Alldocube M5 Review Now Online

Alldocube M5 Review Now Online

Alldocube’s second tablet with the Helio X20 is better than the X1 the 8.9″ version which ran into thermal throttling affecting the performance. The M5 is 10.1 inches with the same 2560 x 1600 resolution, but this time the screen is non-laminated with a gap of about 2mm between the screen and glass. And to top it off that screen isn’t exactly the brightest at around 190 lux.

Like the other model it does have LTE support two micro SIM slots and I’m lucky as the limited bands it does have at least work here in Spain. But it’s not a global LTE modem it’s using.  The review is below with my rating and pros and cons here.

The next tablet I’ll be reviewing is the Teclast M89, 7.9″ retina tablet with the hexa-core MediaTek MTK8176 and GX6250 GPU. After that, I also plan to review the Knote 5 Gemini Lake tablet from Alldocube and the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. Maybe the Chuwi Corebook.

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  1. I am hat only Qualcomm chips today are acceptable in tabs.
    After Teclats T9, if I remember right name of model, I run to Lenovo Tab 4 10″ and became happy

    • Which is why I’m looking forward to the Mi Pad 4 with a SD660 it should run everything well. But also the MTK8175 isn’t too bad, that’s the hex-core chip.

    • Not just tablets it applies to smartphones as well, i really wonder why dont more smartphone manufacturers uses snapdragon SoC.

      I know in the past qualcomm chips are expensive but they are now aggressively foraging into the budget/mid range market as well, for example the entry level snapdragon 450 cost about as much as helio p20/p23 and offers as near as makes no difference similar performance. xiaomi offers the 450 in their new entry level products but for the price you can only get a mt6750/t which is just on a lower league. I really dont get where the myth that the mediatek phones are cheaper comes from.

      its quite regrettable that the SD SoC are not fully realised in the tablet segment, i find it rather funny that the whole tablet market was forego and they went straight to the laptop market(i know it has a much bigger market but still…) At least we will be getting 20 hrs battery life from these snapdragon laptops!!!

      • I don’t get it either, only Lenovo seems to have used the Qualcomm chips in their tablets. The rest are all MediaTek if it’s Android. And for mobile, the Qualcomm chips can be just as cheap as you say and yet more efficient or slightly faster GPU’s. Even the older Adreno 506 can be the Mali GPU’s used in most MediaTek chips. It’s only the PowerVR GPU chips that are interesting.

        Like the GX6250 in the MTK8176 on paper it’s slower than the Mali T880 MP4 in the Helio X20, yet handles PUBG much better and most games with smoother FPS.

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