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Hands-On With The EZBook 3 Pro V4 – The Best Just Got Better

Hands-On With The EZBook 3 Pro V4 – The Best Just Got Better

Finally my EZBook 3 Pro arrived, it took 3 weeks to arrive due to some hold up with customs in the UK. So this new revision brings a change in the bios unlocking the power limits. So no need to apply the TDP mod on this one to improve performance. The touchpad is much, much better. It’s now a precision touchpad, so much more accurate and usable. I don’t have to resort to using a mouse with this one.

The EZBook 3 Pro V4 now also has an easy access SSD slot, just two screws to install an SSD. No more removing the whole backplate.

And there is now a hatch for the SSD on the bottom, making it much faster and easier to install a SATA3 2242 SSD. With these changes and the fact I’ve reviewed over 7 Apollo Lake laptops, it’s safe to say that this one is the best in terms of value for money, power, build, battery life and touchpad.

Note that it’s on with that limited price again for $219 with coupon BOOKPRO, but according to the listing on Gearbest it will not ship out until the 23rd of October. So a bit of a wait. Mine took 3 weeks to arrive from China with the EU free shipping. But it was stuck with DPD UK for a week or more in England which is why it took so long for me to check this one out.

There is one con with the new version. My eMMC drive is listed as a NCard in the device manager. So it’s a Forsee or BWIN slower spec 4.51 drive and not eMMC 5 like the one in my V1 & V3 EZBook 3 Pro. The eMMC’s are a lottery as some users on comments of this video and the EZBook 3 Pro forum reported they got Samsung eMMC’s which will work with the HS400 bios setting. And are overall much faster. So it’s down to the batch Jumper use at the time sadly. For me it’s not a big issue, I’m now running of my SSD and I use the 64GB eMMC as a storage drive.

Where to buy: Gearbest $219 with coupon BOOKPRO

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I just bought the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro (unsure what version I had now). When I slotted SSD M.2 Transcend as per your sharing video, it didn’t show up in Disk Management. When I went to BIOS screen, I can’t see any “Advanced” and “Chipset”. I am just a regular user and don’t need to overclock this laptop. What can I do to solve my newly slotted SSD? Desperately looking forward a simple solution.

    • Some of the newer models don’t like some SSD’s it seems if possible try to format it first, so it’s not showing in the bios? If it’s in the bios you should be okay once you partition and format it.

  2. Hello Chris, I have the dual wifi version (V3). I think i fried something trying to use a replacement charger as i forgot the original one at home. Now no charge light, no power even with original charger. Do you know if there is any kind of fuse that can be replaced on the power jack? or for this type of motherboard, are these symptoms = death?

    Trying to avoid shipping to GB for service time/cost and cannot remove personal data from emmc.


  3. Hi All, Just to add a bit information about the Mei Meng Meng service running on the computer, this is some form of support application which grabs essential information from your computer (MAC, CPU Serial, Product ID, Motherboard ID).

    I’ve seen other information in the (reversed) source which indicates that it also grass your internal and external IP, and also attempts to connect to at least three different whois IP reversal type addresses (in China) – My machine was sandboxed so I didn’t capture the traffic.

    The application is invoked by pressing CTRL, ALT and Q together. The output is displayed on your screen as a QR code containing the above information.

    I contacted GearBest about this and got a stock response asking for more information, this to me sounds like they know nothing about it?!?

    Personally, I’m going to remove the app, there is a client/server version on my machine which suggests data transfer to, or from my computer elsewhere…

    • Could you please explain step by step how to search and remove that mei meng meng stuffs. I read from the forum but I have no clue how to remove. My Ezbook is 3 pro, V4. I don’t know where the program hides. Thanks in advance.

  4. the previous incarnations of this laptop have battery 9600mah.now the new one has 4800mah.why has no one mentioned this??my phone is 4100mah.how can a laptop run for many hours on this capacity.

    • okay thankyou for clearing this up on youtube comments.

