey Chris but I am interested what work you do. Especially as you are a kiwi living in Spain.

  2. How exciting! Honestly I can’t stop staring because it’s such a pretty phone! Best of luck to all those entering!!
    Thanks for the give away Chris! ?

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