Jumper EZPad 6S


Jumper EZPad 6S – Apollo Lake 11.6″ Windows 10 Tablet With Type-C

Jumper EZPad 6S – Apollo Lake 11.6″ Windows 10 Tablet With Type-C

Jumper’s EZPad 6 is a model that came out around March this year, but with the older Atom Z8350. By that point, I had given up on reviewing any more Atom’s and quick frankly I was sick of them. Now it has been updated to the new Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake (not sick of them yet!).  Other than that it’s more or less the same tablet, but with a type-c port. While it has D/C charging, I think that type-c port is also for data and charging. It’s got a non-laminated screen, 1080p IPS. And of course, it’s not fully laminated, sadly not at its aprox $250 price.

Wireless N is a bit of a disappoint and it might also have an M.2 SSD slot inside but I can’t confirm this until lI open it up. Storage is an eMMC, 64GB I hope it’s at least eMMC 5 spec. And like the EZpad 6, it has an optional keyboard dock. I’ve had a few requests to review it as it’s only the 3rd Apollo Lake laptop currently out.  First, we got the Chuwi Hi13, second the Teclast X3 Plus and now this one. The fourth will be the Chuwi Surbook. The Chinese brands seem to be pushing the Apollo Lake laptops more. from what I can tell, the build of the EZPad 6S is plastic, made to look like it’s metal. I hope I’m wrong and it’s a silver alloy. Other specs include MicroHDMI out, MicroSD slot, full sized USB 3.0 port, MicroUSB 2.0 and from 2MP webcam. The battery is 9000mAh which should be good for 7 hours.

I’ve just ordered one from Aliexpress with the keyboard so I hope it’s decent. Should be here in a week or two for review.

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  1. Profile photo of GreenEggsAndHan

    There’s also another Apollo lake notebook 2 in 1.. It’s called the ONDA Xiaoma 11. Yes.. by Onda.

    Available on ALiexpress too , it advertises an available slot for SSD installation.


    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Ah okay, well it’s Onda so I overlooked it! (Do you blame me) I won’t be reviewing that one. Their tablets aren’t exactly the best ones. At least the Xiaoma branded laptops are much better.

      • Profile photo of GreenEggsAndHan

        hahaha , that’s good too. Yes.. Onda tablets were questionable at best.

        The Ezpad sounds more tempting than the Onda tablet as it has USB C. Hopefully, it can be charged by usb C too..

  2. Profile photo of GreenEggsAndHan

    The Ezpad 6s pro seems to have an SSD slot as mentioned in the chinese website

    A screenshot of it is uploaded to here.

    It says 64GB emmc + 64 gb SSD

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      So it might have it, but this one is missing the SSD, hopefully, just that and the slot is still there.

  3. Profile photo of jfgdsa

    hello Chris
    this tablet was released about a month ago.
    ezpad 6 pro and ezpad 6s pro(from tao2korea, Different countries will have different names)

    The difference between the two models is SSD 64gb include(ezpad 6s pro is included but not ezpad 6 pro)
    and other points are same.

    one more i say, type-c port works bad.
    without external power, type-c port works as usb 3.0 otg but still works usb 2.0
    and i didn’t check usb-pd working, please checking this function
    thank you for reading

    • Profile photo of jfgdsa

      type-c port works as usb 3.0 -> type-c port doesn’t work as usb 3.0

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      I’ll check it when I get my hands on it. I hope it works for charging the tablet. If it runs at only USB 2.0 speeds that’s kinda of useless then.

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