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Deals: Chuwi LapBook SE $269.99 Sale (Updated)

Deals: Chuwi LapBook SE $269.99 Sale (Updated)

Update #2 It’s back to the $269.99 price but you must use coupon GB&TACWlapbookse on checkout to get it for that price. It also now comes with a free USB hub and 3.5mm earphones. You can be sure the will

Update: I’m not sure what happened to the $269.99 price (As per first image below) But the laptop is $279.99 on the site.

Starting tomorrow (Monday the 20th) the Chuwi Lapbook SE, the new backlit 13.3″ Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptop with 128GB SATA3 SSD, 4GB DDR4 RAM and 1080p fully laminated screen will be on sale for $269.99. That’s down from $299 at its current launch price. Apart from the 4GB of RAM, this one looks promising, interesting to note that while it has an M.2 128GB SSD it also has a 32GB eMMC onboard that could be used for the recovery partition, drivers or just for more storage. I hope to have one soon to review, so I will confirm if Chuwi has used it for anything or it’s just a leftover on the motherboard.

The battery is 37Wh’s like the Jumper EZBook X4 and it has a mini HDMI port, Intel Wireless AC, runs Windows 10 Home and has a full metal thin and light build. The Chuwi Lapbook SE sale is here and starts Monday the 20th in China and ends on the 10th of September.

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  1. Be very cautious with this offer. I have placed my “pre-order” on 10 August and the shipment date was set for 15-20 August. On 20 August I was told that I have to wait 5-10 more days. Now on 30 August, I was just told that I have to wait between 10-14 more working days. This is outrageous – Waiting for 2 months for this item.

    • Hey Value, I ordered about the same time and yeah this is going on a bit now. I have seen what? 6 flash sales? Gearbest seems to do this often and the advice is (@45 days without shipping) to put a claim in with Paypal. They then tend then to get a move on or they cancel.

      It’s telling there are no reviews anywhere in any language…

    • Also I


    Without trying to rush you and with appreciation of the tons of reviews you have been outputting the last weeks, do you have any idea of when you might review the Chuwi Lapbook SE? I want to buy it, but I want your stamp of approval first. Thank you!

  3. I would consider buying this laptop but i´m having some questions. Maybe someone can help me?

    1) regarding the return policy of Gearbest, you can return within 30 days and ask your money back. Does it also apply to this laptop as it is currently on sale? I saw on the Gearbest site that returns will not be accepted if the product is on sale. So does that apply in this case?
    I would use Paypall as payment method so i should be protected right?

    2) I saw a review of the screen being quite dull concerning the colors on the edges of the screen. Has anyone had any experience with this problem?

    3) If i want to avoid Import taxes, what kind of delivery option should i choose? Priority line or expedited shipping? I live in Belgium btw.

    Thanks in advance!

    • 1) Returns are always a challenge with all those sites. It can take ages to get your money back. I generally always use Paypal for Gearbest. If they state that a sale does not allow returns, i would not shop there.

      3) Never do expedited. That will cost you extra for sure. With sites like Banggood, Gearbest and Geekbuying i always use EU priority and it has never failed me. They ship it to, say, England or Poland, and from there to your country to avoid taxes.

  4. Looks like it might be back to $269 with promo code “GB&TACWlapbookse” but not sure how long

  5. For some reason this laptop is not posting to Australia! I hope this isn’t a new trend for Gearbest, I love my cheap laptops and was pretty keen to try this out at $269 🙁

  6. Anyone know when they will be starting shipping them? ive ordered mine in preorder so they should send me it today (20 august) yes?

  7. 16:9 is awfull on display less than 22-24″ (where you can actually put 2 A4 side by side)
    I can accept it on travel netbook in order to shrink size to the max (though they usually put huge bottom bezels…cause they need room for the touchpad)

  8. @chris: thanks for finding this. I’m hoping to watch your review before buying

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