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Cube iwork11 Stylus X5 Z8300 Hands On & First Impressions

Cube iwork11 Stylus X5 Z8300 Hands On & First Impressions

The same day my X16 Pro arrived from China, so did the Cube iwork11 Stylus. It’s basically the Cube i7 Stylus, without the Core M, it was swapped for an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of Ram and the 64GB SSD replaced with a 64GB eMMC.

Everything else is the same, same Wacom support, same screen, same design, housing and keyboard dock. Even the box is the same!

I picked this one up from for $209 on special, seems to still be at this price. After all my Aliexpress hassles, I decided not to go with sellers from there this time.

First impressions:

  • Solid build, just like the i7 Stylus
  • Windows 10 Pro 32bit! Seems the UEFI is 32bit and not 64 bit
  • Only 2.9GB of Ram useable, not the full 4GB due to 32bit OS.
  • The tablet feels fast and is very responsive. (Faster than the X98 Plus)
  • The touch screen is accurate and Wacom works well. Very accurate.
  • Speakers are loud, like the i7 Stylus. Both on the right side so no stereo separation.
  • Screen is bright, good view angles and the sharpness is fine. (1080p on 10.6″ still looks good)
  • eMMC is a Toshiba and 4K speeds are great, sequential are decent too. Over all a nice eMMC for 4.5.1 spec.
  • 4GB Ram runs at 1600Mhz single channel.


I’m running tests on the tablet now, checking thermals and how it scores. So far so good, only issue is that Windows is not 64bit so we don’t have the full ram available. If you want the latest videos on this tablet (And others) make sure you subscribe to the TechTablets YouTube channel for more. I should have a Windows hands on, benchmarks and tests video up soon.



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  1. Hi Chris,
    few days ago I got my Cube 11 Stylus and now I got already hacked (beginning with unrecognizable keyboard).
    So now I have to try to start up from the beginning. Would you be kind enough to give any assistance, e.g. USB connected
    Thx in advance

    what do you think about this one???
    a new 10.1 inch tablet with cherry trail cpu from Cube

  3. Can you please recommend some screen protection since it has no gorilla glass?
    Also, is there any universal case for this tablet size since I didn’t find original case for cube iwork11?

  4. How is WIFI strength compared to Teclact devices? As I have written in forum, my I6 has awful wifi, I have opened it and all parts are ok, so it seems CUBE use not good quality antennas or they are too weak.

  5. Another review in Chinese:

    Take away: it doesn’t seem to become hot.

  6. For anyone who can read Chinese, or perhaps you can try Google Translate, here is a review on Chinese website.

    One big reason to get this over the Cube i7 Stylus is 2 hour longer run time.

    The major drawback I see: no full size USB port.

  7. Damn. Was looking to purchase this Tablet for 210USD but now that the only 2.9GB of it can be used I’ve been put off. Should I opt for the Cube i7? It’s just I don’t think I would benefit much from Core M as I have a desktop to do all my heavy lifting.

    So I’m again looking to use a 10.6/11.6 4GB Ram Cherrytrail tab for uni. I was going to purchase the ONDA oBook 11 until I found out ONDA’s build quality. I then opted for the Teclast x16 pro until I found touch screen issues on the official forum and that trying to source an official keyboard(that has a crap flip cover stand) would cost 250USD+32USD.

    • Cube i7 Stylus is good, I have no touch screen issues with my X16 Pro. Didn’t even know there were issues.

  8. Why are there problems? Is PAE not working? You should be able to address more than 2,9GB RAM.

  9. I dont understand… why to use a 32bits bios in a tablet with 4gb of ram?

    • I know, not sure why they used or had to use 32bit. Must have been a reason behind it? Drivers, 64bit bios issues?

  10. Also since you are in Spain like myself, have you got hit with customs and VAT charges?

    • Yes DHL always charge me IVA 21% and 15 euro document fees 🙁

      • Yes don’t be fooled by discounted express shipping, DHL always hit you with taxes and fees.
        Wait the 20 days vs 7 days for DHL Express and save $35 in hast and fees

  11. Can it be charged from USB port? What is the verdict? Xpro 16 or this one (which is cheaper and comes with stylus already).

    • From what I read one line (Chinese language websites), the answer to your question is No. It cannot be charged from USB port.

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