    • This is because using mAh is a bad way to measure battery capacity. mAh is the *charge* stored in the battery, and tells you nothing about the energy capacity because you need to know the average battery voltage too.

      The correct unit would be mWh or Wh, a unit of energy. This is independent of voltage and charge.

      So a 1000mAh battery at 3.3V is 3300mWh, as is a 500mAh battery at 6.6V. Same energy, different voltage and charge.

      And, a 1000mAh battery at 3.3V is 3300mWh, and a 1000mAh battery at 12V is 12,000mWh.

      • Thanks Paul for that info. I don’t sell them to readers as I had two bad experiences with that. People demanding support, “how do I do this”. Later returns and overall wasting hours of my time because they expect a $200 tablet or laptop to perform like an $800 one or they couldn’t set up their software etc! So no more. People were just taking advantage of the situation for their own gain too. Stupidly low offers on basically new tech only used a week. Now I collect everything 😛

        • I totally understand this. As an IT engineer my relatives always used to ask me advice for new tech. That I didn’t mind so much but after they bought the item they also considered me as their tech support. It’s also why I stopped doing this.

          • I heard someone try this strategy.. after you fix their PC, you send them an invoice quoting the full commercial rate for the work.
            And at the bottom, you add “100% discount for family member”.

            The idea being to educate them about how much your time is potentially worth 😉

            • That’s not a bad idea! You’re right that relatives/friends don’t always understand how much our time is woth.

    • Really? I have one on order and don’t want a battery <5000mAh!!!

  5. $209.99 at Gearbest, use code EZBDUK.

    • Nice price. I tried to order one. Not working for Spain. Seems to be UK only. Thanks anyway, maybe UK readers can use it.

      • Lol, don’t have enough N3450 laptops yet Chris?!

        • Nope 😉 Haha. Well, I also resell some tech I can get cheaper you see to help fund new stuff to review.

          • Why don’t you offer them for sale here on the auctions to your loyal readers?

  6. Hi Chris, what is the maximum capacity of SSD could install in Jumper 3 Pro V4???

    • He said in a video 512GB is the max they make of the 22mm x 42mm. But if can install a 2280 with a few mods and that is 2TB

  7. Windows installation on SSD upgrade mess-up. EZbook 3 pro v4.
    Friends, I need help. Problem of installation- windows image on new SSD. Here is what I messed up.
    1. I installed 256 GB, Kingspec. Show up, done.
    2. I Create a recovery image of windows on external hard drive.
    3. I install windows 10 on a USB. It boots. OK. Without any second thought, I create 2 partitions on new SSD. I installed windows 10 on one partition by booting windows 10 from USB.
    4. Now I have 2 windows OS. Original windows on original drive, 2nd on new SSD.
    Here my problem starts.
    1.I stick USB and external hard drive that sits recovery image to my ezbook.
    2. Boots from USB. OK
    3. Just before installation button of windows from USB, I click repairing on the lower corner. It takes me to troubleshoot. Click image recovery to install.
    ** I don’t know how I can choose my new SSD to restore the already created recovery image. [ help needs here……….]
    I click restore, but it just replaces the original windows 10 that sits on original drive. Nothing change in the SSD windows 10. Unable to install recovery image, I deleted and formatted the 2nd windows on my new SSD.
    ** After delete 2nd windows OS, my computer doesn’t boot normally. Error. After pressing many keys, bios -windows comes back. It happens every boot up. Unable to bear, I reinstalled the 2nd windows on new SSD.
    Now, boot is OK, just choose either one of the windows.
    But, how can I install the image on the new SSD? ( I just follow Christ’s steps [Thanks for the lead] but got stuck halfway). Please explain me step by step, with graphic if possible. Thanks.

  8. Did yours ship already? It’s beginning to take a lot of time… In the q&a the seller just said it might just be available November 10. If true that’s crazy….

    • Still waiting for mine to ship as well, from Gearbest. They may be cheap, but they’re not fast!

