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Teclast F6 Pro $449 Flash Sale. Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 Laptop (Updated)

Teclast F6 Pro $449 Flash Sale. Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 Laptop (Updated)

Update #2, the flash sale is over. The best option now is coupon TLF6PRO which lowers the price to $489.

Update: Thanks to Bjorn that pointed out that if you add the Teclast F6 Pro accessories pack, it’s free if bought with the Tecalst F6 Pro. The original F6 Pro accessories pack includes a protective sleeve, active stylus, and a Logitech mouse. Buying it alone costs $46 USD, so not a bad saving.

Just make sure you add it to your basket from the limited $449 flash sale page on the Teclast F6 Pro.


Teclast’s lastest notebook the F6 Pro is now shipping out, this one has a 13.3″ 1080p IPS with a 360-degree hinge. Stylus support runs Windows 10 and is powered by an Intel Core M3-7Y30 with 8GB of RAM. It’s now on flash sale for $449 limited to 200 units for 5 days. I’ve got one on the way and hope to get my hands on it next week if DHL doesn’t put another hold it.

The build looks a lot like the Cube iwork5X I reviewed. If it is the same ODM as the Cube, then overall should be a nice package and the SSD can be upgraded. Once it arrives expect an unboxing video and first look, followed up by a full review at a later date.

Also coming up is the Lenovo XiaoXin (Tab4 Plus?) a more premium version of the Lenovo Tab3 Plus or P8 I looked at.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. The gift pack didn’t come with my delivery I ordered in first 200, same price as the screenshot and same items.

    I’m without stylus, mouse and case.

    Awaiting Gearbest reply, did anyone else get the gift pack and what price was the order if you did get the gift pack sent to you?

    Do gift packs get sent at later time?

    • Did you include it in your as part of your checkout cart when bought it? I presume It doesn’t come automatically with the unit unless you explicitly add it (it just gets discounted to 0 cost when you add it)

      • It added as a cost of 0, certainly still appearing with the order in my order history. Also confirmed as part of the order and despatch emails too that both the gift pack and notebook shown as two seperate items.

  2. what have they changed?? this notebook weight: 1.3880 kg When compared to the Cube iwork5X you reviewed with almost 1.7kg

    • Counterweights in the front maybe? 1.4 kilos is a good weight. EZbook 3 Pro is that. Unboxing coming tomorrow.

  3. Ce pc 2 en 1 est à un prix compétitif tant qu’il reste aux alentour de 380€.
    Le gros problème de ces appareils c’est Teclast, Cube, et les autres ne nous disent pas ou acheter les batteries et autres accessoires.
    J’ai une teclast X2 pro, tres pratique, tres souple tri-boot : (W10/ubuntu 16.04/android7.1 pour X86) mais impossible de trouver la référence de la batterie et l’endroit ou l’acheter.
    Donc pour l’instant j’ai une tablette jetable.
    J’espere que ceux qui font les videos pour la promotion de ces produits, vont s’atteler à creuser le sujet, car je ne suis pas pret à continuer à acheter Chinois pour jeter le produit faute de batterie.
    Je préconise pour les linuxiens et adeptes du multiboot de préférer des tablettes windows avec des SSD M2, car les android pures, (ARM) ne sont pas connectables par cable ethernet lorsque le wifi est foireux ou médiocre.

    Bien à vous!

  4. Does anyone have a sense of what stylus tech teclast is using in this one? In appearance it looks more like the x3 pros stylus instead of the tbook stylus which is good. The form of these stylii look a bit like the old synaptic stylusese that dell and HP used on previous generation 2 in 1s (https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Active-Stylus-Venue-RTMND/dp/B01DA60AUK). I can see if those work (I have wacom, n-trig, and synaptic stylii lying around the house). Hopefully this can replace my old dell venue 11 pro.

    A second question, Chris do you have a sense of how the Spectre security patch updates are affecting apollo lake of these 7th gen m3 processors performance-wise? I had an m5 that has reaaally slowed down after update. When I have onenote, chrome with 7 tabs open and slack, there is a significant lag in mousing, inking that makes it unusable.

    • I’ll find out soon when mine arrives, I think it’s possible a goodix stylus or synaptic one. Definitely, not a N-Trig like the Surface uses. As for the patch, updates expect some performance hit from this.

  5. Are there any estimates about battery life on this one? Gearbest state ‘Standby time’ of 4-5 hours??

    • Core M3’s I have reviewed aren’t the greatest. My guess is with a 10,000mah battery around 6 hours I would think.

  6. Chris,
    You forgot to mention that Gearbest´s flash sale includes an accessory pack of stylus, wireless mouse and protective sleeve free of charge. The inclusion of a mouse may indicate that the F6 Pro pobably does´nt have a Precision touchpad (a must for my next laptop). And my X3 Pro is´nt ready for retirement just yet, so I have to skip this one. If I had been sure it has a Precision touchpad, I might have been tempted, but when we know the truth from your review, the flash will be gone.

    • I’m 100% sure there will be plenty of flash sales to come

    • Maybe there will be a workaround possible. The Xiaomi 12 2017 is normally with a regular Synaptics touchpad but you can force a driver upgrade with a Lenovo driver to a Precision touchpad. It involves blocking future driver uodates through Windows Update and some fiddling but it work all fine in the end.

      • This tip to overcome the gestures problem is new to me. Thanks, Kris! Would you think it might work for other touchpads as well, e.g. my X3 Pro? Do you know the driver name, version etc and where to download it?

  7. Super Chris! I am happy with you. You’ll have him at home than me. My F6 Pro travels to EU Express, so it’s about a month. So I hope, because Cube Thinker has not yet arrived and it’s been traveling for 52 days … ? Perhaps I will have both side by side and it will be a hard fight! ? The winner stays with me … ?

    • The Thinker screen cannot be beaten you’ll love it. So a hard choice to be made.

  8. Telclasr F6pro or Chuwi Corebook?
    There are some physically difference (detachable etc)(

  9. That is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to your review. Fingers crossed for the usual speaker issue…

    • Not holding my breath on that one! The rest of it should be great I feel.

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