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Teclast X4 2-in-1 Gemini Lake Windows 10 Tablet

Teclast X4 2-in-1 Gemini Lake Windows 10 Tablet

Teclast’s just released a new tablet, it’s the Teclast X4 a Gemini Lake N4100 full metal tablet with LPDDR4 8GB of RAM, 130-degree kickstand, fully laminated 11.6″ 1080p screen and stylus support. It supports an optional type-cover style keyboard that doesn’t look to be backlit. For ports, there is a USB 3.1 Type-C and two full-sized USB 3.0 ports. Micro HDMI 2.0A out and D/C charging. Wireless AC with BT 4, front 2MP and rear 5MP camera.

Teclast X4

The Teclast X4, 8GB Gemini Lake 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet for $329

The SSD is 128GB and they say it’s M.2 spec so upgradable? Maybe if there is access hatch under the kickstand.

Overall it looks okay, shame they didn’t go with a 3:2 or 16:10 aspect ratio for the screen. And the bezel’s are large but you can see why, at 11.6″ the screen the larger bezels are needed to accommodate for the keyboard size, otherwise it would be a tiny keyboard but they do state it has full sized keys. And that touchpad looks super small! The weight of just the X4 tablet is 840 grams and 8.9mm thickness.

It is listed on Banggood for $389.99. However, it looks like it will be $329.99 on launch ($60 off) with the first 30 units getting a free keyboard and mouse when you order it with some Teclast Fans festival sale on the 22nd of April. And Teclast’s own page for the Fans Festival.

Source: Banggood

Below is all the official Teclast X4 press images and info. So what do you think? Ticks many boxes I think, Type-C, 8GB of RAM and stylus support. My concerns would be battery life it’s 26600mWh and is it’s a proper pressure sensitive stylus?

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  1. How will not having a 3:2 or 16:10 ratio effect using it?
    Interested in Office and reading PDFs in portrait mode.

  2. Anyone have any experience with dual booting android x86 on Telcast and/or with this processor?

  3. It has 2133Mhz Dual channel RAM, and it has a problem, when you power off you can’t charge the tablet, although not all units have this problem. I have bought it since I come form China, but it has so many problems that I have already returned it and asked for a refund from teclast.

    • Oh no, so some units will not charge when off, that’s crazy and not good at all. But it has been fixed now? What other issues did you encounter?

      • Hi, @Chris G, it seems that Teclast claims it can be fixed by some bios update, I have never tried it yet. As for other problems, as we know the magnetic keyboard can be leveled up in this kind of design, but the keyboards in some units can’t level up properly, when talking about screen, it’s has 72% NTSC, but the color is not that accurate. you can charge the tablet by type c, but the charging speed is not fast, it seems Teclast has done something to limit that speed. There is an optional stylus for this tablet, and Teclast claims it has 1024 pressure level, from my experience, they just lied about it. So I give it up, just return it and ask for a refund. Recently I was considering to buy another tablet, since many manufactures in my country hasn’t updated their products yet, I was considering to buy the products which are released about one year ago, Alldocube Knote8 and Voyo Vbook i7 plus, which one would you recommend? Both of them can offer the performance I need, I just want to know which one is better, thanks in advance, Chris.

        • I also want a new tablet since my i7 Book died. I was considering Teclast X4 but I changed my mind because of those issues you reported. I also need some suggestions.

    • How was reading PDFs on it? Sharp or not?
      Did you get it with a they keyboard, how was it?

  4. Wish it was a higher resolution display. I had the Techlast x98 pro that had a gorgeous high resolution display that spoiled me for any future tablet.

    • Would be nice if it was 1440p, yes the X98 has a great display in it even if it’s old.

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