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Chuwi Surbook Review Online

Chuwi Surbook Review Online

Good thing I took my time with this review, as the first batch (my unit) shipped with a bad touchscreen driver. This resulted in an insensitive touch panel where not every touch input would register. Lucky for my review the updated driver was released by Chuwi and this solved the issue. Making the tablet very usable as a result and not frustrating like before.  Below is my video review of the Surbook. It’s overall a great tablet, perhaps the best cheaper Surface Pro alternative out there. Stylus input isn’t bad at all, it performs well in my testing. The performance of the N3450 is decent and it games better than most before even trying the TDP power limit tweak. In fact, I didn’t use it at all.

There are really only minor complaints, no SSD slot. If this had a M.2 SSD hatch on the rear that would have been great. The USB 3.1 type-c port is a little hard to plug in my hubs too and the worst of them is the touchpad. It’s not a precision one and I found it at times to be either too sensitive or not enough and the gestures are so annoying. It’s usable at best, but I prefer to plug in a mouse. The Surface Pro screen it sports is the main drawcard here, a great display one of the best you’ll find in the tech I normally review. Only beaten by the Cube Thinker i35 with its fully laminated Surface Book screen with Gorilla NB Glass & N-Trig stylus support. The exact same panel as the Mircosoft Surface Book including the digitizer and glass.


My Surbook rating will be on the site soon.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hi there.
    I’m relatively happy with my Surbook. Nonetheless the trackpad is really a pain. Over-sensitive or lack of sensitiveness at all.
    I try everything to enhance the touchpad but it still pretty worthless; from synapstics or ELAN drivers, nothing worked. It is a crappy microsoft HID-Compliant driver dated from 2006 that I just can’t update. Bottom line, it was supposed to be my outdoor book, but now is just a brick on the desk that I rarely use due to it’s un-usable touchpad. Carrying a mouse is not an option, so I wonder if someone here have this issue and if there is any workaround, perhaps with a 3rd party software that can put the touchpad functionable.

  2. Hi Chris, just gotten my surbook. Is there any initial tweaks that I should do at first start of the laptop? How do I know if mine has pre installed the touch screen fix or should I just Install that nonetheless? Additionally can you list down what other shortcut keys besides the one for backlit keyboard and disabling the TouchPad?

    Also I’m struggling to find a glass screen protector for the surbook, would you know if the ones for surface pro 4 would work with this tablet as both are listed as 12.3 inch.


  3. I see they are bringing out a surbook mini

  4. Hi,
    Hesitating between the Chuwi Surbook and the Cube Mix Plus. Looks like the mix plus has a much faster CPU. What’s your opinion ? (using it for work : power user in excel. Normal office stuff for the rest + occasional movies watching and light gaming)

    PS : great website, keep up the good work

  5. Hi Chris!
    Please tell me:
    The cover is reversible?

  6. I was the authorisied CHUWI resseler. I want to warn all the people interested in buying product of that company.
    The broken rate is very high. It is almost 20%. So if you think about buying it – count the risk. The worse thing is they run very ugly policy. They are aware of their mistakeS but they do all not to take responibility for it. I WARN YOU! DO NOT BUY CHUWI. Read carefully other customers opinions!

    • Michel, this post doesn’t really say much other than you don’t like Chuwi. Honestly, there are many people who report a very positive experience with Chuwi. Could you be more specific and explain exactly what happened that caused you to be so anit-Chuwi. As a consumer, I usually dismiss comments which warn me not to buy something since I feel capable of looking at all the reviews and evaluating a product on my own. I hope your realize that sometimes we have bad experiences but that experience might be the exception rather than the rule. If you still want to make your case, please give us a lot more detail. I especially want to know where you got that figure for a 20% defective rate.

      • @Kamon, I don’t know how more detailed I can explain it to you. As I wrote – I was authorisied seller of CHUWI. Here you can see my data which is still on their domain:
        If you do not belive it – please write an email on addres which is given in the section called “kontakt”.
        How can I count about 20%? It is very easy. I know the quantity I sell and the quantity I receive back from my customers. And this rate is about 20% bricked tablets. A few of them I could repair by my service. But most of them was bricked and impossible to repair. Everything was well untill CHUWI was keeping conditions of warranty. But from month to month it was worse and worse. That’s why I had to quit.
        You say that there are many happy customers? Ofcourse! it is logical. If they sell 100 devices – then you will find 80 happy customers. But try to be one of that 20 who wasn’t so lucky. Try to follow their forum and check the opinions of customers who wants to get their devices to be repaired. CHUWI policy is injust for such customers.
        You will do what you want. But I just warn!

