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Chuwi Lapbook SE – More Details & $279 Pre-Order Price

Chuwi Lapbook SE – More Details & $279 Pre-Order Price

Update 4th Agust: Coupon GB&TACWlapbookse lowers the price to $279.99 including postage this is the same exact price as the Jumper EZBook X4 laptop with the exact same N4100 quad-core and 4GB DDR4, however, this has the fully laminated IPS screen so quite a good deal. The listing is here.

More details on Chuwi’s premium 13.3″ Gemini Lake laptop the Lapbook SE. This one has a fully laminated screen that’s despite it’s 13.3 inches Chuwi claim it is really the size of a typical 12″ laptop as the keyboard is an edge to edge one and the bezels on the side are very thin. It’s running Windows 10 Home, has wireless AC and the new press info on Gearbest’s listing gives us all the details. Two USB 3.0 ports, DC charging, MicroSD slot, Mini HDMI and 34Wh battery.

It has a 32GB eMMC and 128GB SSD (M.2 spec) it’s odd they have the 32GB eMMC drive in there, maybe it simply has the drivers on it like some manufacturers like Voyo do? The touchpad looks rather large in size and should be a precision drive controlled one.

The SoC used is the Celeron N4100 quad-core with a 2.4Ghz max turbo and is paired up with only 4GB of RAM but the faster DDR4 spec at 2400Mhz. The price? Well, it’s priced cheaper than the new EZBook X4 with an IPS screen at $279 USD and judging from the spec and build it looks promising.

Chuwi Lapbook SE press images and info:

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  1. First real view @IFA Berlin

    • The Chuwi desktop PC looks more interesting to me. I wonder what the price for that will be?

  2. found the reason for the 32gb eMMC..
    apparenlty Gearbest is planning to sell the exact same laptop with Alfawise brand without the m.2 ssd.
    only with the 32gb eMMC.
    even the photos at the page are the same as Chuwi’s but without the logo.
    check it.

    • better be damn cheap since you’re gonna have to buy something like a Sandisk Ultrafit USB-3 drive. 32gb is almost unusable even for Linux.

      • it will still have the m.2 slot though.. so you are buying an ssd and then you have the same laptop

  3. 4 GB RAM, bah humbug! Let’s hope for a 8 GB model, it the battery was a little bigger one might get 8 hours usetime, with the one used no way.

  4. Hey, I am reading info and watching reviews about new Gemini Lake Teclast, Chuwi and Jumper notebooks. No one seems to mention anything about recording music programs and how these new Intel chipsets manage programs such as Logic Pro Tools, Sonar by Cakewalk, etc…
    Would you recommend this laptop if you were to buy a laptop to surf the net, office tasks, hdmi connection with a TV to watch high definition series and record music with a soundcard? I don’t need gaming power or video editing power, just a laptop that handles those tasks and is reliable and durable…

    • Probably not. Those apps usually call for at least a Core i5. Btw, the latest 8th generation Core-i3 is as powerful as older i5’s so you could potentially save some money there. The Gemini Lake Celeron and Pentium processors are a lot less powerful. But the best thing is to go confirm with users of those applications on discussion forums focused on that.
      But you mention “with a sound card” so you are talking about using an external USB sound card? It’s possible it might work but hard to know. Again, ask this question on the app forums.
      Also, IMO these brands are not all that durable comparatively speaking. For that, better you go for a Dell or Lenovo.

      • Ok, Brad, I followed your advice and went to their websites and asked. You’re absolutely right, people recommend something more powerful. And your advice on durability is a deal breaker for me, I need something that lasts for years.
        Thank you very much for your answer. By the way, I don’t mean to waste your time, but I’d like to know your opinion: if you were to buy an 8th gen i3 laptop on a budget right now, what would you choose?

        • If size/weight/thin-ness is a concern I’m not sure. If size/weight is not a concern then these two would be at the top of my shopping list for low price and popular (so parts are likely available in the future should something fail). But there are also Dell Inspiron and HP Pavilion models at or near this price range. Just keep an eye out for sales and search for “Core i3-8130U” and 8GB RAM. That’s the 8th gen Core-i3 CPU you want.
          Lenovo Ideapad 330:
          Acer Aspire E:

          (or Acer Aspire 3). Also note that Lenovo has a low rez screen but there are other models with FHD/1080p screen. Not sure if that matters to you. If it were me, I’d put the money towards a good external 24″ monitor and/or a faster or bigger SSD drive.

          • How is that different from the core m3-8100Y Chris mentioned somewhere 15w TDP right but fan cooled not passive? in the UK here with have VAT to deal with on top so these deals aren’t so good with taxes on top.

            • The 5 watt TDP m3-8100Y might be very good for battery life. The sustained-performance will prob depend a lot on how well the passive cooling system is implemented. That turbo/boost clock rate of 3.4Ghz is very high for a passively cooled device. It’s performance may very well be close to the Core i3-8130U. We’ll have to wait n see.

            • Well taxes are a diff subject. But you pay taxes on stuff bought from China too, right?

          • Thanks a million! I’ll keep an eye on these! Thanks!

  5. Hi, where does it say that it is fully laminated?

    • The first info that came out, I’m certain I saw laminated or OGS like the Lapbook Air. But if want to hold off and I will confirm this when my order arrives. It hasn’t shipped yet, but hopefully next week.

