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Teclast F7 Plus – 14″ 8GB Gemini Lake Laptop

Teclast F7 Plus – 14″ 8GB Gemini Lake Laptop

Teclast is a bit late with this one, they should have had a model like this months ago to compete with Chuwi. But coming in 2019 (finally) their 14″ 8GB Celeron N4100 model. This looks like the same exact ODM, South Korean I believe behind the designs of the Lapbook SE, Herobook and Lapbook Pro. A dark grey metal finish, USB 3.0 x 2 ports, HDMI 2.0A, D/C charging and a 1080p screen. The ODM doesn’t have maybe the lightest builds. But the quality and build of their laptop designs is very high, well finished and they have a premium feel to them.

I can’t tell from this video if it’s a glossy or matte display, my guess is it looks like it could be glass covered with the 2.5D edges like the Lapbook SE. So a fully laminated glossy display. The keyboard is edge to edge and a full one at that, backlit and if it’s anything like my Lapbook SE’s it will be a great keyboard. And can also see again like the Lapbook SE the logo will shine through on the back of the screen from the IPS panels backlight. Other specs include a 128GB SSD, Wireless AC (3165) BT 4.1 and my guess is a 38Wh battery like the Herobook which should be good for 8 hours at least.

No word on pricing or release date, but it’s safe to assume it will be over $300 to start with. Update: Pricing on pre-order is a big $379 over at Gearbest. This is really too much I feel for the CPU on offer. But expect this to drop rapidly once more retailers start to sell it.

I’ll definitely be reviewing this one, it seems like it could be the best one yet since we still don’t have an 8GB Chuwi Lapbook SE.

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  1. Hello Chris,
    how do you find the price now from Teclast F7 Plus on Gearbest website for $ 379.99?
    is it worth it now to buy this or I should wait a bit until the price goes down?

    Thank you for your answer.

    • Sorry Chris, I did not read your comment above.

      it has been done.

      Thank you

    • I expect it to drop in price. I’m holding off before I order mine. Once they get stock it should then drop just like the Teclast F5

  2. there is a presale on GearBest for this one:


    $380 for a start.

    • That’s a steep price for additional 4 GB of ram compare to lapbook se (about 100 dollars more)

      • Yes too much really, but I think that is just the initial price later it will drop as the Teclast F5 did. It first launched for $359 then dropped to $329 and on flash sale at one point for $299.

  3. Hello, is someone could tell me which are advantages of the F7 plus in comparison with the F6 pro or X6 pro already available?

  4. Hoping this comes out in early January as I’ve been waiting for this 8gb version. I want to put Linux on it , should be a great portable laptop for me then.

  5. Is there an exact release date for this though. I want the Chuwi lapbook se so bad, but the 4g of ram is such a turn off. Its like looking at the specs and all and your almost there only to be blue balled by the 4g of ram. That was so disappointing.

    • you’re*

    • No date yet, but it has to be soon. I thought 4GB would mean I couldn’t keep it. But mine i’s running just fine for my needs. But I still do want that 8GB model.

  6. well, after waiting 1 year for this combo, i already bought teclast f7 for 185 in 11/11 and its good and all but it seems i am allergic to PWM (solved this with iris pro software) and Slow screens which causes Motion blur in videos. I cant seem to enjoy watching dramas as before because of this motion blur in videos.

    So my next laptop will be a 2k 144hz 17inch gaming laptop with 10/7nm components. But i am mighty impressed with Chinese laptops.

    • PWM brightness control affects you? That is, unfortunately, I’m sensitive to it, but not to that point. 144hz screen gaming laptop, that’s not going to be cheap. Everyone that’s seen my lapbook SE is impressed, so I’m glad now Tecalst is also using this very good ODM, by far they are the best yet.

      • yes about PWM, i found that out the hard way when i used this laptop for 1 week my eyes started to red and burn and weary, i researched and found out that this laptop is using PWM of 1000 > 99% brightness (notebookcheck.net) so i used this software called iris pro, it uses another method to decrease brightness, i think graphics card, so my brightness is now full and using that software to decrease, i am not sure it works 100% but i do feel a difference, i think its working.

        And yes you are right about price but health is more important, especially my eyes and head lol, my last gaming laptop lasted for 8.5 years, so investing in a future proof gaming laptop is gonno be my next purchace for around 800-1200$, that means 10/7nm intel processor and 7nm gtx 3060, 2k 144hz and no PWM screen with low motion blur, 17.3 inch thin and light with good battery. i think its gonno be ready by 2020 end or 2021. until that i have teclast f7 and mi pad 4 to keep me company.

        • Oh of course health first here if that is hurting your eyes and giving you headaches etc you have to find a fix. And Iris Pro works for you which is good. Yes, a laptop like that will not be for a few years yet.

  7. No USB-C though, which is a disappointment.

    • Lapbook Pro coming February will have type-c and 8GB+gemini lake

      • You mean, a new Chuwi ?

        • He must mean that. The Lapbook Pro from Chuwi but no word on the release date due to Windows licensing issues of 8GB of RAM and Gemini Lake supply issues.

        • Yes the lapbook Pro has type-c USB 3.1 for charging also. Means I can just take a PD type-c charger for phone and laptop.

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