        • Thank you for more detail. I will follow up with the links you provided.

    • I don’t disagree that there may be trouble with Chuwi. But laptops have a very high failure rate. Laptops from every major manufacturer have a 15—25% failure rate within three years.

      Furthermore netbooks have higher rates of failure.

      If the basis for not buying a Chuei product is a 20% failure rate, we should not buy any laptop whatsoever.

  7. I was interested in the Surbook until I read all comments at the Indiegogo page. Seems to be a lot of issues, some users talks about battery issues. Its a shame, the Hi13 feels to heavy and bulky and the Surbook really looks like a better choice. When the issues have been sorted out maybe I will order one. Went for a Jumper EZbook3 Pro in the meantime.

  8. Since the keyboard is lacking keys for volume control, here is a Link for creating a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10. It won’t work unless you assign a combination of keys not already being used. On my current computer, I am using (CTRL Shift + =).

    Also, can anyone provide a link to USB-C adapter which has been confirmed to simultaneously allow USB-C charging, HDMI out to a monitor, and USB-3 on the Surbook?

    • A suggestion is the Microsoft Display Dock HD- 500.
      Does it all, very compact and nowadays can be purchased for a nice price new (from € 58 on in The Netherlands) and quite often available 2nd hand.

      • Thanks, looks like that will work, but a little pricey for me. I might be forced in that direction, but would welcome a choice under $30, if it exists.

    • I forgot to explain for those that mighty miss this: this solution brings up a slider to adjust volume; you can use the arrow keys to do this so your hands don’t leave the keyboard.

  9. I can’t understand why Chinese manufacturers keep putting out devices with obvious faults like this (the touch issue). Surely they’d gain more long term customers if they waited to fix the issues before shipping their products?

    Snacks of a desperation for cash

    • It seems we are the beta testers at times, this happens so often with Xiaomi mobiles, they rush it out and then later release the fixes.

  10. Hi Chris, which should be the best tablet to buy under $250?

    • Well depends on what you need? Android, Windows 10 or both? The Mix Plus is one of the best still for performance and stylus support. But it’s around $280. Then the Hi13, but it is heavy and big, perhaps too big.

  11. Hi Chris, my unit is still quite laggy after update the touch screen driver.
    Battery, Battery is not really satisfying and is worse than the battery life of Hi13, i can only use for 4 hours

    • Are you using the tempered glass protector or just the plastic one? My screen is good now I have yet to use the plastic screen protector, touch is pretty much perfect now but before it was very frustrating to use. I couldn’t use the on-screen keyboard without having to redo half of what I wrote. Yes, the battery life isn’t great and the touchpad I find very fiddly and annoying as hell than other times its fine or at least behaves. How’s your touchpad?

      • the battery life is even worse than Hi13 with big screen and higher resolution, it’s confusing.
        touchpad is annoying, wrong gestures all the time.. and one can not disable the touch pad..

        • FN + Space disables it. Someone found it after my review was posted. But it’s annoying it’s not marked on the keyboard that and the backlight on key FN + Del.

    • 4 hours only? I wonder if that’s because of the higher-TDP Celeron chip or the screen. My Teclast X98 Plus is getting a bit long in the tooth but the only thing that keeps me from ditching it is the long 9-10 hour battery life. It also charges off a powerbank so I can go for days without mains power. I wonder if there’s a big jump in performance between the Cherry Trail Atoms and the new Celerons.

      • worse than Hi13 with the same chip, but bigger screen and higher resolution

  12. Hi Chris! Been waiting for this review eagerly! Looks like the tablet for me, especially now that touch accuracy has been improved.

    Is there any chance you can test the photoshop performance? In the preview videos I could find, there was significant lag, but only on PS.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be buying through your links mate.

    • Photoshop I just installed, it’s somewhat laggy on battery, plugged in it’s better and with the TDP tweak. But still, once you add more layers and moving them, for example, a large image it lags. Really Core M3 or Core i5 is best for PS. The Apollo Lake is only good for minor edits with a lot of patience.

      • Chris you’re a legend.

        Small edits is all I had in mind for this, a bit of shadow here and there, for showing to clients out of the office.

        As soon as it’s time to buy, I’ll go through one of your links.


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