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Chuwi Hi9 Plus Review Online

Chuwi Hi9 Plus Review Online

Just a heads up if you missed the video review on YouTube or you want a brief write up on the Hi9 Plus. Well, here it is the Chuwi Hi9 Plus written review, video review and rating is online. This tablet with a better chipset or greatly optimised ROM could make one of the better Android Chinese tablets seen this year. There are many points it covers so well where most typically fail.

Better speakers than so man other sub $200 tablet, great Wireless speeds and range for the chipset, 4G EU band support and dual SIM. You can make calls on it, it has GPS and FM radio and the keyboard cover case stand is really not bad at all and much better than expected. Ultimately I think it’s the Helio X27 lag to blame, but then again in Teclast’s hands, this same spec the MediaTek Helio X27 4GB of RAM in the Teclast T20 feels so much smoother.

Maybe it just needs a good patch to fix it. By the way, Chuwi’s store on Aliexpress told me one is coming. But I’m not holding my breath it will be the cure, I hope I’m wrong.

See: Chuwi Hi9 Plus Review.

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  1. chuwi just pushed out a 1gb update for the hi9 plus.

    there is a noticeable improvement in the performance of the tablet, app drawer and recent apps pretty much opens instantly now. web navigation is much smoother as well, there is still the odd stutter here and there but this probably down to the limitations of the mtk chipset.

    unfortunately touch responsiveness does not appears to have any improvement and there is still no pressure sensitivity from the stylus. it actually feels like chuwi made the sensitivity low on purpose just so they can simulate some form of palm rejection but i digress.

    have not tested any games but the benchmarks scores are the same so it cant be worse than before. however, there is still no thermal information so you cant really tell if its throttling or just poor optimization anyway.

    at least the tablet is now being identified as a hi9 plus and not a hi9 pro like before LOL

    • Yes, it definitely felt faster and smoother. Same here no touch improvements, still have the odd touch here and there that doesn’t register at all. It’s almost as if the digitizers going into a sleep state and need a second to wake first. Now if they could use a P60 or SD660, fix the stylus/touch input it would be a really great tablet.

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