Deal Alert: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 $199

Deal Alert: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 $199

Update $2: A reader sent in this code which seems to work: IT$MPN564 will lower the price to $189

A new lower price has popped up for the Redmi Note 5, Snapdragon 636 mobile. This 5.99″ 18:9 mobile has a lot on offer for the price, in fact, it’s the best mobile I’ve reviewed this price group. For $199 you get MicroSD support, dual SIM, FM Radio, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC 5.1. A very fast to focus dual pixel PDAF Samsung sensor (Very similar to the Galaxy S8’s) and even 4k video with EIS if you use Open Camera from Google Play Store.

And it can take those depth effect photos as it has a secondary camera of 5MP that captures the background. And great battery life thanks to the large 4000mAh battery. The $199 deal is here. 

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  1. Got it for 165 euros, the code still works. Why get a 625 when you can get a 636 for the same price?

    • Supposedly, the 625 gets an extra hour of battery life. Is it worth it? I canceled my first order for the 625 to buy the new 636 chip and the better camera.

      • The answer as always is a “it depends” but I’d argue that 1 extra hour max won’t make a huge difference in most cases. And if you are in that situation I’d say is far more convenient to get a decent powerbank to recharge it mid day.

  2. Thanks for the pointer on frequency bands.

    FYI, the code “IT$MPN564” still drops the price to $190, today 9 July.

  3. This looks great BUT evidently doesn’t work with T-Mobile (US) LTE? According to FrequencyCheck that uses Bands B2, B4, B12, B66, and B71. And according to the GearBest specs, this phone has none of those. This is really surprising (to a noob). Am I missing something simple, or is this typical?

    • I checked the description on the Gearbest app and it states that the global version of this phone has B4.

  4. I REALLY Appreciate Your Reviews…. Keeping Doing what you do…GREATFULL I AM

  5. Hi Chris, the promo code worked for me, $199 is a fantastic deal for this updated model. Thanks to your timely post, I was able to cancel another order I had already placed for the older model (with the Snapdragon 625 in it). So now you have saved me twice, the first time being my Jumper EZ Book 3 Pro purchase. Kudos to you for your great reviews and web site. I can’t thank you enough.

    • Heads up, it’s on Flash sale now and for the next two days at $189.99.

  6. Seems deal over, I only see 229$ :(((

    • Well, that was quick. I thought it had 8 hours left at least.

    • I found this code online seems to work: IT$MPnote5 lowers the price to $199 again.

  7. Hey Chris, I got my Redmi Note 5 last week from eglobalcentraluk, there’s a £5 off code (JAN5TD) to use as well. Delivered in 7 days by courier, no postage charge (or customs/import charge). Was already expecting a great phone based off your reviews, I think it looks/feels even better in person. So thanks, couldn’t be happier!

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