      • Well, it makes sense that the dispatch time is pushed back one day every day. If you order the item today, it would make “sense” to have to wait until Nov-14 for them to ship it.

        But if that implies that our order will also be shipped on nov 14, that’s a bit crazy. I’m starting to lose patience lol I bought mine October the 9th

    • Could someone who got his shipped recently comment on when they put the order. That way at least we have some estimation of how long it will take.

      • Yes, please! that would be great!

        • Ordered 9th of October, have been in conversation with Gearbest Reps on many fronts, they have told me that 300 units will be in stock on the 13th of November with a further 900 two weeks later, then again these same reps have told me “it will ship next week” a few times… Have also been told that for some unknown reason some orders placed on November 1st have been shipped before older orders. Not happy with Gearbest at the moment.

          • I ended up canceling my order on gearbest when I found the same laptop for sell on ebay. The ebay seller confirmed me it was the version 4 and he already shipped it. I was tired to wait for that GearBest non-sense.

  9. I ordered mine 16 days ago from Gearbest and it’s still not shipped 🙁 The estimated date for stock just gets pushed back one day every day. I know Gearbest are known for having unreliable stock levels/estimated shipping dates, but it’s still annoying. They won’t respond to my Facebook messages either.

  10. I think the deal with coupon code BOOKPRO has expired. Hope to get it again for 219USD, not 239USD

    • Seems so, they only release limited amounts with the specials, normally like 50 or 100 units so you got to be quick. If I find a new one i’ll post it.

  11. I buyer commented on Gearbest saying that there are m2 problems with this version. Is it true? Any feedback guys?

    • On the V3 and first model, my Sandisk X110 doesn’t work. But I think it’s the drive. My Transcend 256GB works fine and MX300 275GB 2280.

  12. Gearbest are showing that it will ship between the 4-8 November if anyone wants one, stil $219.99 with code bookpro. Hopefully it should be the best version, good touchpad, samsung eMMC and hatch for the M.2 SSD.

    • They should definitely all be the V4 model by now, the eMMC brand is down to luck. Not sure what is going on with that shipping date. Maybe Jumper just can’t keep up with the demand?

  13. The EZB3P I ordered finally arrived yesterday, and I’m very pleased with the build quality. Theres’s a fair bit of light bleed when the brightness is up, but the quality of the display is good, the keyboard has a good feel, and the touchpad is good.

    This one came with the Intel 3165ac wifi, and a Samsung eMMC, and I was able to crank the speed up to HS400. It feels quite responsive. This is for a teenager, so although I was prepared to buy an SSD, I’m not sure this is needed now.

    I shrank WIndows down by 16GB and installed Linuxium’s Ubuntu 17.10beta with cinnamon desktop; I couldn’t get a regular Ubuntu 17.10 desktop ISO to boot, got the blank screen + blinking cursor problem because Grub doesn’t work.

    I’m missing page/up-page-down logos on keys, does anyone know how to enable them or set up a keyboard mapping in WIndows and Linux? thanks!

  14. TF card
    For expansion of storage, Is there different size of TF card like
    -standard size, mini or micro? It is smaller than SD card slot on my other computer.

  15. I can’t decide between this one and the Xiaomi Air 12.5. Is the better CPU of the Xiaomi really worth twice as much? Especially with only 4 GB vs 6 GB of RAM in the Jumper?
    I want to use it mostly for browsing, Youtube and Twitch.

    • Only if you need that power. If it’s only for light use then the N3450 will be fine. if you need more power disable the power limit which will boost things a little.

  16. I have a v1 and will prob give it to my daughter for school (only issue I have with it is it sometimes flashes a line at the bottom of the browser window, weird).
    Im now stuck on which one to replace it with, the v4 is a great price but now Gearbest have the Chuwi Lapbook Air for $336.66 on flash sale, looks pretty good. Extra 2 gb ram, 14.1 inch fully laminated FHD IPS, an extra 64gb emmc and sd expansion, and wifi ac, pretty tempting for an extra $117. What do you think?

