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Teclast F5 Coming By The End Of The Month

Teclast F5 Coming By The End Of The Month

The Teclast F5 model is coming at the end of the month, It’s an 11.6″ 1080p IPS 360-degree hinge laptop powered by the Gemini Lake N4100, with 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM, 128GB SSD with SSD hatch for easy upgrading. It will support a stylus, has a premium metal build and wireless AC with BT 4.1. The Teclast F5 has a type-c port, micro HDMI out and MicroSD slot. Sadly, no full-sized USB ports which is odd.

There is also no mention if that 1920 x 1080 IPS screen is fully laminated. Fingers crossed it is, but I’ll have to confirm this once I get hold of one to review. The F5 runs Windows 10 Home and weighs less than 1 kilo and is 13mm thin. The battery is 7700mAh and good for 5 hours according to the press material below.

Overall it looks good, great to see 8GB of RAM with the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100, but disappointing there is no full-sized USB port. Which means you’ll have to carry around an adaptor or type-c hub.

Gearbest will be selling it here once in stock. But no word on pricing yet.


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  1. Page title says $501. Expect it will need to launch cheaper

  2. I appreciate deletion of full size usb, in fact it is time for manufacturers to delete it in toto, and replace it by only type-c

    • than use an apter even for a usb dongle?
      so what? let’s ger rid f the card reader too….you always can use an adapter..

      NO WAY
      usb is far too common and too often used to get rid of it

  3. the smaller the display (on a notebook), the more is the need of a 16:10 /3:2 aspect ratio to get a minimum productivity

    • and with such a bottom bezel…the room for a “taller” display was there

  4. why they say ”long lasting” battery when its only 5 hours? am i missing something here?

  5. No wait, so the f6 is the current flagship, the f7 is a entry level ultrabook and the f5 is a tab better than the f7?

    teclast really need a new naming scheme!!!

  6. Do you know if the SSD hatch is for the shorter M2 ?? thanks.

    • It looks like the 2242 size so yes and it being 11.6″ I don’t imagine they would have a lot of room for bigger.

      • A small headsup, the press release pictures do say 1920×1080 OGS. So it should be fully laminated.

    • depensing on how big the housing is you might be able to fit a msata(with a m.2 adater)

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