FIMI X8 SE 4k Drone – Xiaomi’s Mavic Pro Clone $429 (Update)

FIMI X8 SE 4k Drone – Xiaomi’s Mavic Pro Clone $429 (Update)

Update there is now a $70 coupon off now GBFIMIX8SE this lowers the price to $429 limited to only 200 units. Glad I waited to order it. It’s not shipping until February so it’s a long wait, look for my review sometime in mid to late Feb 2019!

It’s been a while since I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k and for well over 15 months we had not seen any new 4k drones from them. That has changed with the launch of the FIMI X8 SE, this is a Mavic Pro clone you could say with a 3 axis gimbal, 4k 100Mbps footage capture and a foldable design like the DJI Mavic series.

This new drone is under the FIMI brand but is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and it has a very decent 33 minutes of flight time, a max range of 5kms with your typical GPS positioning with auto-hover using the onboard cameras. It even has auto hover without GPS just using both the cameras. So this will work indoors where you can’t get a stable GPS lock. Like the Mavic series you have tracking modes, but there isn’t any collision avoidance, not even in the front which looks like it might house front facing cameras and sensors like the Mavic Pro.

Like all Xiaomi products, it’s about its low price point and the quality yet get for that price, if it’s anything like the Mi Drone the build will be great. The FIMI X8 SE will be priced at around $499 USD from retailers like Gearbest which is half what you’ll pay for the Mavic Pro 2. Shipping will begin mid-January. There is also a much cheaper 1080p DJI Mavic Air style drone from FIMI called the A3 that is also coming in January, that once costs about $275.

Official FIMI X8 SE Press images and info:

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  1. I have ordered one with that coupon and hope they had learned their lesson. No obstacle sensor is a shame but

    you will not rely on a system that finally won’t detect a branch of a tree in that particular moment when you really need it.

    That’s why I bought it : a pure, simple, reliable, powerfull drone with a strongbrange and battery

    Most important:

    it is smaller than the huge 4K one that everybody could spot easily and that appeared intrusive to others

    I can’t wait to get it in my hands and to play with it.

    • Not a bad coupon at all, cheapest I’ve seen it on the internet. But not shipping until February, they are still testing the firmware apparently and not quite ready. An early hands-on video has confirmed this. It seems like while it looks like it has forward cameras or sensors there is nothing there, not yet maybe in a future updated model.

      That’s true too about the sensors, it will see a wall, a bit branch but not twigs or tiny leaves. So it’s not 100% foolproof. With my flying, I’m in open spaces in a private area alongside a national park. I don’t really need sensors like that.

      Yes, the big old Mi Drone is super loud and people find it manacing and call the police.

  2. Waiting for first reviews.

    • I’ll not be the first that’s for sure, some guys in China. But I hope it’s great otherwise I will have to cancel my order and review.

      • It doesn’t matter who is first and who is second, quality of content is more important nowadays. There is also Hubsan Zino 4k, comparison of these two drones will be interested.

        • That is true, but if there are like 20 reviews of it in great detail and from big channels my coverage of the drone will get little in the way of attention, and there is not chance for me to make back any of my investment (I don’t get free review units normally)

          YouTube sadly favors those that are first, not the best. A horrible robot voice commentated stolen Chinese clip would get a million views. A proper English hands-on with pros and cons with 4k samples months later will get view few views.

  3. I guess after the Gatwik events….I’ll wait for the regulators reaction before buying a drone….

    • It won’t be long until they are banned globally.

    • Let’s wait and see.

      The airport was not able to deal with what they called drone. Was it a drone?

      They were even’t able to make pics or videos. Pretty poor performance.
      Nowadays anybody can build flying objects from Helicopter to drone to airplane.

      The airport and its preparation was the real problem. In Berlin a truck terrorist killed people on a chrismas market – did anyone call for forbidding trucks …?

      But the worst: Gatwick showed terrorists another cheap and effective way to damage the society. Gatwick should have solved the issue silently. That how the “Büchse / rifle of the Pandorra” works:

      No one can make it undone and simply everyone has heard of it, even continental europe where they simply knew just 1 airport called heathrow

      • Yes, it’s pathetic how they handled this I think. And admit they couldn’t handle it, stop it or find the culprits. Not really something you should do as it will give others ideas. The sad thing is like everything it only takes a few idiots and we all loose out.

        But then I can remember a few years ago when I got stuck in Heathrow when it snowed, the hold place come to a complete standstill. No flights, people sleeping on the floor and I was in that mess, stranded with crazy expensive London hotel prices due to the delays I was forced to return to Spain. UK isn’t prepared for many things like other European countries.

  4. according to camera quality it’s more proper to compare it with the Mavic PRO 1, which is now at 800$ street price and going down
    let’s hope they can shrink out some software/AI collision avoidance feature from the front and bottom cameras
    a 800g drone without collision detection…..and at such a price… gonna make messes!!!!
    and all of the drone world will be affected

    • It’s a real shame it doesn’t have the collision avoidance. The Mi Drone didn’t and it’s not an issue for me personally. But for people new to drones having it can save the nightmare of crashing one and having $499 down the drain.

      • given the price tag (500$ at launch will eventually turn into 350-400$ street price) I’m more worried about lots of 800g drones flying around without collision detection
        IF (when) a disaster will happen….the legislator will be Draconian against drones!!!

        • It’s only a matter of time they are banned worldwide. Here it is very restricted where you can fly, the hight limit and not out of visuals. I fly in an abandoned area nowadays with nobody around. But you always get idiots that will ruin it for everyone.

          • thats why I’m still waiting for a sub 250g drone with Mavic Air like features

  5. Looking great on paper, will you be ordering it for a review?

  6. Isn’t Fimi a Xiaomi company just like Mijia, at least that’s what their site is saying.

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