  17. Chris – you said you used an ssd so no need to worry about mei mei meng (or whatever it was). Did you do a fresh Windows 10 install? If so, did you need to extract the license key first, or did it just register as activated upon install?
    Also, did you do a driver dump? Or do all the standard windows drivers work on fresh install?


  18. I recently got this machine and I’m very impressed. For me it has 2 problems: 1. The panel is misaligned so I got a black bar running at the botom. 2. The charger cable is way to short so I had too buy another one.

    I’m very pleased with the touchpad, it’s the best windows laptop touchpad I have ever used and I have used alot from Lenovo, Dell, HP and so forth!

    • That black bar at the bottom of about 1 to 1.5mm is normal on these, and at the top there should be no bar at all. And the sides left and right should have a little bit of a border. Do you have a link to the replacement charger? I’m using a power extension cable so I can get the cable to reach with the stock charger. And my other dc 3mm charger doesn’t give me much more in terms of length, it’s also not working at times so need a new one.

      Agreed with the touchpad, very good now for a $219 laptop, overall it’s the best you’ll find now for the price. Which is why it’s now ranked as my best budget laptop reviewed. The Cube iwork 5X came so close, but some battery issues and it’s price meant it could touch the EZBook 3 Pro.

      • Yeah, “Normal”. Its not a major issue, just a little it annoying that’s all. 😉 I managed to get one quite cheap, but the dc tip didn’t fit so I bought a replacement at my local hardware store. You could probably get away with buying something intended for the asus ee books. This is the one I got, about 10 euros: https://www.alina.se/Produkt.aspx?site=prask&T2=PNA0360101
        Can’t seem to find it anywhere else though, I think it’s an discontinued product.

  19. I have EZbook 3 PRO V1 so it doesn´t have M.2 slot and touchpad isn´t that great… But, it does have a fast Toshiba EMMC, display has no clouding and overall it´s great piece of machinery. I did thermal pad -mod so heat goes to the bottom cover and with TDP override this runs everything.

    And just ordered V4 because I need that M.2 slot and better touchpad is a great bonus.

    • The move from V1 to V4 isn’t huge, but the difference from that touchpad using mine now for a few days is big. It’s now much more usable overall (I was okay with my V1 touchpad after those registry tweaks) and with the TDP unlocked on my V4 I don’t have to run the RW everything memory mode now which is a bonus. I’ve also noticed the audio seems much better too on mine and I have no issues with my screen. My only real complaint is the power cable could be longer and the eMMC isn’t very fast.

      I’m going to add a thermal pad on top like you did and maybe even repaste my V4 now to see if I can lower temps on the CPU, maybe do video on getting the most out of the EZBook 3 Pro. Audio tweaks, eMMC (if supported) and thermal pad etc.

      • I did some expeimenting with the thermal pads and paste:

        First I removed the stock thermal pad between the cpu and copper heatspreader and replaced it with some high quality thermal compound. I put it together and checked so that it made contact. Temps actually became alot worse, not sure why. So I removed the compound and put on a high quality thermal pad that was also bigger than the old one. This improved temps by about 5 c, so not much. Then I tried putting two layers of thermal pads between the back case and the copper heatspreader, and it made a huge difference. 10c. So all in all about 15 c which is quite alot.

        My battery tends to become quite hot during charging, is this normal?

        • The issue with the paste on the CPU is the copper heat sink is designed for that 0.5mm pad so without it there isn’t enough pressure with just paste. So this is why I normally add a thin copper shim of about 1mm or less thin and to the dimensions of the N3450 CPU die with very thin application of thermal paste either side. As you said the best results are from the thermal pad between the top of the heatsink and rear housing. Instant 10 degrees c or more gain.

          I’m going to redo mine and see if it will allow me to push the N3450 even harder.

          Battery getting warm on charging is normal, it’s also charging I’ve found at a higher rate than before.

