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Teclast F5 Up For Pre-Order, Pricing & Real Photos

Teclast F5 Up For Pre-Order, Pricing & Real Photos

Teclast’s new laptop hybrid the F5 is a smaller, weaker version of the Teclast F6 Core M3 I reviewed. This new Intel Celeron N4100 Gemini Lake model has a Lenovo Yoga style hinge, 360-degrees to use it has a tablet or the keyboard as a stand like the Teclast F6. One of the good things is it will be the first (And not the last I hope) Gemini Lake laptop or tablet to ship with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It has a 128GB SSD with easy access slot so you can upgrade it with a 2242 SATA M.2 SSD.

It has Intel Wireless AC, runs Windows 10 and sadly you can see from these real photos below that the laptop lacks a full USB 3 port only sports a Type-C one for charging, data and HDMI out. There is also a second micro HDMI out so it will be able to run up to two 4k displays. And the 1080p screen Teclast claim is fully laminated and you can even see it comes with a pre-applied screen protector like a lot of tech I review from China.

Pricing? Well, it’s up for pre-order for $369 at Gearbest, which is about $69 more than the EZbook X4 Gemini Lake laptop but this has double the RAM touchscreen screen with a 360-degree hinge. It is only 13mm slim and weighs under 1 kilo. But then again the Core M3-7Y30 power Thinker i35 with 3000 x 2000 Surface Book screen and 8GB of RAM is just $393 and it has a 256GB SSD. If you don’t need a 360-degree hinge (That one is 180 degrees only) it’s worth a serious thought.

What do you think, is this another winner from Teclast or having to use a hub or adaptor for USB a deal breaker? I’ll order one soon and expect a review towards the end of the month. early August hopefully.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. I’ve had my Teclast F6 Pro a few weeks now and I’m impressed so far. Great build quality, precision touchpad, keyboard delivers an awesome typing experience, speakers pump out better than the XPS 13 (with EQ). Even USB-C is fully working with Thunderbolt speeds – literally no complaints.

    Eagerly waiting for your F5 review. If it’s decent I’ll definitely pick one up!

    • Yes really enjoyed the Teclast F6, better keyboard than my Cube Thinker. But in the end, the Cube THinker screen was just too good to move over to the F6. I’m looking forward to testing the F5 I hope to have one by the end of the month.

  2. Would like to see how this compares to the Alldo Mix Cube Plus.

  3. Hi @Chris, I’m a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro user and about two months ago I purchased a Xiaomi air 12 7y30 on flash sale from gearbest mostly for light work while on the train and media consumption at home. I’m very satisfied with the air laptop but sometimes I feel I could make use of a touchscreen on such small and light device so I started to consider buying a Alldocube Knote 5 or this Teclast F5. Do you think its a justifiable purchase considering that I already own the Xiaomi air? If so, which one will you recommend considering that on flash sale the Knote 5 with keyboard is 275 USD?

    Thank you for your unbiased reviews. Very informative.

  4. Compact for an 116″ screen. It’s physically about the same size as a Cube iWork 10. Appealing.

  5. Are you sure about the screen not being laminated? The official Teclast page for it says it is an OGS 1080p screen. If it is, I may sell the Trekstor C11 I just got and pick this up instead, if I can catch it on a flash sale for closer to $300…

    • I am almost certain it is laminated,I read about it on a couple of other sites,and it says OGS screen.I really hope it is I have ordered one.

    • Oh I missed that some how, but great news its OGS!

      • Hey Chris, do you feel this laptop will work nicely with Linux? Currently my surface pro 3 is in its last legs and need a replacement.

        I’ll need to dual boot Windows+Linux(Ubuntu/Mint)

        I’ve never bought Chinese PC’s/tablets straight from China but I’ve been watching your channel for a year now. Keep up the good work!

  6. with such a huge bottom bezel they just could have fit a 16:10 (or 3:2) display in it

  7. I’ve never used this kind of laptop, so would someone explain, how do you turn off the keyboard when you use it as a tablet or when it’s used face down as a stand? I don’t see a hardware switch on the side. Thanks.

