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Teclast X6 Pro – $449 Core M3 2-In-1 Windows 10 Tablet

Teclast X6 Pro – $449 Core M3 2-In-1 Windows 10 Tablet

Teclast has a new tablet coming, the X6 Pro. It’s another 2-in-1 with a type cover style keyboard. It has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD drive. Runs Windows 10 Home. The screen is the main feature, 12.6″ 2880 x 1920 fully laminated PLS/IPS screen. This is the same screen seen in the Voyo Vbook i5 I reviewed. It’s a really nice panel, with a 3:2 aspect ratio which is great. It was by far the best thing about the Vbook i5, which had a horrible type cover keyboard ruining it. I hope Teclast has that sorted, I have faith they wouldn’t make that mistake like Voyo.

The tablet has Intel wireless AC, BT 4.1, Type-C and I can see one USB 3.0 port in the image. It’s powered by the older Intel Core M3-7Y30. I was hopeful it would have the new 8th gen Core M3 8100Y but it seems Teclast either didn’t wait for the new CPU or maybe the Intel 14nm SoC supply issue is to blame for the 7th gen chip? It sells (Tablet only) for $449 with coupon o4xtEG7X here at Gearbest.

It looks to also support a stylus and has a multi-position kickstand. All up it does look interesting, what do you think? Another cheaper Surface Pro style alternative. And normally Teclast’s quality is one of the better ones it should be decent. One for my to review list.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Waiting your review.. Please

  2. https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/04/11/huawei-announces-matebook-e-2019-powered-by-snapdragon-850/
    thus it’s the 2017/2018 chipset for WinOnArm…it will be interesting to see how it will perform

  3. Is there anyone who received his Teclast X6 pro?
    because I ordered on November 21st at gearbest and the tablet has still not been shipped.
    I wonder if it will be shipped someday and if this tablet is still produced.
    Is the processor shortage the cause of such a delay or is it because I did not pay enough (430) and gearbest does not want to deliver it to me anymore?
    Thank you in advance for your advice

  4. Hi guys!
    where could I buy it for the best price at the moment?

  5. Hi @chris
    Are you planning to review the Teclast X6 pro soon?
    There is an offer at AliExpress right now (470$ WITH the keyboard included) but I am waiting for your review.
    Do you think It is worth It?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Can you please post a link to that offer? The lowest I could find on Aliexpress was $548 including shipping

      • Sure, here it is the link:
        If you apply seller coupon and select coupons you can get tablet and keyboard for 465$

        • Thanks a lot.

        • Hi!
          I am new here, could you tell me where I could get it for the best price and which coupon can I use for that? I have never done it before, also, do you know how much is VAT or there isn’t any?
          Thanks and have a good day 🙂

          • Sorry, not very good offers right now, you’d better wait some days/weeks.
            About VAT it depends on the shipping method you choose, if you take fast shipping services (like DHL or EMS) you’ll probably have to pay your country’s VAT plus a fixed fee. If you choose slower shipping services (that usually take 2-3 weeks) 99% of the times you won’t have to pay anything.
            Hope that helps!

  6. Hi @chrisg
    Are you planning to review the Teclast X6 pro soon?
    There is an offer at AliExpress right now (470$ WITH the keyboard included) but I am waiting for your review.
    Do you think It is worth It?
    Thank you very much in advance! 🙂

  7. If this had a Ryzen 3500u it would be PERFECT.

  8. Reading the fine print, am I right in understanding there is no microSD expansion slot? It seems the price of 2 full-size USB ports was the microSD slot. Fair enough, but better to know upfront.

  9. Just spotted Geekbuying selling it for 499.99 USD including keyboard at the moment https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Teclast-X6-Pro-2-in-1-Tablet-PC-8GB-256GB-Silver-411292.html £409 in sterling…

    • Yes, all good until I saw the bloody shipping costs. $48 for DHL express. Shipping costs are the reason I stopped using Geekbuying so much. My orders with Banggood and Gearbest hasn’t shipped yet! They have some supply issue on it. The shipping date seems to get delayed again and again.

      • I wonder what the deal is with this supposed supply issue. If you look at this product pages on Gearbest, Banggood, etc there are hardly any reviews on this device. The same goes for people reviewing it on Youtube. I have the impression that very few people is buying this tablet. Also, I wonder if its really worth it considering that there are US vendors selling the Core m3-7Y30 variant of the Surface Pro for 650 usd with the cover-keyboard included.

  10. I was wondering about what is out there that could potentially make it worthwhile upgrading from my workhorse Cube i9… this might be it??


  11. DDR3 RAM seems outdated for late ’18

  12. let’s hope for a good battery
    Looking forward for your review, Chris

    • Core M3 has never had solid battery life, even in the Surface Pro 2-in-1’s so expect only around 5 hours is my guess. Hope I’m wrong.

  13. why do they never offer the keyboard in these Chinese stores.
    any idea on the audio based on previous models ?

  14. backlit keyboard?