        • Thermal paste does not work if you have to put a thick layer… you need something to press against the thermal paste with low clearance. Otherwise the paste flows out and will not transfer the heat

  20. I got Ezbook 3 pro v4 with SSD hatch after 1 month and 1 day from Gearbest. Volume up and down, screen brightness doesn’t work from keyboard button.
    Please help me tutorial of how to remove…mei meng meng stuffs.

    • The FN + shortcuts should work, they do one mine. Very odd, try a factory reset? Also removing meimeng I didn’t bother as I moved to my SSD. My guess is finding and remove anything related and the touchpad blocker ad it should be gone.

      • Thanks Chris. I did resetting. Fn+short key works for volume and brightness. Searching Meimengmeng didn’t show any related file. Actually I was worried this meimeng as being reported by others even though I couldn’t see it before and after resetting. So, does meimeng files no more installed in ezbook 3 pro v4?

  21. It said jumper service

    • The chinese word you don’t know is jumper service, also the mei meng meng I have never heard of this and the Chinese meaning about it is beautiful ( mei) and cute (meng meng) . I think you’d better reinstall the windows or disable the service and delete the app since you do not use it and it will lower your performance.
      ps. I am a Hong Konger so I know Chinese.

      • I just run my SSD now anyway as I didn’t trust it. But all virus scans show nothing I did so I don’t think it’s doing anything harmful But you never know. I think it might be related to the touchpad blocker app.

  22. Hey, Chris. FYI. I dunno if this is another example of Spec errors but Lightinthebox seems to have two different model numbers of the EZB 3 Pro. Model 06105995 is shown as 64GB eMMC and 06105996 as 128GB eMMC. Both priced at $260 which is the other odd thing. I think either the 128 GB is wrong or that model must be lacking something.

    • correction $250

    • I wonder if this 128GB model is real, if that eMMC is the faster type, that would be very interesting.

    • ah, did’t see in the reviews on LITB it answers at least some of the questions – the model is real –>

      Verified Buyer
      Oct 04, 2017

      Order my Jumper EZBook 3 Pro ( 128GB version ) from LITB on Sept 22.

      Order was shipped out quickly on the same day, but the package was delayed by the shipping courier for couple days. Received the on Oct 3. Very good communication exchange with LITB in regard to the shipment delay mishap.

      It is nice Jumper EZBook 3 Pro version 4; the one with M2. SSD hatch door at the bottom. This 128Gb version with generic 64 GB eMMC and a 64GB Foresee M.2 SSD chip installed.

      Disk performance on the generic 64Gb eMMC is disappointedly very slow and the installed Foresee 64GB M.2 SSD is not as fast as expected either, but it is acceptable.

      All device drivers load and Windows 10 is working OK. MeiMengMeng service is secretly infested; I have to manually remove from system registry.

      Touchpad is really good and precise, no problem at all.

      WIFI speed and connectivity is really fast and steady on Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC3165 chip. No problem.

  23. chris, what about charging port – is it via usb-c or other way?

  24. Here are a few issues with mine (Version 1):

    – static sound from the area of the power plug, can only be heard when I turn my ear towards the Laptop. It’s louder when charging.
    – the display wasn’t mounted properly, the bezels are a bit different on each side.
    – the lower right display corner has some clouding, seems to be too much pressure on the panel from the housing
    – the Aluminium under the right USB port is waiting to crack, it’s too thin
    – touchpad will look pretty old soon, after some light usage it already has this used shimmer to it
    – wifi signal is weak and I’ve got serious trouble with my university wifi… (solved since v3 with new wifi card?!?)
    – some keys don’t register hits when I type very softly, makes it a pain to use for me
    – the laptop can not be used with less than 40% brightness because of the noise from the display (solved in V4)
    – the camera bump presses against the aluminium housing, so does the rubber around the screen leaving black marks (solved in V4?!?)

