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Update: Alldocube iPlay 20 Firmware #4 Released EN-20200723

Update: Alldocube iPlay 20 Firmware #4 Released EN-20200723

Update: This should now be coming out via the OTA system according to some users. So please use the inbuilt over the air update system to check if you have a new firmware from the settings menu. If not do the manual update below. But back up your data first.

This is unexpected of Alldocube (normally they don’t push out updates) but nevertheless great to see another firmware update for their budget Android 10 tablet the iPlay 20. There is no changelog but this update is a minor bug fix and recommended you updated your tablet. This firmware was only released on the 27th of August 2020. But the build date is from late July.

You can download iPlay 20 firmware EN-20200723 here (1.21GB) So far the iPlay 20 remains the best budget 4G dual sim tablet I’ve tested for the price. My Alldocube iPlay 20 review if you missed it is below. It’s still on sale here at for 118 euros.

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  1. Has anyone managed to update without IMEI changing?

    I was about to try the update but noted the instructions to disable the three backup options. Is it possible that this is incorrect and actually backing up these files would preserve the IMEIs?

    Also, can anyone confirm if there are actually any worthwhile changes in the latest software? Otherwise I’ll just leave it on the standard June firmware, which works okay.

  2. sorry no update – was thrown off by the update date being 16 Oct 20…

  3. Looks like there another update out – I’ll see if i can get it over the air…..

  4. Well rotation started working out of the blue….

  5. Even with a factory reset on a clean tablet, the rotation doesn’t work.
    I guess it is defective, I will try to have it refunded and sent back.

  6. @Mike I have had a few restarts in several weeks of usage. After this I’ve uninstalled all the apps except ones that came with the tablet and those that don’t give me problems on other android devices, as one possibility may be an app issue. Not noticed anything since but it not a frequent event.. so we will see…..

  7. Hello,
    I got mine today but auto rotation of the screen IS not working.
    I flashed the latest firmware (juste follow the process in the Word document) but it didn’t solve the issue.
    Strangely,games using the accelerometer work fine.
    Did ayone have this issue and find a solution?


  8. @summerveil I did experience a couple of random restarts the first day of use. It has not happened since. I do not know the solution other than try power off and on again or try flashing the latest update again as the seller suggest. But make sure you know how to do it first. I am now on the latest August update. It was on the July version when I first received it.

  9. Does anyone here experienced their Iplay 20 randomly restart? I had this tablet for a week now and it randomly restart after 5 days of usage. I’m only using it for watching netflix and youtube. I tried to contact the seller and suggest to reflash the latest firmware from alldocube website. However, I’m currently using the latest firmware. Should I downgrade? Or maybe the problem is the battery? I will appreciate you help. Thank you.

  10. @harimakun Just an update on the result of my test with a SIM card inserted. I was able to do calls and the 4G data works. The call was surprisingly clear. So for me, the change in the IMEI number does not appear to have a deleterious effect.

  11. @harimakun – There’s a thread at about “How to use WriteIMEI tool to write IMEI to Unisoc / Spreadtrum devices” which I assume would work for these devices as well. I haven’t tried it. Getting the tablet into “Diag Mode” looks like it takes some work, but probably easier than opening the case up.

    @mdwsmith – I don’t think there’s a good way to root these devices yet. From other threads on Hovatek, it looks like you’d probably have to sign a custom vbmeta.img file to be able to make changes to the boot.img and other images, then use Magisk Manager to create a modified boot.img and flash it. But I’m not sure if the tools they have to do those tasks will work on Android 10 yet.

  12. @kimt For my region it does matter, the random IMEI isn’t valid, so I can’t get signal from the carrier.

    I’m not using mobile services with this tablet, but if it was needed, at this moment my tablet useless.

    To change the IMEI, looks like I will have to open the case again, better leave it how it is for the time being.

  13. @mdwsmith @jamesat15 Thanks for you quick responses. I have now successfully updated to the latest August update. A few anxious moments regarding IMEI warning.
    I can confirm that the two IMEI numbers have been changed by the update. Currently I do not have SIM cards installed. Does it matter if the IMEI numbers are changed? Thanks again.

  14. I’m interested in rooting this tablet – what’s the best way?

  15. @Kim,
    I succesfully used the method to upgrade the firmware on the linked location – titled this;

    “firmware upgrade tool & guide download link: Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar”

    As I said it xhanged the IMEIs (I kept a backup of the numbers).

    I don’t know if over the air update work as I flashed the latest August firmware in one go.

