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Hands-On With the Teclast F6 Pro First Impressions & FAQ

Hands-On With the Teclast F6 Pro First Impressions & FAQ

The Teclast F6 Pro, a convertible laptop with a 360-degree hinge and 1080p IPS touchscreen. Below is my unboxing and hands-on video recently posted. So far this laptop is looking very good, it’s very similar to the Cube iwork5X I review but much faster naturally with a Core M3-7Y30, SSD and 8GB of RAM. It’s so similar I think it must be from the same ODM the shell of it at least. It has type-c which outputs video, data and accepts 12v 2A+ charge. Forget what I said in the video my Havit hub is now working fine after updating the drivers or it just had an off day in my video!

This laptop was just on flash sale for $449 which is a great deal of what’s on offer. But it just ended, it was limited to only 200 units. Now it’s $474 with coupon TECLASTS$300-$15 if not try TLF6PRO for $489. If you don’t mind the non-laminated screen I think so far Teclast has a real winner here. I hope to have the Stylus this week, it supports 1024 pressure levels so should be good.

Further info & some FAQ:

  • The bios is unlocked 100% to the end user, change the advanced settings with extreme care. There is a risk of the device failing to boot wit ha bad setting.
  • The laptop has a large copper heatsink and so far thermals are good. Yes, copper heatsink mods are possible and you could boost TDP and increase performance.
  • The MicroSD reader is wired up via a USB 2.0 hub so max speeds of around 24-30Mb/s. (I wish it was USB 3 spec reader!)
  • Linux will boot just fine, more on that in the full review what is working and what isn’t! Use Rufus, GPT and DD image mode to create a bootable USB pen drive
  • Type-C USB 3.1 is working 100% now with my Havit Type-C hub. HDMI out up to 4k30hz, data and charging at peak 19W no issues at present now.
  • USB 3.0 ports can power my 1TB 7200rpm external drives.
  • The keyboard is better than the Cube thinker i35’s (More key travel than the shadow travel on the Thinker) tiny up and down arrow keys might be an issue for some!
  • The touchpad is a precision one and I find it to be good if a bit small.
  • Fingerprint unlocking works well using Windows hello, within seconds you can login.
  • Real battery capacity is 43Wh? looks good for around 6 hours. But more on that when I can get full days use. Battery bar Pro reports 50Wh, I’ not sure that is correct
  • This laptop uses Teclasts own SSD brand, 128GB so writes cap at around 170mb/s. Reads close to 500mb/s it’s good for this capacity of SSD.
  • My Transcend 256GB SSD works fine, no issues. I’ll be using this for the review as 128GB makes it hard to install all the apps and games required for my review.
  • Great having the easy access SSD hatch for upgrades. Not so great is we are limited to 2242 spec. Would be nice to have room for a 2260 and 2280 drive.
  • The speakers are loud, but quite flat and can distort a little at 100% Not the greatest you’ll hear but better than some of the other Chinese tech I often review
  • Wireless AC range is good so far in testing. Bluetooth is working as expected.
  • All drivers can be found on Windows via the update system. So a new clean install of Windows isn’t an issue if you lack a drivers dump (I’ll supply one asap)
  • Once fully charged and plugged in the battery will stay at 100%.

Overall no issues at present, full report in my review if anything does pop up as I use this as my main PC for a week.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. How could you find out what ODM is manufacturing these?

  2. Hi. thanks for review. I have a problem, I try to install Ubuntu 17.10 but the touchpad don’t work. I see that you use Linux in you review, did you have the same problem? Thanks
    ps. I also tried with ubuntu 16.04 and elementary os, but the result does not change

  3. I know most will probably prefer the F6 Pro, but the F7 with the N3450 can now be had for £166 with the free gift pack, use coupon TECLASTS$100-$5 to get the extra off.

    A coupon for the F6 PRO, TECLASTS$300-$15 to get a bit more off!

    • The F7 is £270. Not sure where you get that price.

      • When you open the F7 listing on gearbest the price changes to $229.99

  4. Just got mine. Pretty impressed so far. Keyboard is still a bit mush to me coming from a Spectre x360. I really like the trackpad though. I find that the headphone jack is fine if I’m playing sound. I definitely get the hiss and then a clicking noise if I don’t have sound playing. Chris, did you try out the stylus to from teclast x5 pro so see if that works. I have tried the bamboo ink which does both wacom AES and N-trig as well as the synaptic active stylus from the dell venue pro 11. I can confirm that none of those work (not surprising). In the meantime still waiting for my gift pack as well as the extra stylus i ordered for fun.