    – big one: recently the blue line below the apps in the task bar started flickering infrequently. This randomness points to some hardware problem

    I’ll sell mine and upgrade to V4. Hopefully the keyboard will be better, I also can’t stand the static noise and screen clouding. The touchpad actually has kind of usable with a few tweaks, scrolling is bad however.

    • Screen was 1mm off centre with my V2,v3, my V4 has the same and a bit of screen bleed, but not noticeable in use.
      It would appear that Gearbest are now(apx mid Sept onward) sending units with Samsung eMMC’s, call it the V4S…

    • So most of these issues fixed then on V4? Chris’s review said the V3 touchpad was average, but now in V4 it’s great. No comment on screen noise or flicking is it fixed??

      • No screen buzz noise on mine or the V3. Bezel spacing is also fine and the screen has none of that bleed or clouding. Might be down to luck, and remember I got a slow eMMC where others have eMMC 5 spec Samsung ones.

      • When my screen is off, like when rebooting or screen time out, mine has a faint buzz.

  25. It is good that this EZBook 3 Pro V4 has an M.2 slot at all. But it is bad that it the shortest one. Have you pulled of the bottom cover to see whether one could install a “long” standard 2280 SSD?
    In my Chuwi 12.3 I had to mod it a little bit till it worked.

    • I’m typing this on my EZBook 3 Pro V4 with my M.2 2280 270GB Crucial MX300 drive in it. I had to remove the whole rear panel like my V3. Then I took out the black plastic surround and the screw. I have some insulation tape over it and then the drive taped in place. It’s not perfect but now I have 250GB free and 550 / 500 speeds. Overall all really happy with it. There is a guide in the forum ho to install the bigger 2280 SSD’s https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/tunning-ezb-3-pro-for-ssd-2280/ It’s the V3 model, but it applies to this V4 too.

  26. Agreed that for the money this is the best Apollo Lake laptop out there. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and every time I use it I’m impressed with it. Small form factor, light, thin, great screen, good keyboard, really good touchpad, wireless AC – what am I forgetting? 🙂 Only con is the SSD but for me not an issue so far.

    • You got a NCard eMMC? How can we order this and get the Samsung eMMC others have?

      • Yes I did, and I have no idea sorry. It looks like it’s just by chance. Another user who took my advice & ordered through the *same* supplier – Lightinthebox – got the Samsung when I didn’t :). I ordered mine about 1 month before he ordered his.

        • Oh okay thanks, so down to luck of the draw on the eMMC. Not to worry, I would prefer the Samsung, but in the end use SSD anyway. I have a Mi Notebook Air 12, it’s great but the battery life is SOOOO bad, 4-5 hours even if its powerful I can’t use it all day for studies. This is why I want the EZbook 3 Pro, I see it does 8 hours max from reviews.

        • I got Samsung eMMC. Ordered on 6 Sept arrived on 7 November from Gearbest.

  27. DAMN. I bought it (through your link, for support mate) . 29 October, sigh! I hate to wait…

    • Hello! I’ve just bought it as well. Where did you see that information about the shipping date? I don’t think I saw that.

      • It changes daily. :p

        • Hello, did they already ship your laptop? I bought my on October 9th and still no news from them! Thanks

          • Sadly today I canceld my order, after receiving a relay to my ticket avìbout the shipping date. It’ll be around the 28th of November!
            I order it from the link suggested here (with the coupon code) and after almost a month I opened a ticket claiming I should be need it at least for the second half of November since I bought it for a gift.

            The reply was very kind, but sadly disappointing: they’re having problem and the real shipping date is at the end of November / first days of December.

            I received this message yesterday, if you want I can attach you the reply from GB as proof, but it’s in Italian.

            Thanks Chris for your hard work, I was very happy when I ordered at 185€, but it was too good to be true 🙁 Now I have to rush since I still need to have a gift for my sister! (she will go to work in south America, so if the order arrives when she’s already left… well, not a great gift!)

  28. Can you check the part number of a new Touchpad?

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