  16. @kimt I don’t know for certain – I went from the installed 0616 version to the 0723 version by the update program, and then I was able to update to the 0824 version by the OTA process. I think there should be no problem to go directly to the 0824 version, but I haven’t tried it.

  17. @jamesat15 As my tablet is 2 updates behind, can I jump straight to the latest Aug update or do I start from the next one in July and then the August update? Thanks.

  18. @gazzar Yes, since there is no TWRP or custom ROMS yet, there’s no real need to unlock the bootloader. But since unlocking will factory reset the device, it’s probably easiest to do it before you have a lot of data on it. And it was a good learning experience.

    @kimt Yes, the process I used successfully was described in the .doc file included in the “firmware upgrade tool & guide download link: Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar” link. You do turn off the tablet, but when you start the upgrade program on the PC side and plug in the cable, the tablet automatically turns on into an update mode and the process starts.

  19. Marcus, What method did you use to successfully update the firmware? My tablet is 2 updates behind. From what I read there are a few methods, some more successful than others. I am not too sure about one method that says to power off the device before installing. Does not make sense, so hesitant to try yet. Thanks.

  20. @jamesat15 Thanks for sharing that; I’m not in any hurry to unlock mine, but I think I will likely try to do it one day so it is great to hear that you and others have been successful.

  21. @gazzar I was able to unlock the bootloader today following the process on that link. It is a little complicated and really does require a linux machine – I created a LiveCD and used that. Unlocking the bootloader wipes out all your data like a factory reset, so be prepared.

    There are articles on that Hovatek site for how to create a version of TWRP for your device, so I think that will be my next attempted project.

  22. Hi @kamal I wrote in another comment about my successful test with a SIM card after updating, but I didn’t write my IMEIs down before I did it so I don’t know if they changed, and I don’t use the tablet with a SIM card usually. Based on what James and HarimaKun reported, I would guess that mine probably did also change, but I was able to make a successful call afterwards with a SIM in one of the slots. Thanks @jamesat15 for checking the IMEIs, and also, thanks for the link to the boot loader unlocking thread; that’s great to know too.

  23. @ Gary and @James
    Thanks for sharing the tips.
    Are you using a SIM card? Did it work fine after upgrading?

  24. Gary, thanks a lot for the tip. I realized that I was using the process under the “Tutorial” link on the left, which is different than the “firmware upgrade tool & guide download link” on the right. The link on the right is better, obviously. (I also found that the USB ports on my case front panel are flakey, which wasn’t helping things.)

    I was able to flash the 0723 firmware, and I confirmed that it did change my IMEI values and the Bluetooth address value. It also very quickly notified that the 0824 update was available for OTA installation. I did the OTA installation and it looks like it completed fine. I’m only using the tablet as a wifi device so I think I won’t mess with the IMEI values right now, though I did save the original values.

    Some folks at seem to have been able to unlock the bootloader, so I might like to try that next. But it looks a bit complicated.

  25. @jamesat15 I don’t know about that error. Alldocube’s little download package uses the Research tool, not the Upgrade tool, so I’d try with that instead. Have a read through this thread and in the forums too, and write down your IMEIs before reflashing. This is just in case the process destroys them, which it didn’t for me but may have done for HarimaKun. If you’re successful, we’re interested to hear what happened to your IMEIs.

  26. Has anyone had problems with the firmware upgrade process? I downloaded the newest version on the linked page (“IPlay20(T1011S)-EN-20200824”) and the previous (“IPlay20(T1011S)-EN-20200723”) but when I extract and try to load the .pac files in the SPUpgrade tool, it gives me the error “DLoader: Read pakcet failed,maybe it has been destructed!”

    I don’t see any updates available in OTA, so I’d like to manually update. Any ideas?

  27. Has anyone done the manual update yet? Any improvement in screen response with stylus pens?

    Which guide should I follow for manual update?


  28. I haven’t done the manual update yet and haven’t been offered OTA update.
    Checked my IEMEI numbers and they’re both valid.
    Still not going to attempt the manual update as the process seems sketchy and the steps to inject IMEI look pretty hard to follow.
    Anyhow, the tablet’s working great on build T1011S_V1.0_20200708.

  29. Can you manually install just the updates..or do you need to update and start from scratch?

  30. Just received mine in the UK. Was on first June firmware. No over the air updates. Updated manually to latest Aug firmware. IMEI was changed by update instruction to the number series noted earlier. Still works as a mobile. Will hold off injecting the original IMEI numbers – maybe there will be some more updates.