    • H iMike, Glad you like it. I’m also impressed with it. Nice build and overall no majors. Just the speakers and mic are the worst part. I did test the X5 Pro stylus and it looked to work, but it’s all over the place and completely unusable. My stylus on order still has yet to ship, Gearbest told me they are waiting for the factory (Teclast) I assume.

      • Ah too bad about the X5 Pro stylus. They look pretty similar. FYI when I have the screen on 20%, I seem to be getting 8-9hr battery life which makes it mostly all day. Not sure if this is a result of some of the new windows updates.

        • At 30% brightness in my test (In the review video) I was able to get 8 hours light Chrome use or 10% 1080p YouTube streaming battery loss per hour. So pretty impressive for a Core M3. This was also on the latest version of Windows and updated.

          • yeah, that’s what I’ve been able to get to. BTW has anyone been having problems with the headphone jack (beyond the hiss). After I updated mine, if I plug in headphones and then unplug them, it seems like the drivers don’t detect that the headphones have been removed completely so after that I can’t gt sound from either the speakers or from re-plugging the headphones in. Its really obnoxious. Seems to be resolved by just putting the computer back to sleep, but I can’t tell if its a driver or hardware issue after doing the whole uninstall driver thing.

            Also, does anyone have insight into why the monitor is so heavy? I’ve had a lot of laptop monitors even on 2-in-1s, but the monitor on this device seems especially weighty.

            • No issues with the headphone jack yet doing that on mine. I’ve left those drivers alone for audio. Sounds to me it’s a driver issue more than hardware I would say. You mean the screen being heavy? Might be the glass, but really 1.4 kilos is a good weight for a 2-in-1 like this. Battery life is still surprising me, hands down the best Core M3 battery life I’ve seen. I think the screen brightness or the panel is the reason, it’s using a lot less power than most.

  5. So until March some Chinese brand will probably release something like this for $249:
    Gemini lake with 8gb ram should be a interesting cheaper option.

    • I’m waiting for them, the fresh Jumper EZbook line etc. late Feb/March.

  6. The Intel 3165 WIFI, wonder if that’s user replaceable?

    • It’s not unfortunately, it’s soldered onto the motherboard.

      • Well that rules another device out for me, fortunately my i7 Stylus is still working great with 10.13.3.

  7. Thanks for review, Chris! I went ahead and ordered myself this notebook because of your trustworthy hands-on! I wish they put 256gb here at this price. Also I think DC charging should become a thing of the past and 2 usb-c ports is much more versatile ( u can have same chargers and cables for different tech) not to mention usb-c chargers are more compact and universal. Also I think the weight could be improved. Its already a good thing they managed to slim it down compared to cube 5x. Really having to put counterweights is such a poor design move, as if there are no heavy parts that can be moved there.
    Look at LG gram, for instance, they manage to build 15.6″ laptops that weight under 1 kilo! Anyway, Looking forward to full review!

  8. I didn’t get my gift pack, no stylus no mouse no case just some bad UK plug adapter that I don’t want I have six already that I never use.

    • Did you order it? If yes, then just make a complaint with Gearbest and I am sure they will send it.

    • I also! Now only my laptop has been delivered to me! Right now I filed a complaint in GB … ? This is the fourth order I have to deal with this week! GB goes down with water … ?

      • Please let me know what they reply back with.

        Did you get a mini invoice sheet and it also not show the gift pack?

        I’ve screenshot my order incase they try to alter.

        I really only care for the Stylus wouldn’t be using the case and already have plenty of mice. But yes they should supply these.

        I’m not marking my order recieved till I get everything in the order till then I won’t even do a review on Gearbest website which I would have done this weekend but I can’t.

        When you placed the order what was the price? I did it at the $449.99 and it would automatically add the gift pack at basket and still in checkout and my order history and emails too.

        They best honor the gift packs, this was my first time buying a product so early on in flash sale.

        If they have not already sent and refuse to send I will request they credit the account with the correct funds to order the gift pack so it’s free as order stated or at least credit funds so I can order stylus free of charge.

        I did origonally see it was meant for first 50 only but it kept adding till they increased the price to $499 so you’d expect them to have sent the complete order.

        I was amazed however how quickly it was delivered considering I didn’t go for premium delivery like DHL/UPS but I’d rather get my complete order.

        I can’t even get the live chat to open so I had to open a ticket and now await a response.

