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Teclast F6 Pro & F7 Laptops Coming This Friday (Updated)

Teclast F6 Pro & F7 Laptops Coming This Friday (Updated)

Update: The F6 Pro is now out, it can be ordered for $579 USD and looks to be shipping on the 7th of January if the listing is correct.

Teclast has recently just launched two new laptops, one a 2-in-1 hybrid with a 13.3″ 1080p IPS touchscreen that can flip around 360 degrees. It’s powered by an Intel Core M3-7Y30 & has 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

Other specs include 2 x USB 3.0 ports, Wireless AC and BT 4.1, no info on the battery size, but my guess is around 12000mAh or 50Wh. No word either on pricing, it looks like Gearbest will be selling it as it’s listed on their site.

The other laptop is an Apollo Lake N3450 based one, a little late to the game this one looks a lot like the Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, it’s got a 14″ screen 1920 x 1080 screen 6GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. The laptop like the other Apollo Lakes I’ve reviewed supports SATA3 SSD M.2 expansion (2242 size) 2 x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD and the battery size I’m also guessing to be around 9600Mah or 46Wh.

This laptop is listed on Gearbest, but no pricing yet.

I’m holding out for the new Intel 8th Gen Core M chips if they will be called that, but no word from Intel yet. Seems they have been delayed, but I imagine Teclast will also have 8th gen devices coming next year and Gemini Lake N4100 tech.

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  1. Teclast F7 Notebook available for pre-sale in case if anyone is interested; €253.79 until January 30th, ships after Feb 1st.


  2. Gearbest has the F6 PRO in flash sale at 429,99€


  3. So Teclast F6 Pro ordered! But for perfect price 513$! ?? In november I ordered Cube Thinker, but
    till now have not received it yet… ? That’s why I think F6 Pro will be a decent substitute, even if I worry about the worse display 16:9 FHD. However, the 3:2 UHD display is ideal for me …

    • So I decided to cancel it today and I bought it again for the action price minus a few dollars for GB points, so it came out with the perfect $ 412! And for that, I got a free $ 46 set of accessories – mouse, pen, and case … ??

  4. The battery is miserable 5000mAh.

    • Totally agree deal breaker for me this one was close to has everything. It should be 12000 no?

    • Will be 5000 x 2, more like 39Wh. But I’ll test it when I get it.

      • Okok 5000 x2 really better too bad I didn’t saw the flash sell at 429 $

  5. There’s a GearBest product video on Youtube that suggests it’ll have a stylus


  6. That will be freaking expensive if they are selling with those price

  7. Hi,
    Some news?

  8. For the price just search for it:
    Teclast F7 Notebook $364.16
    Teclast F6 Pro Notebook Fingerprint Recognition $727.80

    • They can’t be correct, I don’t see them selling for those prices!

      • Hi chris I really appreciate your work.
        If I may, will you review or have you already ordered the teclast f6 pro?
        I’m very intersted in it and it seems it could be perfect for me.
        If it has a good stylus for notetaking with pressure sensitivity and a good screen I will
        almost surely buy it.
        It would be my first chinese convertible, I’m a little skeptical but I have a lot of trust in your reviews.
        Thank you a lot for your service.

        • I have it ordered, it has yet to ship. But should be shipping next week.

          • Thank you for the answer, you are the best!
            Hope it’s good.

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