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Chuwi Lapbook SE Review Online & Why No 8GB Model?

Chuwi Lapbook SE Review Online & Why No 8GB Model?

You might have seen the full video review of the Lapbook SE already on Youtube, and now the written review and rating is now up. You can check that out here: Chuwi Lapbook SE Review. Overall this turned out much better than I imagined and definitely better than the EZbook X4 even with the IPS screen this model has the best keyboard of the sub $300 laptops. And it really boils down to the 4GB of DDR4 RAM if it’s enough for you. So where is the 8GB model?

There is a tweet on the Chuwi Twitter page it was coming soon in August. But no sign of it, however a comment on my video in YouTube said that Chuwi has OS licensing issues for the 8GB model. Microsoft wants twice as much for licensing fees but they are in negotiations with them. A possible November release date. I hope we do see the 8GB model then.

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    • So this is the REAL reason. Shame on them RAM fixing is killing it for limiting us to mostly 4GB

  1. Especially annoying for those who don’t even want to run Windows on it. (I don’t)
    I understand though that the market for a laptop without windows is very small so that’s probably not worth it for Chuwi.

  2. Today i received my lapbook se. But its password protected. Never had such experience. Now waiting for response from Chuwi official store in Ali express.

    • That is not right, was it bought from a seller? Sounds like it has been used. Factory reset it if you can or do a new install. But get the selling to fix it or part refund for this issue. It’s not new.

      • Bought from Chuwi official store in Ali Express.

        • No need to return, ensure you get a part refund and just install a fresh copy. Win win

      • Chuwi official store sent me the following link-

        There are four files. Can you or anyone kindly help me by writing few lines on how to use this 4 files to reinstall window. Thank you.

        • You need to expect those files onto a USB pen drive named WINPE and then boot to it. Put all the exacted files into the root of the pen drive too otherwise it will not work. Format it NTFS.

          Boot from the bios, to enter the bios press Delete key on boot at the first appearance of the Chuwi logo on the screen. Press it a few times just to be sure the system gets the enter bios request.

          • Many thanks. Now its fixed, running smoothly. The only thing i disliked is the writing of chuwi brand logo on the outside, big white coloured font in silver background. Looks very odd. Another problem is C drive, only 32 GB, emmc. And many many thanks Chris for your help.

  3. Just received a reply from Chuwi, regarding the 8GB RAM model:

    “The 8GB version will not come to the market in a short time, since we have some OS authorization issues need to be solved. If you need a laptop with 8GB ram, please turn to Lapbook Air. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

    At first we thought we could sell before November, but Microsoft Charged twice the licsence fees on the 8GB version, and we are still negotiating with them. ”

    Do you belive that for office, emails and browsing, is 4GB enough?

    • Yes it’s enough for that. I think it’s mentioned in the video.

  4. Will the 4GB Ram version be enough for light video editing?

    • Yes for 1080p basic edits. But huge long clips, big edits, and overlays, filters etc. It will struggle.

  5. Is the 4gb version worthy of making the Recommended Notebooks list, or will you plan to add the 8gb version if and when it arrives?

    Really looking forward to the Teclast F5 full review, hopefully it will be another contender for the list.

    • Yes, it should be on the list. I’ll update it as soon as I have time. The Teclast F5 is good, but it has a lot of compromises, for example smaller size means, no full sized ports, small battery, only good for about 4 hours. Smaller keyboard, not as good as the Lapbook SE’s of course. But the performance is great, the 8GB of RAM and the touchscreen and 360-degree hinge is good. Also the light weight and thinkness, it’s so slim.

      The review will be sometime next week. Just been using it a full week ti know all the ins and outs.

  6. Haha ! Money, money ! Afraid for Surface Lapbook ? ?

  7. What about the Huawei matebook d ryzen? It costs 625 dollars in US and I also found it at 600 euros from Amazon Italy. Could potentially be the best laptop at price – performance out there.

    • Yes I hope to review it, but right now stopped buying review units. I’m taking a break soon for 4-5 weeks in New Zealand with only a few reviews planned. But I want to check it out when I’m back.

  8. Why not releasing a 8Go RAM version without any preinstalled operating system?

    • It would definitely bring down their sales. Not everybody is a power user who knows how to install Windows or get it for cheap. Plus once they launch an 8GB version and people don’t like it because of no Windows, when and if the Windows variant is launched, it’ll be old news with no coverage.

    • NOPE
      a complete production of Windows preinstalled machines is usually part of the agreement for lower price oem licenses

  9. would it hurt them to use socketed SODIMM instead of soldering the RAM on?

    • eventually the MS agreement is low license price for 4GB not expandable ram and “atom” cpu

      • You know I think that has something to do with it. MS might be blocking the use of SODIM RAM, but for me that is the next step on these laptops. Even if it was just one SO-DIMM slot, would be great.

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