    Will look for a forum but report to maybe get the advice on updates improved.

  31. I haven’t had any updates so far..ordered tablet 27th July from bangood.I’m in England if that makes a difference?

  32. #gazzar I’ve checked the IMEIs, unfortunately they aren’t valid, I will need to inject another valid IMEI. I don’t know if they changed during flashing or it wasn’t valid since before the brick.

  33. By the way, there’s is an option in the “Wireless Update” page in setting to load a “local update” (pressing the 3 dots in the corner). I wonder if that’s an option too for a “safer” update

  34. @harimakun yes my IMEI starts with that. I don’t think that tells us much; it would be assigned by the issuing authority so maybe all Alldocube products start with that. As for the email address, it looks like you have to use their web form.

  35. @Kamal, I feel the same way. Going to hold off until OTA arrives or there’s greater evidence/confidence about the manual update process.

  36. @Gary Ruben
    I think I’ll wait for an OTA update, I’m not willing to risk this. The tablet is running fine, I’m just hoping for better stylus support.

    Has anyone received an OTA update notification? I’m still on the 6/2020 firmware

  37. @gazzar Does your IMEI begins with “8674000…”?

    Both IMEis here, use these numbers at the begining.

  38. @gazzar Do you have the Alldocube email support? I’m quite suspicious that the IMEI shown in Android properties aren’t valid, according to Alldocube specs, my SIM band is supported.

  39. @kamal Write down or grab a screenshot and save it to the cloud of your IMEI numbers before you do anything. Then follow the guide in the “Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar” file on the Alldocube page I also got the warning about erasing the IMEIs but I had no choice and had to proceed. It did not seem to erase the IMEIs though and I just verified that a SIM card works in my tablet. However, it’s possible that when HarimaKun flashed his that it erased his. We don’t know yet. If it does erase yours, as long as you have them you can rewrite them using the Spreadtrum tools. There are links to guides here if you need to do that, but hopefully you don’t need to; let us know how it goes please.

  40. @harimakun I just tried a SIM card and successfully made a phone call. It was surprising good quality. I’m in Australia on the local Vodafone network; I didn’t check which bands are and are not supported, but it worked. I don’t know how you can tell if the IMEIs were wiped when you reflashed yours but it seems that mine were not affected. My only though, if you did wipe them, would be to email Alldocube and ask them if the IMEIs you see are a factory deafult. It’s also possible they may have a record of the IMEIs for your tablet in a database associated with the serial number of the tablet.

  41. I can’t figure out which guide to follow to update my alldocube iplay 20.
    Which is the safest method? I stopped the process when the application prompted me that it will erase IMEI.


  42. @harimakun I get around 320 with with 70% brigthness and no wifi as well, but as soon as a i turn on wifi or bluetooth it jumps as high as 1150 and hovers around 1000, and this is with me trying all three roms released by alldocube, only just had it working well for a month, It also gets hot to the touch around the camera bump area on both sides. Wondering if there could be a short on some antenna somewhere inside the unit.

  43. @graybang With Wifi on I’m getting 290/350 with 70% brightness.

  44. @gazzar In the settings I can see both IMEI numbers, but two SIM cards that I’ve tested don’t have signal, could it be something related to the OTG update?

    After your unbrick, did you test your mobile connectivity?

  45. @alicmcc I don’t remember exactly what mine did but that’s pretty normal for an update showing that it’s entered the bootloader. I’d guess mine did that and I just proceeded. Perhaps someone else will confirm.

  46. Oh wow, something definitely wrong with my tablet, issue persists even though i updated the rom, thanks for the info.

  47. Hi all. I’m getting an error message with a picture of the Android on his back, chest open when my tablet tries to initiate the update. Do I need to change something in the settings before I start?

  48. @graybang I get 450mA max with wifi on and 320 with wifi off.

  49. Hi, seeing as this is the most active alldocube iplay20 discussion, can anyone run ampere and report their battery drain with wifi on and off (with the same screen brightness for both). mine is -1700 max with wifi on and -880 with it off, a difference of around 1000 to just use wifi.

  50. @harimakun I’m glad to hear it (also thanks for the comment in the forum). I also don’t use a SIM card but I checked after unbricking and I think both IMEI’s were unaffected by reflashing. I forgot to save them before I bricked my tablet so I can’t be certain though.

  51. I did what you suggested, it solved my problem, very helpful.

    My sim card didn’t get signal with this tablet, I don’t if the band isn’t supported or if I lost the IMEI number after the flashing saving from the death, I will do more testing later. At least it is working properly with WiFi.

