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Teclast F5 – 360 Degree Hinge Gemini Lake Laptop

Teclast F5 – 360 Degree Hinge Gemini Lake Laptop

This one leaked out, the Teclast F5 is coming. But nothing on the Teclast Weibo of this new Gemini Lake N4100 model. It has an 11.6″ yoga style 360-degree hinge screen. Touchscreen, my guess is 1080p (hopefully fully laminated). 8GB of RAM this is great it will be the first 8GB DDR4 Gemini lake laptop from the Chinese brands. Up to now, everyone is using 4GB due to DDR4 prices.

No other info, only an image to go by. The look is quite premium, fully alloy body. Thin, lightweight? Two USB 3.0 ports and MicroSD is my guess. Windows precision touchpad and Wireless AC would be an easy guess. Due to size an approx 36Wh battery?

Stylus support would be nice. What is your thought on this up and coming release from Teclast? I think it has promise if priced well and great to see 8GB of RAM + 128GB SSD.

Source: Gearbest listing.


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  1. Can I assume that it’s a touch screen, or is that too optimistic?

  2. The bezels look nicely narrow.

    • except form the bottom bezel that would easily fit a 16:10 display….

  3. With the new chips, it will support 4K @ 60Hz, are there any charging hubs that support that output level on HDMI?

    It seems like most of them are 4K @ 30Hz.

    Also, Is this chip or the N5000 going to be a better choice than the Core M? It’s 4/4 cores and threads vs 2/2, right? I don’t know what video out you can get from the Core M either, but it seems like the beginning of the age where 4K video is starting to be more realistic for regular people.

    • But it’s 4 crappy cores vs 2 very good cores.

      3d mark score 2700 vs 3500 m3-7y30 is still the win but not by much.

    • No, core M is more 2/4, and it much more powerful that the gemini lake. Gemini lake is on par with the I3 (Y, predecessor of core M) in the surface pro 3, which I have, and I also have a Core M which is almost twice as powerful. Gemini like is closer to the Atom X7 than it is to core M

  4. Nice

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