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Teclast F5 Hands-On (Finally)

Teclast F5 Hands-On (Finally)

After missing out on the first batch sent, then super slow delivery with DPD I finally have Teclast’s little F5, a promising 11.6″ Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptop with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. A 360-degree hinge, 1080p fully laminated touchscreen and a super light and thin design. For an ultraportable travel laptop, it ticks all the boxes but one, it doesn’t have a full sized USB port.

01:24 – Size and weight
01:35 – Design & build
06:06 – Unlocked bios
06:45 – Screen bleed
07:22 – Windows & performance
11:51 – Keyboard & touchpad
13:09 – 4k60p & Type-C
16:06 – Speakers
16:49 – Linux
17:51 – First impressions
19:00 – Pros & Cons (So Far)

Above is my first hands-on look which will be followed up in a week or some once I’ve been using enough to know all its ins and outs. So far the performance is really quite good for the spec, 9W TDP helps. And that 8GB of RAM of course, as a result, feels a little quicker than the Chuwi Lapbook SE I just reviewed. But the keyboard is a comprise, they always are at 11.6″ but for the size and the touchpad both are decent. But not going to match the Lapbook SE’s great keyboard and touchpad. This one cost $329 but is now selling for a little higher.

Loving the weight of it, only 1.05 kilos and just 15mm thin. More on this one soon!

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    • I guess not, because USB type c3.1 laptop should be charged with a usb cable with type c on both ends, where the end on the charger or (maybe power bank) being usb c (PD). Its only my guessing.

  1. Hi Chris,

    I purchased this laptop due to your great review. Still awaiting shipment. I’m curious, does upgrading to a faster SSD (especially a faster write time) shows any real world noticeable improvement? With some of the problems I’m reading about refreshing Windows is cloning preferred for this laptop? Also, do you recommend a good USB-C Hub? Screen protector?


  2. I am considering getting either this or the JUMPER EZbook X1. In my eyes, it seems like they are the same laptop, just with 4GB less RAM and half of the storage is eMMC (64GB SSD + 64GB eMMC). I want to give it to my father as his first ever experience with a computer (he’s not that old xD 50 years old). I wonder if it’s worth going for the Techlast since there is a 25-26% price difference between those two… If anyone has an opinion, let it be welcome 😛

  3. Hi
    Waht you feel about F5 vs F6 Pro?

    • F6 is better in many ways, only the full laminated screen of the F5 is better and it’s smaller. But the F6 Pro has a better keyboard, touchpad and performance is faster due to Core M3 7Y30

  4. Did you manage to make the wireless and trackpad work in Linux?

  5. hello Chris G. I’m new member here. I bought teclast f5 after saw your review about teclast f7.
    When my unit came, I remove all windows 10 and then install fresh windows 10 home, also install all drivers, BUT now tablet mode does NOT work anymore (keyboard still active when I open above 180 degree angle), a lot of people also facing same problem.
    Can you help me posting the original windows 10 home from teclast f5 ?
    Also I notice battery life is now worse using fresh windows 10 home, compare to original windows 10 home from teclast f5.

    Also when I ENABLE power limit in bios setting (to improve batter life), it won’t enable, because when I checked using hwinfo, power limit still 14.

    Are you experience the same problem ?



    • Hi, I have a backup image of the original stock Windows 10 installation here: https://techtablets.com/teclast-f5/drivers/ Yes I’m now on my Transcend 256GB SSD and had that issue install the keyboard angle driver from the driver dumb. Also the battery, yes it has dropped off. The power limit seems to stay put no matter the setting. I’ve noticed it’s very hard to change on the Gemini Lake. But at 14W it will perform great, however like what you’re trying to do save battery life I recommend using power settings to limit the CPU turbo. This will save power. Stop the CPU holing 2.3Ghz on all 4 cores and using about 8W in the process. If gaming it’s 14W.

      • Thank you very much for your kind support. I will try to install the original stock windows 10 home, and I will report to you about angle driver and battery life.

      • Hello
        I’ve done installed original stock windows 10 home for teclast f5. Everything works now, thank you sooo much, my teclast f5 is now better.

        Also for power limit, seems like enabling power limit on bios doesn’t effect anything

  6. Hi i am a new user would like to help me I also have the F5 Teclas I have a problem the BIOS does not recognize the SSD please help me thanks here I leave a link where I put a test video: https://youtu.be/DgNw8DSSqyA

    • Hello, I got same issue. I found out that if you get your ssd out of the notebook and wait a bit, then put it back it boots. But my Windows freezes often and sometimes ssd disappears from BIOS. I suspect it is either bios issue or ssd firmware issue. I wrote to teclast but more than a week and no response. I don’t wanna buy another ssd for 40 euro to find out it is not the problem, but this is so scarce kind of ssd – 2242 size – that I cannot find one to test. I really like the device, but this problem is frustrating.

      • hello we have almost the same problem, I also sent a message to the teclast page a week ago and they did not answer me a few days ago I wrote to gearbest and they said they would help me with my problem but they still do not answer me, sure that all this week is a holiday in China. I would like to contact you to solve this problem together. My email is [email protected].

  7. Do you know if the chuwi h13 stylus is compatible with the F5 ? I read somewhere that this screen and pen uses the same tech.

    Gearbest – Original Chuwi HiPen H3 Dual-chip Stylus for Chuwi Hi13 – SILVER

  8. This is nice! You were correct in noting the goofy placement of the webcam, but that is not such a deal breaker. If there were some reasonable way to run Android on it, I’d be ready to replace my tablet with one of these. Really like the form factor and 2 in 1 design for portability.

    • Bliss Oreo, Android x64 ISO might be able to run on ti well. I’ll have to test it out.

      • Thank you, I would really appreciate that. I like my Chuwi Hi12, but I’d be happy to retire it and this seems like a good replacement.

  9. Been waiting for this review, Chris. Great job. Would you in all honesty say that if you not looking for a 2-in-1 that this, at least performance wise, doesn’t completely render the F7 worthless? I love the keyboard on the F7 very much and I love the real estate that the 14″ display provides. Maybe I’ll wait patiently for Teclast to out a Gemini Lake 8GB model F7. Anyway, this seems very nice but I like having more ports and less cramped keyboard.


    • No not completely, the Teclast F7 is still a great laptop. I have mine, but my new favorite is the Lapbook SE, slightly better build, keyboard and touchpad. (I’m typing this on it now) The Teclast F5 I’m finding a little small for extended periods of typing but have to admit getting use to it.

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