  52. @harimakun I got mine into the same bricked state that you described and managed to unbrick it. I wrote a description of how I did it in the forum post “iPlay 20 unbricking”. You can read it here:
    I hope that helps.

  53. I was updating the tablet to latest version with the app provided, looks like it prompted to update the app during the flash and I tough it was a new version of the firmware and confirmed, looks like it canceled the flashing, now the tablet doesn’t turns on.

    Looks like the tabled is bricked now, is there any way to bring it back to life? I can’t turn it on with the power button. πŸ™

  54. Got into fastboot from

    adb reboot-bootloader

    Unlock commands don’t work

    fastboot flashing unlock

    fastboot oem unlock

    fastboot flashing unlock critical

    No info commands work either

    fastboot oem device-inf

    getvar all

    Made a magisk patched boot image but no boot unlock so stalled

  55. Does anyone know how to invoke the check for OTA update?

    I’ve tried Settings > System > Advanced > System Update but this reports ‘Your system is up to date’.

    My device is running Build number T1011S_V1.0_20200708.

    I looked at the manual process but didn’t proceed because instructions state “…Go to Backup option,uncheck three backup options…”. Then, when proceeding a warning is displayed “You have not selected to backup IMEI item, IMEI will be erased and need to be rewritten, if continue?”.

    This scared me off, I don’t want to loose celuar radio functionality.

    @Paul Max: I don’t know if its fastboot mode but the tablet will boot into a diagnostic menu if you hold vol up whilst pressing the and holding the power button, then release the power button when the Alldocube logo comes up. The menu is all Chinese but you can interpret it using Google translate in camera mode on a 2nd device. Seems to be mostly diagnostic tests and system info and there’s also a ‘restore factory settings’ option. Once in the mode, vol down moves between options, vol up opens the currently highlighted option and power goes back one level.

  56. Hey all,

    I have bought this tablet and I have one rather serious problme with it.
    I’m using YouTube Vanced, but tried NewPipe and playing videos from a browser and for all of them, the video and audio is not synchronised.
    Can you please give an advice how could I fix this problem? I’m using the latest firmware available, first upgraded manually, then received the latest OTA.


  57. Anyone know button combo for fastboot?
    Power, vol down doesn’t work…

  58. Please disregard previous message; I had downloaded the incorrect tool and instructions from the Alldocube site.

  59. Hi guys.
    @Gary Ruben have you followed the procedure to manually install the firmware using the update tool? I’m trying to follow the guide but there’s a step (#6) that requires selection of the “Scatter File”. The instructions mention “you can find the scatter file in the Stock ROM of your device” but I have been unable to locate it.
    Any assistance appreciated.

  60. @Gary Ruben, good point, I should have asked in the forum, but didn’t realize there was one for the iPlay, should have checked first! Thanks for the reply, though.


  61. Hi @Terry, you might want to ask this sort of thing in the Forums section which should make it easier for people to find in future. To manually update, you need to be running Windows to use the Spreadtrum flashing tool. Just head to
    then download the latest firmware and also the “Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar” file which contains everything you need. It’s logically laid out and I think self-explanatory. If you have any problems, ask in the Forums|Cube Forums|General Discussion section.

  62. Hi guys,
    I recently bought one of these tablets on Chris’s recommendation, and so far am loving it! I bought the 6gb/128gb Pro version from Banggood, so Chris should have got the commission. πŸ™‚

    I also bought a cover and bluetooth keyboard and have installed a SIM card and a 128gb microSD so it should keep me going for a few years. The only thing I am missing so far is stylus/pen support, I can draw using my finger, but would prefer to use a stylus if it is possible but I tried my Galaxy S-pen, and a generic stylus with no luck. Is there any support for a stylus?

    My version is showing build no: T1011S_V1.0_20200616-1620 and it is telling me that the software “is currently up to date”. How do I go about manually updating it? I haven’t done anything to it so far, like rooting it because of the warranty, but would prefer to have it up to date as much as possible, given Chris’s comment that we most likely won’t see an major updates to the tablet.


  63. I think the post title has a typo; it’s actually update #4 build EN-20200824 now, as you can see in the screenshot. What’s great is that it came through for me as an OTA update this morning. I had manually flashed EN-20200723 a couple of days ago to replace version #1 so it’s possible you need a later version than that to start getting OTA updates. FYI, I put a photo of the iPlay 20 internals in the forum section if you’re interested.

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