  6. Ya 4gb ram is low, it need 8 minimum.
    Does it have an expension slot to had more ram??

    • not likely

      • who makes a brand new laptop without an expansion slot?‍♂️ that’s a deal breaker…

        • It’s very common with low priced notebooks, even “big” brands like Acer, Lenovo,etc.
          One obvious reason is to reduce cost, but also processors like the Celeron N4100 and Pentium N5000 have a max memory usage of 8GB. So expansion is limited anyway.
          Also sometimes reliability and even speed is better with memory soldered onto the main board instead of in slots.

  7. Chuwi? NEVER AGAIN. Bought 14.1, keyboard started failing very soon. No answers from their aftet sale, no place have available spare parts. Most expensive gear I ever bought.

    • You were probably just unlucky. These failures happen with all brands/models even the “big name” brands, albeit perhaps less frequently. At least Chuwi has an actual customer/support discussion forum and *sometimes* provides software updates/support. Jumper provides nothing, not even a forum.
      That said, I know how you feel. I bought a Jumper notebook that crapped out on my after only 2 months. Same. I was unlucky. I kinda feel like Chuwi is a little better quality than Jumper in general, but dunno if that’s just my biased perception.

      • Oh, and a couple other things. These cheap chinese brands tend to do little or no QA/testing and so buyers end up being their QA department. So buying a device from the first/early batch, or a new design (like the Lapbook 14.1 at that time) carries extra risk of being unlucky.
        One problem is if reviewers don’t buy their own devices (like I think @chris does) to test and get sent one for free from Gearbest/etc., then they are reviewing one that has very likely been tested, where that is likely not the case when you buy one.

  8. I just noticed, that is a MAJOR FAIL if they make the key layout as pictured above… that small right-shift key and a full size up-arrow is really a dumb idea. The much more often used should be large, the same as the left-side key and the arrow keys should be handled in the space of the three bottom-right keys (like the way the Jumper EZB3P does it).

    • I meant the much more often used R-shift-key should be full size, same as the L-shift-key, at the expense smaller sized up+down arrows.

    • I also think it makes more sense to put the end-key below the pg-down key, not below the home-key.

    • Agreed the right side shift key is a deal breaker for me if they made it the size of the left side it would be good to go.

  9. I just hope it wont have as much edge bleeding as the some of the CoreBook had, since its probbely the same screen they are using

    • I finally got my Corebook today, no glass lamination issues as some pointed out in the forum. It’s just the screen protector. I’m seeing some top and right side edge bleed a little. Not a huge issue and only really see it with some color backgrounds and looking at black. Touch accuracy and response is good, however. Still, I wish it wasn’t there. I think they will use the same laminated as the Corebook panel it makes sense to me as they have stock of it, cheaper and still a good screen. But because the lamination and glass could be different it might look better or worse. I’ll find out when I get mine.

  10. is the glass screen extend to the edge like Lapbook Air or framed by plastic like Lapbook 14.1inch and 15.6 inch?

    • I’m not 100% sure until I get it, but as far as I know, it’s like the Lapbook Air’s screen so glass fully laminated like a touchscreen (But no touch) and plastic lip or edge.

  11. my guess it will ship with 8GB ram like the F5
    then it would be a good choice
    It just miss a USB-C

    • Yes maybe they will later bring out an 8GB model, it’s only two more chips to add on the motherboard for them. But it would cost about $70-$80 more I think which is why they are releasing this one first.

  12. hello chris.
    you think it’s good idea to sell my ezbook 3 pro v3 (crappy touchpad) and spend another 80 euro to buy the chuwi se?
    what do you think? i am really thinking about it..

    • Yes but I really don’t know until I get my hands on it to review it. But so far it does look like it could be the best one yet especially for $279.99

      • i am waiting for your review for this one. so i can decide between the Jumper X4 (ips version) and the Chuwi SE.. although the chuwi looks much better.. hope it is as good as it looks..

      • another question. do you believe that the F6 pro worth the extra 100 euros for what it offers?

  13. N4100 devices popping out left n right. With a (supposed) 80% multi-core performance improvement over the N3450, it’s no wonder.

    • They are a noticeable step up from the older Apollo Lake N3450, but still not at Core M3-7Y30 level of course. Intel can’t have it betting that chipset.

  14. Looks very beautiful. I am curious about its weight.

    • Chuwi claims it’s 1.5 kilos so a little heavier than the EZbook X4 by about 100 grams.

    • The Gearbest page says around 1.5 kilos.

      • Sorry yes, 1.5kilos I replied to the wrong thread. Thought this was about the F5! 1.5 kilos is about 100 grams heavier than the EZbook 3 series, but that’s due to the laminated glass on that screen I think.

      • I’m seeing a *package* weight of 1.438 kg on the Gearbest page. No mention of the product weight, unless that’s just a mistake…

  15. So probably best to just nuke and pave it to a Linux distro, set up an 8GB /swap partition and just empty out the 32GB eMMC to offset that lax RAM + space loss. Assuming everything works right ootb ergo touchpad etc though.

  16. I can’t believe it only has 4GB of RAM in 2018… Otherwise this looks like a beauty.

    • Yes I would love to see an 8GB version of this then it could be perfect if the rest of it is as good as it looks!

  17. Looks very cute. Four speakers…Hmmm…. Looking to finding out more about this one. Thanks, C!

    • Well, I’ll be sure to review it, but next up is the Corebook from Chuwi. Very overdue. I was meant to get the damn thing today but the courier still hasn’t arrived and I’m about to head home. So next week.

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