    • There is a sensor, once screen goes beyond 180 degrees keyboard is turned off.

      • Oh, that makes sense. It seems like a good option as a tablet alternative with the benefits of a laptop. I’m interested in this product, but I’ll wait for the reviews. The Lenovo products like this seem of good quality, and it might not be a savings to go with the F5, if this product has issues.

        • Is there a comparable Lenovo? I don’t think so. With the specs of this I think a Lenovo would be at least US$500, no?

          • Spend a dollar to save a dime. So if there were a comparable model where you had a warranty, and support, and no issues with the battery ballooning, or it going dead after an update, or just flat dying after a year… Would it be all about saving $100 bucks?

            This is like the Linux thing. Sure, it always supports Linux, you just need to spend 60+ hours to get it to work and you won’t have audio and just a few random crashes…but it runs Linux!

            I think it’s 100% smart to compare name brand products from last year, or even the current model to determine IF there is value and IF it is worth the risk. Don’t worry, Gearbest will offer you a $25 credit if it dies within the first year… maybe. Then when you buy the next one, how much will you have saved by paying twice?

            So, is there a comparable Lenovo? Yes, of course.

            • Spoken like someone who knows little to nothing about Linux and lives in a country with low import taxes. US$100 is not “a dime” for a lot of people not living in USA.

      • I have a cube iwork5x and reinstalled w10 but now the keyboard doesn’t auto disable when i flip the screen, all the drivers seem to be fine in device manager, how can i solve this? is the a way on w10 to turn this ON?

  8. the display looks awfull, too dark even in indoor pics

    • Not unusual if it’s a TN panel as the pics are from an angle. I’m more concerned about that one pic where it’s shows as a glossy, reflective, screen. Those are horrible!

  9. @Chris, one more thing. They mention Type-C “Fully featured”, which probably means charging, data and video out Could you:
    – Test USB Type-C Power Delivery power draw and what are the states. Especially since this supports quick charge and battery life seems to low. I assume one would need to carry a USB Type-C Power Bank.
    – Ensure that charging and other things (data, video) work simultaneously via dongle.


    • “battery life seems to low”…? Where are you getting this from?

    • I get that it’s small and so harder to put a big battery in there, but the processor runs at 4.8-6.0 watts so I think we need to wait for @chris review to see.

      • The marketing material. They market 5 hours of video playback, which is very low.

  10. Based on your previous post and their official website this supports digital stylus/pen (T6 stylus). Could you test that also?

    I wonder how this will work with Linux.

    • If I can also buy the stylus I will for it. Sometimes they don’t release it till well after.

      • It’s the same stylus as the F6, it’s been available for a while. I hope the manufacturers stick with their current styluses now, Teclast had a similar stylus to Cube’s iWork 10 ultimate for their X2 tablet, but those have been unavailable for years. Recent Cubes and Teclasts have used the no pressure level styluses also used by Onda and older Voyo. Not satisfying to use at all.

  11. Why are all these new N4100’s only 11.4 inch? Much to small for me. Are there 13 or 14 inch coming?

    • Well, so far there is only the Gemini Lake N4100 Jumper EZBook X4 with a 14.1″ inch screen The EZbook X1 I don’t think is out yet, but it’s like this one with only 4GB of RAM.

    • One argument for smaller is a low power consumption CPU is a good match for a small screen, small battery, and low overall device weight while still maintaining good battery life. So for targeting high travel use case and student/backpacks, etc. If weight is not important for someone then it makes sense to go for a bigger screen, bigger keyboard and body, bigger battery, which then enables a more powerful CPU while still keeping battery life decent.

      • Also, just IMO, I never used to think about a notebook less than 15″ size. But lower cost of large external monitors has changing that. 90% of the time I’m computing at home w/27″ monitor. And now even low cost notebooks are coming with HDMI 2.0, FHD if not UHD, and decent GPU’s. The 2-in-1 fold-back/tablet mode also helps since you can often just bring the screen closer to you, compensating for the smaller size (provided the screen his at least 1080P.

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