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Teclast M16 – 11.6″ Thin Bezel 4G Tablet

Teclast M16 – 11.6″ Thin Bezel 4G Tablet

Update: My Teclast M16 arrived today, the bezels are indeed twice as big as shown in the fake press renders. You can see here: https://techtablets.com/2019/12/hands-on-with-the-teclast-m16-4g-dual-sim-tablet/

Tecalst’s M16 tablet is coming this month and you can see the bezels look ridiculously slim and too good to be true in the press images. I bet they are photoshopped to look much smaller than real life. This is a Helio X27 tablet so not using the newer and better Helio P70 found the Teclast T30.

The screen is an 11.6″ IPS panel with a 1920 x 1080 resolution so perfect for media. It has 4GB of RAM a 128GB eMMC, MicroSD support, and dual 4G SIM’s with voice calls but the LTE bands are quite limited:

  • TD-LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41
  • FDD-LTE:B1/B2/B3/B5/B8

It’s also running Android 8.0 and not 9.0 for some reason. But the good news is the tablet has GPS and Micro HDMI out that many tablets lack. The battery is 7500mAh and it will sell for $199 here at Banggood.

It has a unibody metal build and supports an optional type-cover style keyboard. Banggood state that it will start shipping on the 18th this month.

Teclast M16 Press Images:

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  1. I think, the tablets will fit my needs, nice display, fully laminated and very bright. Audio is okay, better than my Hi9 Plus. Performance is like the other Helio-Tablets.

    • It’s actually not fully laminated the glass has a very small 1mm gap. Shame the bezels are nothing like they advertised it to be.

  2. I’m still waiting for mine. How much wider? Can you upload a photo?
    What are your first impressions?

  3. I received my M16 today, the bezels are indeed a lot bigger than on the photoshopped pictures.

  4. Yes I like banggood , but I prefer AliExpress for expensive products due to the buyer protection. Never been out of pocket with them, gearbest on the other hand….

  5. I usually buy my phones, tablets and streamers on geekbuying/gearbest/banggood and not on AliExpress. Banggood also offer customs protection, so I prefer buying there.

  6. It was approximately $188 , used an AliExpress coupon and the sellers coupon (which was more than the AliExpress one). A bit annoying as the next day they gave me a bigger coupon so I would’ve got it cheaper! Happy with the price I paid, won’t get anything cheaper that’s for sure. I take it you never used a seller discount?

  7. Rob, how did you get it to 135£ (173.5$)? I found a coupon to knock 20$ off (180$).

  8. That’s a good price, I managed to get it down to £135 in the end. Those bezels are very photoshopped though, they will be at least double those shown in the pictures. Teclast always do it for some reason.

  9. Yes I ordered one too, just hope those bezels are not too big, but I paid 142. Gbp, keyboard cover included,good price, I will just use it for media, emails etc.

  10. Well I’ve ordered this, got a good price yesterday. My feeling is this is from the same ODM that is producing this for Anry (s20), Voyo i8 plus, binai T10 and another 2 unbranded ones I’ve seen. Some are claiming Android 9 (unlikely) and various screen resolutions. The spec teclast are claiming seems the most legitimate, hence why I’ve gone for this one. Hopefully won’t be disappointed.

  11. Teclast looks pretty good but the long term users reviews make me quite afraid from buying their tablets..

  12. Not sure until I get it if it has a fully laminated screen or not. My guess is it will. But anti fingerprint coating nope.

  13. I really want a 12″ tablet, but I’m so afraid of Teclast: I’ve got 2 dead ones on my desk as I write this, one failed touchscreen, 1 failed charging connector.

  14. Fully laminated?
    gorilla glass?
    anti-smudges coating?

    most important things about tablet 🙂

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