BMAX Y11 $289 Gemini Lake 360-Degree 11.6″ Laptop

BMAX Y11 $289 Gemini Lake 360-Degree 11.6″ Laptop

Update: The BMAX Y11 is selling for $289, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. This is cheaper than the Tecalst F5 with double the storage so not a bad price. You need to use coupon: BGBYL31 to get it for this price on checkout at Banggood. 

Thanks to Miguel for pointing this one out, for those that are after the Teclast F5 it looks like we have a replacement model with the 8GB of RAM in the form of the BMAX Y11. The Teclast F5 which is now discontinued has been replaced by the cheaper F5F. However, the Teclast F5F comes with the last-gen with an Apollo Lake N3450 instead of the N4100 and just 4GB of RAM so a lot of people aren’t interested in it over the old Teclast F5.

The 11.6″ BMAX Y11 has a fully laminated 1080p touch screen and if it’s the same one as the F5 it’s not a bad screen very bright and sharp due to the smaller size. The hinge is 360-degrees like the bigger 13.3″ version I only recently ordered to review. As Miguel has pointed out the keyboard isn’t backlit (The Y13 is) and the keycap letters also it’s a bit hard to read. Hopefully, the Y13 will not suffer from this issue.

This Windows 10 laptop has the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100, 8GB LPDDR4, M.2 SATA3 256GB SSD, Wireless AC, Type-C ports and MicroUSB 3, HDMI 2.0 but lacks a full-sized port. Due to the smaller sized chassis, the battery life like the Teclast F5 is reduced from the typical 7-8 hours on a Gemini Lake 13″ or 14″ laptop to about 5-6 hours tops. But the laptop is small, a thin 13mm metal build at just under 1 kilo. Banggood has it for sale for $329, just $10 more than the BMAX Y13 13-inch model with the same spec.

BMAX Y11 press images:

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  1. y11 has stylus, maybe the same as Teclast’s, it looks like it, but the 13.3″ doesn’t have any reference to it and its advertising shots show a y13 user drawing with fingertip.

  2. Got one for the missus – I still have my F5, and am very happy with it (given my usage). The case is subtly different, but clearly identical innards. Cant complain for ~$300 delivered to South Africa!

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