Deals: Cube Thinker i35 Now $459 – MSI 1050 Ti / i 7 Gaming Laptop $829

Deals: Cube Thinker i35 Now $459 – MSI 1050 Ti / i 7 Gaming Laptop $829

Edit: It’s dropped another $10, Gearbest must be clearing out stock of this one.

The AllDoCube Thinker i35 has been on sale the last week for $499.99, then $489.99 and has just dropped a further $20 now down to $459.99 for the last day which isn’t a bad price at all for a Core M3-7Y30, laptop with 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, wireless AC and most importantly the 13.5″ Surface Book 3000 x 2000 3:2 ratio fully laminated screen with Surface Pen support. The deal is here, but only 14 hours left on it before it expires.

MSI GL62M is now $829, this is a good price for a Nvidia 1050 Ti 4G gaming laptop. Enough power to play the latest titles on high to medium 1080p settings. It’s also got the last gen i7 7700HQ quad-core CPU, 8GB of DDR4 and 1TB hard drive. The spindle hard drive is the weakness of this system, but there is a spare NVMe x 4 slot in the laptop, so I highly recommend adding a Samsung 960 Evo or another SSD in there for the OS and your games. My review of that one is below and the deal is here.

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  1. HI Chris
    Do you think the iCube35 would fit into a MacBook Air case/envelope given the thinner bezels and the similar aspect ration and screen size?

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