  15. I can already foresee Chuwi’s reply : a Hi13 update with 8 GB / 256 GB SSD (the new standard), their famous 13,5″ screen, and a 8th gen Intel Processor. BAM !!!

  16. I wonder if the stylus is the pressure-sensitive type used in F5 and F6 Pro and not the pointer-style thing that they used in some products? If it is, It’d also be interesting to see if the Voyo vbook stylus works on it, and if Teclast’s works on the Voyo, perhaps Chuwi’s too. Goodix stylus tech is used more and more commonly. The AAAA batteries are a pain though. Energizer charges silly money for them in Australia.

  17. Still waiting for a budget (450-500USD) chinese 2-in-1 alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5. For some reason all of these budget ~12 inch laptops surpass the 1.3 kg mark when attached to their keyboards/cover which is not confortable to carry around for a long time. The Xiaomi is 1 kg, super snappy but sadly lacks touch screen and consequently dettachable screen. If you can get one of these 12 inch 2-in-1 laptops to a total weight of 1 kg you’ll have a winner, specially if you pair it to a core m3 processor and 8 gb of ram. Could this be that one?

    • Dont Forget that a 2 in 1 Laptop (either 360° style, or Surface stlye), having a decent Processor like Core M or Core i5 and weighting 1kg would lead to other compromises in terms of battery life !! Alternetively you could buy the 300$ Teclast F5 but compromise battery, a non lit Keyboard. I dont know if it is much snappy for you with Cleron N 4100?

      • The Core M3-7Y30 much faster almost twice as fast, and that 2880 x 1920 I’ve used in the voyo is really a decent panel made by Sharp. Yes, battery life will be the weakness and I don’t think it has a backlit keyboard, I can’t see it mentioned.

        • I was just checking the specs in the Gearbest webpage and a youtube promotional video and it seems to weight the same as the Knote 5 (820 g), which is just slightly smaller. If the type cover weights as advertised in gearbest webpage (320 g) this will total 1140 g for tablet+keyboard, which is only 70 g heavier than the Xiaomi air 12.5, with double the ram, double the ssd space and touch and removable screen and just a little bit bigger since the screen will require thicker bezels to grab confortably. Also more ports that the Xiaomi, higher resolution, and back and front facing cameras! are you kidding me? I’d happily sacrifice those extra 70 grams! Chris You have to review this one! if the build quality is as good as the Xiaomi air one (that will be difficult) I have my replacement!

      • I like the N4100 but sadly it definetly hicups when doing simple multitasking. Even when using Edge some pages won’t load as fast as with a 7Y30. I usually have opened Edge and the Kindle reader app (which is terribly optimized and it sucks) and the N4100 on the Knote 5 struggles if you open severeal tabs on the browser. The animations stutter when you swipe right from the left edge to change windows and you can surely feel that the processor is struggling. Of course it is usable, but when compared with the speed of the 7Y30 you can really feel the difference.

  18. If its got a backlit keyboard this will be perfect for my needs 🙂

  19. At gearbest you can see price floating between 540 – 650usd so be prepared that 499 is just for 11.11…

  20. AliiExpress specs recite a 5000 mAh battery. Small battery, and no LTE … I’ll pass, but it’s close call for $499 for the 11.11 sale.

    • it’s 5000mah at 7.6v, usually mahs are rated at 3.8= 10000mah using the “classic measurements”

      • are you sure?
        here on Gearbest, on the Teclast F6 pro, sporting the very same hardware (both battery and cpu), they declare 4-5h battery life

  21. It looks like full sized USB ports in the picture! Wow, very nice. With the Core M, I hope they can give it a decent battery life. I still like my trusty old Chuwi Hi12, and just couldn’t quite leave it for the Teclast F5 due to battery life. Needs all the things other people are saying, fully laminated, etc, and a fair price point, not unrealistic, but not above brand name products that essentially have a warranty where these basically do not. (If they have one, then please explain the $$$ you will spend getting it fixed to me and how much you saved.)

  22. let’s hope for
    _a decent battery that can last at least 10h
    _multiple usb-c 3.1 (with video out and power-in, so if one fails after 2 years…you have all of the funcion from the other)
    _good keyboard and touchpad
    _good touch and stylus support
    _at least 400nits so you can use it as a travel laptop even outside

    • I know that screen can do over 400nits so that’s one thing we can tick off the list (If Teclast of course runs it at max brightness)

      10 hours run time is highly doubtful, in my experience the 7Y30 has always been around 6 hours sadly with all tech including the Surface Pro 4

  23. This looks like a hot one, and I agree that Teclast is increasingly the go-to brand over its local rivals. Well done to them. Looking forward to Chris’ review in due course.

    • 90% sure I will order this one once I can. It looks good.

  24. Let’s hope it’s an 11/11 special. 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD, and a 3K IPS laminated panel. Teclast blasts past Chuwi and the other Shenzen players. The only thing missing is LTE., and info on the battery. A 3K panel would need 8k mAh for decent run time.

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