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Teclast F7 Plus Hands-On Finally 8GB In A Good Build

Teclast F7 Plus Hands-On Finally 8GB In A Good Build

The Teclast F7 Plus as we all suspected is indeed from the same ODM that has the Chuwi Lapbook SE’s design and this right here the slightly larger 14″ Teclast F7 Plus. I’ve got high expectations with this one, considering the Teclast F7 turned out to be last gen’s Apollo Lake best budget laptop.

The build is almost identical to the Lapbook SE, some keyboard, just a fraction wider but still a great backlit keyboard. Same port locations and only a few differences, a larger touchpad that works great but doesn’t match the palm rest silver so well. A non-laminated glass screen! Ouch, I didn’t expect this and it also means the laptop due to this is a little thicker, around 3mm more. But the good news is the screen is much brighter at least, 50 lux more than the 200 Lux on the Lapbook SE. Both are fine for indoor use and I tend to run the screen about 30-40%

A brighter screen than the 113.3″ Lapbook SE, however, the glass isn’t fully laminated. The gap is about 1mm. And not a deal breaker I feel at all.

Another unexpected con is it’s 1.6 kilos weight. Around 180-190 grams heavier than the Lapbook SE. Maybe Teclast opted to use more copper inside or different speakers? I haven’t had a chance to up it up yet and see. The stock TDP is 6W Intel’s default and that 8GB of RAM is running at 2133Mhz dual channel! So room for some tweaks which I’ll get onto in the full review.

First impressions overall are great, just like the Chuwi Lapbook SE really but with 8GB of RAM. But heavier and than the non-laminated screen. Currently, the laptop is overpriced on Gearbest at $379, but it will be selling next week for $329 here so definitely hold off and wait for the sale!

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Hi, not sure if anyone else has this issue but the unlocked bios does not work properly. I disabe the TDP in tbe bios(Advanced CPU) , but it still throttles back to 6w after about 10 secs, the test i use is heavy load with core temp to monitot the wattage. When i use Rw-Everything, and use the 15w command it stays at 14 to 15 w. Bit dissapointing

    Hello guys:) This week, I’ve received a gray F7plus device from Teclast official page in Aliexpress (manufactured jan 2019 – Pre-configured Win10 account set in March.). Everything seems opitimal no second-hand. ++HOWEVER, when plugin-in the charging cable, there is a light static feeling on the metal case (i suppose that’s why the kayboard side is plastic).

    > Has anybody with a F7plus noticed this issue? Any solution? Or worst case, any good plastic film/case to cover the laptop without temperature concerns? tkx xx

  3. Hi Chris, I’ve received my Teclast F7 Plus last week and I was very pleased of it. However, to my discomfort I found out two issues with this product that affect my overall experience: first, the keyboard does not have enough feedback (compared to the other keys) when you press it (literally, I never realize whether I pressed it or not, and it’s really annoying); second, the touchpad sometimes misunderstands a left click for a right click (and this is not due to me clicking the right side of the pad…).
    Did you perhaps encounter these problems as well? I don’t know if I should RMA it or not (which would be a pain, both for the long shipping times and for the fact that I have already spent a considerable amount of time in setting it up with all the apps I use daily…)

    • Clarification on the first issue: I am not talking about the keyboard as a whole. The problem only affects the SPACEBAR; the other keys work fine!

  4. Hi Chris, great and useful review! I am find this and the Chuwi lapbook pro to be a very interesting offers. How can I now if the installed lpddr4 memories are in dual channel configuration? Do you think, that the 4gigs in the lapbook pro are also in dual channel configuration? Or maybe the lpddr4 memory is designed to be dual channel? Thanks for the answer!

  5. Hey Chris – now that you have had the F7 Plus for a few weeks, are you still as pleased with it? Are you planning a full review? Will it run Linux Mint 100% OK?

    It is available here in Spain for €338.99 – not a lot more than the Chuwe Lapbook SE at €259.99 from same supplier (German warehouse so EU duty paid) – so just €79 more for 8Gb memory & slightly bigger screen.

    • Ahh- I just noticed that the Chuwe Lapbook SE at €259.99 I mentioned has only got 64Gb ROM – so to add a 128Gb M2 module would add another €35 to the cost – so hardly worth it as true difference in cost between these two is now only about €40 & for that you get 8Gb RAM and a bigger screen.

    • Yes, it’s a good Gemini Lake laptop. I prefer the weight, extra 1 hour battery and screen of the Lapbook SE. Apart from that the Tecalst F7 Plus with 8GB of RAM. The review video is here: https://techtablets.com/teclast-f7-plus/review/ that was after a week of use.

  6. Hi Chris, do you think the non-laminated screen is a deal breaker? Really hope to read your comprehensive review with a conclusive recommendation whether to buy the F7 Plus or Lapbook SE. Cheers.

  7. Bought the F7 with 128GB ssd. Screen quite yellow, speakers not great. 3 weeks later ssd broken, no resonse from Gearbest. So I am not trusting Teclast and Gearbest anymore.
    Gearbest even removed the order from “my orders”

    • i wonder if youtube testers get well tested device whereas others people finally get some lotery for those cheap devices…

      • Don’t think so I’ve reviewed a lot of lemons and if it were the case then I would always get perfect units right? It’s a case of you don’t hear about the units that are fine. But people with issues seek out forums and look for help, share their problems etc.

        It is the Chinese lottery…

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