AllDoCube KNote 8 – 1440p 8GB RAM Core M3-7Y30

AllDoCube KNote 8 – 1440p 8GB RAM Core M3-7Y30

AllDoCube has upgraded the KNote I looked at a few months ago, gone is the dull 1080p IPS, now replaced with a fully laminated 2560 x 1440p 13.3″ IPS. The Celeron N3450 is also out, replaced with a Core M3-7Y30 7th Gen. Seems there is still no word from Intel on the 8th Gen Core M3-8Y30 if it’s ever coming.

The RAM has also been upgraded to 8GB from 6GB and it has a 256GB SSD, not eMMC 5.1 like the KNote. While all these upgrades sound great the issues I encountered on the Knote still remain. No stylus support and only one port, a USB 3.1 port is a huge downside to this machine. If only they added stylus + at least one USB 3.0 port? The naming system Cube has now is bad, call a device a note without stylus support. And what’s the 8 stand for over the Knote? 8GB of RAM? The tablet is currently listed on but no word on the release date.

I also hope they boosted those weak speakers from the KNote. An interesting device or one to pass on? I’m on the fence with this one, I’m all for the spec which is great and the fully laminated 2560 x 1440 should be really nice to use if bright enough.

AllDoCube KNote 8 Press images:

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  1. 8GB ram and 256SSD are a big improvement
    even the quadHD fully laminated display
    the hope these features to become a standard
    and soon or later the “perfect” device will come

  2. The evolution of i9… finally!!

    • Yes, it’s really an evolved i9. The screen should be awesome, but if only it had a USB 3.0 port on it.

  3. I think that borders are “as usual” and press images were photoshopped, so it probably looks like usual, with huge black borders.
    Plus the pricing. Buying such a tablet for more then 400$ nowadays it’s out of the question

    And it honestly doesn’t look like this is competitive with new ultra-thin laptops unless it is very cheap offer.

    • Too often they are faking the bezels in these press release images. Chinese mobile brands like Doogee a step further even, they need to knock the price down and the lack of full-sized USB 3.0 I’m not sure it will sell well.

  4. Could be a nice competitor to the Chuwi Corebook depending on the price. Shame it doesn’t support stylus input though…

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