    • To all of you who are missing the gift pack – check out your order on Gearbest. If you can´t log in and access it, then check the order acknowledgement you received by email, it should have the same info. If the order shows the gift pack at zero price, then you should be safe. They are probably out of stock (or haven´t got stock yet)

      • Yes both showing gift pack in my order and despatch confirmation emails and in my order history. Just wish they emailed the customer with an explanation instead of looking like it was ignored.

        • Already me reply GB that dispatched accessories within 1-2 working days. Not yet in stock! But it’s not serious therefore they should send a complete shipment and they did not warn it!

          • So today GB sent accessories to me via EU Express as Teclast before 11 days… ??

  9. It’s a pity, that in that price range there is no back lit keyboard
    So – Chuwi Airbook 14″ is the choice,

  10. How is the keyboard, if you press a key off centre do they still respond correctly? My experience with the Cube 5x has made me wary.

  11. I’m probably getting my one arriving tomorrow with the stylus, case, mouse.

    I’m not sure how to do tests and report back but I’d like to help with information I can provide.

    I’m going to test the performance before and after the Intel secuirity patch. SSD / Processor / GPU will be tested before and after updating Windows 10 from stock default Windows 10 installation.

    I want to test WIFI performance / speeds, bluetooth distance and speeds.

    Stylus what software displays functionality at its best?

    I haven’t got anything to test the USB-C except one Type-C hub that may work and if it does I will see what works.

    I will try some different MicroSD cards a 200GB and 128GB card.
    I will also try some USB SSD/ 3.0 storage and benchmark.

    I will try some games both at full resolution and same resolution as GPD Win 2 in Windowed mode should be good for gaming if throtling isn’t to imposing but I have a notepal x-lite ii cooling base coming which has a 14cm fan hopefuly cfm air flow will be decent and keep CPU/GPU/SSD temperatures lower or at least same but extra performance in CPU would be nice to see.

    I’m to play some games too I have some older games to try and perhaps some new ones from the Xbox store and Cuphead should be a dream and Sonic Mania too and more taxing games I will try to get a demo for a few like Forza 7 and I own KI and Halo Wars.

    I really want to know if GTA5 will work but I havent purchased this one yet so will try GTA4 and Alan Wake instead and Halo Online the free to play version of Halo that was saved by a community.

    I’m not sure what is the correct USB-C charger to own so I will have only the supplied charger and a Masterplug UK adapater to use.

    Anything else I’ve missed and suggested software to look for in testing performance?

  12. 2 questions for 2 different situations.

    I will use it the most of the times plugged in and I think the battery is not detachable, will this be a problem for battery after 2 years?

    is there in the market a device with the same processor but with bigger battery?

    • Same processor but bigger battery yes but it depends how much you want to spend and what other features are a must like active sylus and tablet / display function.

  13. Wish I hadn’t waited on the $419 Gearbest sale (with free stylus and accessory pack) – worried we won’t see a deal that good for a while if this laptop lives up to the hype and becomes as popular as the EzBook Pro

    • You got to be quick, I’ve missed those sales many times. Hopefully, it will drop again.

  14. Thanks for the initial hands on Chris! Couple of quick questions. is the usbc still finiicky about which usbc hubs it works with or is it now working with all of yours. Also did you get the stylus with yours? I went ahead and ordered mine too but I’m looking forward to your full review! Sadly, this looks to be a better option for me than thinker since the thinker doesnt fit in some of my smaller messengers and I ink rather heavily so the thinkers inability to lie flat is a bit a of a deal-breaker. Seems to be this will be the go-to chinese yoga-style midrange 2-1 for the time being?

    • The hubs are working, well the Havit one is now without any issues. I have the stylus ordered and on the way. I hope it arrives soon. It seems so far that yes it will be the one to go for that’s Lenovo yoga style.

  15. Great job Chris! ? I’m looking forward to seeing my F6 Pro, which has been traveling for seven days. I will also compare you with his biggest rival Cube Thinker, who is still lost somewhere in Greenland … ?

  16. I’m searching a new, more powerful device to replace my HI13. Because I’m using the stylus to write my script at university I’m very interested in the stylus the performance (jitter,pressure detection…?). And (at the moment) you can still get the teclast cheaper on the german gearbest website, so it would be nice to know how well it works 🙂

    • I’ll find out when the stylus arrives.

      • Sorry, I’ve read the other article right after I posted the question …

  17. Does it have a Precision touchpad?

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